[Xiufang] turn the low-level fun to advanced customization, he has made a big dream to the woman.

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[Xiufang] turn the low-level fun to advanced customization, he has made a big dream to the woman.

2022-01-28 06:03:53 56 ℃

On January 24, French famous fashion designer Manfred Thierry Mugler was passed on by Paris, and the year was 73 years old.

In the 1990s of the gods of the gods in the Paris, he is still unhappy, and it is still a legend.

Thierry Mugler

At the beginning of 2022, another superstar was falling.

The official Instagram account of Manfred Thierry Mugler released relevant messages:

"We are very sad to announce Mr. Manfred Thierry Mugler died on January 23, 2022. May his soul to be restless."

About Thierry Mugler The last message was 2021 Paris held its return "Thierry Mugler: Couturissime", Cardi B wearing a few past works in the past.

The name of Thierry Mugler once is one of the most imagination of the fashion world in the 1990s. His advanced custom works and Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliono et al. Illuminate the era.

Bryan Ferry, Pet Shop Boys, David Bowie, Lady Gaga, Demi Moore, Beyoncé, Cardi B and Kim Kardashian These fashion idol performances are made by him.

David Bowie is worn in Thierry Mugler 1992 Spring Summer Suit "You Belong in Rock 'N' Roll" MV

Lady Gaga puts on the 20th anniversary of THIERRY MUGLER 1995 in MV "Telephone"

In 2019, Kim Kardashian dressed in the water titer designed by Thierry Mugler in Met Gala.

King of CAMP, he is worthy of this word.

His works have a strong "dramatic" in his work, which will be fused from the future, sci-fi elements, natural organisms and erotic arts, showing fashionable works filled with sensory stimulation.

Thierry Mugler said: "I don't do the trend, not to be stylish, my design just wants to leave the bondage of the human body, if you dream of dream."


He defined the 1980s

Power set

Helmut Newton shot THIERRY MUGLER 1998 autumn and winter garment

Thierry Mugler 1948 was born in a middle class family in Strasbourg, France. The father is a doctor, and the mother is a mother like Norma Desmond and Jessica Rabbit mixture. Family life makes him suffocate.

So, the 9-year-old Mugler chose to dance, "Dance, saved me." Because of the excellent talent, he was 14 years old. This ballet has affected his understanding of the human body and integrates this stage performance into his later creation.

"The pursuit of balance, surpassing yourself to go further, higher desire is very suitable for me, and follow me in creation clothes."

In 1968, Thierry Mugler came to Paris in the wind. While participating in dance audition, he also sells its own clothing design. At that time, Paris was the world of Takata, Kenzo, and the colorful national winds. Thierry Mugler is doing a very different things.

"I want to do is a very pure Paris outline: small black wear, windbreaker, black dress, fish tail skirt. My first garment series is called Café de Paris, it is a very accurate streamlined contour, deep dance Influence."

He describes the Cristóbal Balenciaga and Christian Dior as his enlightenment master. Their style has affected Mugler's aesthetics for body lines: perfect streamlined, clear contours, elegant colors, and creates high-grade fashion.

In 1974, Mugler created his own name brand THIERRY Mugler. Thierry Mugler is known for the contour of the wide pad, this style is later referred to as "power packaging", which affects the next decade.

Helmut Newton Works in Thierry Mugler 1978-1979


Drashing from the body

Dream-like fashion

Thierry Mugler 1998 Spring and Summer Advanced Customization, David Lachapelle shot Thierry Mugler's brilliant brilliance and his strong helper could not open.

In 1978, Didier Grumbach began the president of Thierry Mugler (1978-1998). He is the joint founder of Yves Saint-Laurent left bank brand and joint president (1966-1978); he also created and led Créateurs et industriels, incubation designer brand, Jean-Paul Gaultier, three homes and other homes are from here . Thierry Mugler and he also knows in the project of Créateurs et Industriels.

In 1992, Didier Grumbach pushed the 30-year-old Thierry Mugler pushed the advanced custom stage.

Thierry Mugler with Didier Grumbach, 1980

Thierry Mugler wrote the most exciting movement in the final brilliant era of advanced customization. Every fashion show is an art carnival, and every performance is surpassed: insects, beasts, female warriors, future sent snakes, beauty, they burst into eye-catching charm.

However, these are based on its powerful production process. Mugler is drunk, and there is also a physical study, dare to challenge all kinds of novel materials, and he has strong control of the production process. "VOGUE" magazine once praised his design as a sharp and accurate and accurate line, aerodynamic details.

When you go to study the most avant-grouped designer, you will find that no matter what Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, or today's Iris Van Herpen, their design can see the influence of Thierry Mugler.

Undoubtedly, Thierry Mugler is the most advanced one.

