China Products YYDS!Treasure skin care is really excused!

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China Products YYDS!Treasure skin care is really excused!

2022-01-28 06:04:04 49 ℃

1, unpa scrub 32

Particles delicate, not injured

2, 缪 珂露 洁 洁 蜜 89

Natural plant fermentation essence

Skin is relatively sensitive, easy to red sisters, you can try Ranmas's facial cleanser, cleaning is moderate, suitable for all skin, especially the sisters of oxyphalter. The oil light on the face is taken away, nor does it have tight feelings, you can wash off the dirt and excess fat on the surface of the skin, and improve the blackhead on the nose. And there is also an improvement in the molded neuroyamide ingredients, which has a certain improvement in the skin's flourish and sensitivity.

3, canni eye film 15

Milk film cloth is very comfortable ~

Sisters who often stay up late can try the whole eye state, it looks very god! Star eye is both visual. Therefore, ordinary girls can't take care of the eye ~ Soothing the eye and the blur of the eye. Pull of licking! Improve eye pattern, express tattoo!

4, LSU matte cream 53

Ultrafine frosted particles ~

Regular use of matte cream will find that the chicken is flat! The skin touches up slippery. Inside, nicotinamide and Vi C, there are many plant essences with sea salt to remove horny, old waste horny, chicken skin will slowly fall off, and the skin is soft. With full essential oil, wipe it with your body after a few times, remember to apply your body milk after washing.

5, 嗨 皮 小 宝 6

Elbow, knee black is really a headache, translucent gel, have a faint milk. Squeezing out is a gel, smelling fragrant, usually squatting, squatting down the black joints after the dead skin, a few degrees, a large bucket can be used for a semester. It's not too distressed.

6, Langmaster Washed 48

The ingredient is safe, the foam is delicate

Sensitive muscle ultra favorite facial milk, gentle to no friends! It contains cannabis leaf extract to penetrate the skin soothing dryness control grease secretion, more gentle, sensitive muscle and red blood, sisters, but not tightly do not dry, clean and dry use Really love! It can be used as dried skin, which is more suitable than the soap.

7, Shanghai medicine soap 39

Rich foam

Extraction of natural sulfur soap, with a bubble net, no a few days of acne, take a time to acne, and then use a few times in the bedroom, the acne is bored before I have won a lot. Therefore, it is best to apply a moisturizing body milk after washing, so the skin will not get skin!

8, Willa silk soft powder 69.9

Powder is delicate

Its powder is delicate to let me stand up and thumbs up. I will only take away excess grease, and I will not take away the moisture of the skin, the oil control effect is online but does not dry, and the dry skin can also live. The makeup effect is also very worthy of such fine powder, PS: guarantees that the make-up is cool, and the blush of the blush of the blush is even easier!