When senior jewelery encounters cultivation diamonds ...

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When senior jewelery encounters cultivation diamonds ...

2022-01-28 12:03:21 67 ℃

Fashion Business Review BOF website issued an article "When senior jewelery has cultivated diamonds", two executives that have been served in Hyrui Winston and Cartier is now trying to cultivate diamonds and regenerative materials. A Paris Jewelry Brand with 160 History Oscar Massin.

Let's take a look at what this has a 160-year history of Oscar Massin?

Oscar Massin is a great jewelry in the 19th century. His work is collected by the European royal family. And he has its own unique inlaid process, which is deeply favored by the 19th century European court.

However, since the death of the jewelry, Oscar Massin disappeared from people's sight.

The pre-executives of Hai Ruiminston and Cartier is to use "sustainable" concept in this rapidly growing high-end jewelry market to retrieve this kind of brand.

Two executives have found a investment fund called Luximpact last year. This is not important. It is important that its purpose is to use cultivation of diamonds and regenerative materials to reuse traditional jewelry brands, so that luxury can adapt to a new generation. Values.

The luxury market has grown faster in recent years. According to Bain's capital report, in 2021, China's personal luxury market has doubled in 2019, and it is expected to grow 36% in 2021.

Bain's capital is expected to increase by 24% last year, reaching 220 billion euros ($ 25 billion), and quickly recovery to 7% higher than the epidemic of 2019.

Luxury brands have received more and more attention to sustainable fashion, green and environmental protection, whether it is forced by consumer demand or for the social responsibility of the brand, sustainable and green will be the future development of luxury goods. One point.

The ultimate characteristic of cultivating diamonds is suitable for use in advanced jewels.

According to small energy, there have been jewelry design masters in the customization of advanced jewelry, and the finished products are really beautiful.

Didn't miss the wrong, the picture did not hang, the picture is inconvenient to share, after all, it is customized, not allowed to be allowed.

In addition, the sustainable characteristics of culturing diamonds just in line with the pursuit of new consumption people.

A survey of Dai Bils 2021 Diamond Insight is found that 60% of consumers say they will choose diamond jewelery according to the brand's sustainable development commitment, and 85% of them say they are willing to pay premiums for sustainable gems. Sustainability and moral attributes are indeed becoming more and more important selling points.

Cultivate diamonds as new materials for new materials, in line with new consumption philosophy, maybe it allows the ancient citizens in the luxury market to send new buds.

The majority of luxury brands are better to see the cultivation of diamonds, sustainability and material quality, and cultivate diamonds.