The aging "slow" girls usually have 6 "traits", sports list, don't be lazy

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The aging "slow" girls usually have 6 "traits", sports list, don't be lazy

2022-01-28 18:07:53 60 ℃

The society is now getting higher and higher for women. Not only do women do good harvest, but also require women to have their own life and career ...

Women have long-term bispressions from families and life, slowly neglecting their own maintenance, gradually approaching Huangshuo. But we are not difficult to find that some women have very much handling family and career.

Women around us, some are very young, and some are older. According to a number of surveys, women who have slowed more slowly, usually have 6 qualities, I hope you have finished reading.

The aging "slow" girls usually have 6 "traits", sports list, don't be lazy

Diet is very light

Women with slow aging speed, pay attention to your body's maintenance, especially for heavy food, such as fried, marinated, barbecue and other foods.

Although such a heavy taste food can meet the human taste bud, after eating the body, it is likely to affect the normal detoxification and metabolism of each organ, increasing the risk of illness is not good for health.

If you often eat fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily life, you can meet the needs of the human body, and supplement the desired dietary fiber and trace elements, etc., excrete the toxins and garbage in the body, so that you are young.

Resolutely not stay upset

Staying up late is now a lot of women's common diseases. It is busy taking care of children during the day, doing housework, etc., there is no time to entertain, only wait until the child sleeps after falling asleep before watching the phone.

Some people are playing up the mobile phone. I have a stay at night. I have a stay at night. I have been staying up late. Sleep, not only in the human life, but also affect the detoxification and repair of each organ, or even cause hormone secretion.

After the female staying up late, when I got up in the mirror in the morning, I will clearly find that my face is thick, the oil is full, and the sleep is insufficient. It affects the detoxification of the organ's detoxification, toxin garbage retaining, and the skin state will affect the skin state.

Basically do not eat sweets

Dessert is a very delicious food for women. It is also a sweet temptation, but it will cause obesity of dessert, which will also have a glycosylation reaction in the body, affecting health.

People who often love to eat desserts, the skin status will be getting worse, the face is long, and the spots and acne are long. Accelerate the skin of the skin, eat desserts often cause blood sugar to increase the risk of diabetes.

Female If you don't want to be aging, you will have a dessert's intake of your dessert, eat more light food, eat more fruit, you can meet the demand of sugar, and the fruit contains nutrients.

Positive emotions

The mentality is very important for people's health and color, as so-called: smile ten years less; If you maintain a positive optimistic mentality, help regulate endocrine, maintain normal secretion of estrogen, protect the ovary and uterine health.

Estrogen is a woman's health and beautiful source, wants to maintain your young state, must adjust the secretion of estrogen in the body.

A good mentality is the foundation of health. I hope everyone must develop a good habit, more help to protect the skin, keep youow and have a living.

Distant wine

Women's smoking is far less than men. Once you have a smoky addiction, it is difficult to quit. Long-term smoking or in a second-hand smoke will accelerate the aging of the skin, it is more likely to cause skin to get rough, no elasticity.

Women who have long-term smoking will also increase the formation of face wrinkles and color spots. According to the survey, it is found that wrinkles and color spots in the face of smokers have been in advance than smokers in advance.

Drinking seems to be an opaque behavior, long-term drinking will affect the body's endocrine stability, and even affect menstruation, will also increase the risk of uterine lesions, women do not want to advance, please stay away from research.

Frequently movement

I believe that everyone has heard that life is in sports, insisting on proper exercise is the source of women to keep youthful, many women are busy with entertainment, and they don't want to spend time.

Sedentary non-sports will affect the normal blood circulation in the body, reduce the discharge of toxin waste, and will affect the skin of the skin, and even accelerate the aging process.

For women who don't easily aging, there will be a good habit of frequent exercise, not only getting more and more young, but also the body and image and temperament, it will get better and better, attract more specific eyes, if you don't have time to go to the gym Then you may wish to make proper exercise at home.

Recommended female friends at home to Pilates at home, will not cost too much time and energy, and the needed equipment is also very simple, help to reduce the formation, and help to regulate endocrine, let your color increasingly The better. Some people don't understand the Pilates movement, and you may wish to refer to these simple actions.

Today, Xiaobian will share a few simple and easy-to-learn sports, and I'm trying to try it!

Action one, sit-ups

Essentials: Sit up, everyone is not strange, this action we need to pay attention, use the abdomen when getting up, the whole process should tighten the abdomen, the core does not breathe. Do 4 groups every day, 25 each group.

Action 2, barbell

The feet are separated from the shoulder, the feet stepped on the tensiler, holding the handle, relaxing your hand, don't shrug, use your arms to pull the tension, pay tried to make your shoulder away from the ear, do 3 groups every day 25 of each group.

Action three, aerial leg

This action is relatively easy, flat lying on the yoga pad, holding the handle, holding the puller, slowly listening to 90 degrees, then slowly put down, two legs alternately, do three groups every day,30 each group, I believe you can also have your long legs.If you want to keep your good body and delay aging, you may wish to exercise, so many movements are very simple, you need to use the Pula raising auxiliary role to complete, if you don't know how to choose sports equipment, you may wishRefer to this kind of book recommended for you.

If you don't have time to go to the gym, you may wish to make some simple small exercise at home, can help you accelerate your body metabolism, discharge toxins and garbage, from the outside.

The aging is fair to everyone, but the people who have become good habits are really slower. I hope that everyone must attach great attention to it, so that you are more young than the same age.