Thierry Mugler 1997 Autumn and Winter Advanced Dress "La Chimère" is one of the most expensive senior custom dress in the fashion history, this dress made from pearls, feathers, crystals and horse, looks like a mermaid with wings.

Thierry Mugler 1984 Autumn and Winter Advanced Custom Series "La Madona" is released, the model hangs Weiya appeared in the show of thorns, like a miracle.

Thierry Mugler 1984 Autumn and Winter Advanced Custom Series "La Madona"

Thierry Mugler 1997 Spring and Summer Advanced Custom Series "Les Insectes", Mugler uses the real bird specimen to the model, and simulates the form of cockroach, bee, beetle, silkworm cocoon and other forms of design clothing.

Thierry Mugler 1997 Spring and Summer Advanced Custom Series "Les Insectes", tire jealousy sets designed with rubber materials.

THIERRY MUGLER 1992 Spring and Summer Motor Motor. Mugler integrates chrome car parts, light emitting diodes, glass and latex into his advanced fashion.

Thierry Mugler 1995 Metal Armor in Autumn Winter

Thierry Mugler 1995 Dress in autumn and winter. Card B has been worn on the 2019 Gleme's awards.

THIERRY MUGLER 1995 Autumn and Winter Senior Customized Latex.

Thierry Mugler 1995 autumn and winter high-customized crystal chandelier

Thierry Mugler 1995 autumn and winter high-grade custom water drill dress.



Extreme sexy

1996, Helmut Newton shot THIERRY MUGLER

The important partners of Thierry Mugler also include famous fashion photographers Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin.

They have similar imagadures for physical and sexual themes, which makes the fashion image that is the most taking the case.

Thierry Mugler Drawn to depict the ultimate curve of women, Thierry Mugler often takes a strong sexuality and ultimate realism, which is perfectly presented by Guy Bourdin, Helmut Newton's lens.

1979, photography master guy bourdin shot Thierry Mugler Advertising

Thierry Mugler 1995 autumn and winter garment series, the photo was taken by Helmut Newton, published in 1995 "Vogue" magazine. Thierry Mugler 1995 Autumn and Winter Garment Series "Armor Warrior" metal armor, photo was taken by Helmut Newton, published in 1995 "Vogue" magazine.

1998, Helmut Newton shooting Thierry Mugler fashion film

1998, Helmut Newton shooting Thierry Mugler fashion film

In 1999, Helmut Newton was filmed for "PlayBoy" magazine.

Thierry Mugler Pioneer's aesthetic is not limited to fashion and show, he also carries a model to all over the world, personally applaud fashion. At the same time, he also supervised the work of some MV director. These works present his entire universe: pure and extremely beautiful people.

In 1988, he personally fought a set of fashion photography sets in Moscow Volgarad.

THIERRY Mugler shooting in Guilin

1987, THIERRY Mugler filmed in Greenland

Iman under the shierry mugler

In 1986, Thierry Mugler was taken in the roof of the Paris Opera House.

In 1991, he guided George Michael's MV works "Too Funky", and the Emma Sjöberg wearing the signboard design of Thierry Mugler.

MV works "Too Funky" is wearing a THIERRY Mugler dress.


For Dior

Pureist Thierry Mugler is also a kind of sex.

In 1989, the LVMH Group, which was established, wanted to let Thierry Mugler succeed in Dior's MARC Bohan. He refused immediately. Therefore, there is only John Galliano's take.

Thierry Mugler is actually a very "marketing" person, he is the earliest designer, his star followers, including Diana Ross, Tippi Hedren, David Bowie and Demi Moore, etc. In 1992, he also launched an perfume Angel to open a high-end perfume.

However, all this will stop the changes in the times.

In 1993, the black dress designed in Demi Moore in "Tao Color Trading".

In 1995, the Angel perfume advertisement filmed by the famous model Jerry Hall, and Jerry was dressed in the Spring and summer of Thierry Mugler 1991.

In 1996, Helmut Newton took this Jerry Hall with Thierry Mugler

The high-end fashion world built in exquisite and luxury is collapse, and a new generation of consumers like more comfortable clothes, and the fashion industry began to pursue greater "profit space". Thierry Mugler becomes right.

He said in later interviews: "The fashion is an incredible artistic means when the fashion is in the 70, 80 and 1990s, but after 2000, artistic creation began to be killed by marketing and business model."

He officially exited the fashion world in 2002, closed his fashion house, the name of Thierry Mugler only stayed in the perfume industry.

In 2010, this fashion house was resurrected by Mugler name, but it was not a grand event of Thierry Mugler.

In 2013, Thierry Mugler used him back to MANFRED. He used the kind of pursuit in fitness, he was a man who could not stop.

When he left, we found that today's fashion world still does not exceed the beautiful world of his 20th century.