Her styling is old, it is really not a pot!

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Her styling is old, it is really not a pot!

2022-01-28 18:06:17 46 ℃

Come come, even a month has not been finished 2022, no lack of progress in the fashion terrorist propaganda instrument Wu came hand in papers! With a confusing suit embarked on a remarkable eye teeth Night Live red carpet ......

It stands to reason, comes with two meters in black suits and eight gas fields, was supposed to be a group of stable, but Wu Xuan instrument into the body, how like a derivative of the woman posing as a female boss look like?

Not only do the waist as if a shell making plenty of money, but also hung two large lock to lock the wealth of the ear, is entirely upstart attitude to show off family property.

of course not! Before this suit Hailey Bieber beaver through, the effect is not the slightest bit better than Wu Xuan instrument. Not only gas field and match clothes, under clothes enough exaggerated the situation, they also know how to do subtraction accessories! Entirely noble glamorous female chiefs.

But in fact, people now but just red fashion icon in Europe. Many times she can assess what the best-dressed list success.

Beavers can become a fashion darling, in fact, is also not surprising, because she can play very own shape condition. Deep facial features, looks neutral pH, is an advanced type of good-looking.

Childhood studying ballet, and later went to as a model, the whole body posture are absolutely, totally walking coat hanger. The event for a variety of simple but very high demands on the body can hold up her dress. You do not need the frills.

But Yu Bo love to see or Beaver PW modeling. No blatantly complex printing, there is no decorative gold and silver embroidery, unlike most European and American stars to pursue a tight.

She is Athflow wind model, like to use a single product mix and match formal motion of a single product, and casual looks and SA both have breath of life just the right fashion. Easy win big!

In the B station, the little red book, there are often many people will challenge with their clothes closet to mimic beaver outfit, showing her how well PW learn! Today, Yu Bo on to say something about how ordinary people can wear a copy of the supermodel take ~

If you have to pay close attention Beaver Street beat, you will find that she really loves suit and long coat. And there is a very distinct characteristics: with shoulder pads design.

Speaking of shoulder pads, many Keguan know that it can enhance the gas field. But in fact, even if you do not care what this gas field, there is a very real wear shoulder pads benefits - it can quickly optimize your head and shoulders over. (But do not apply too broad shoulder)

Consider the following comparison chart set, shoulder pads plus body beaver is not smaller head circumference at once, people are tall and straight up?

Although beaver coat often change, but in fact she's come with a formula opinions on a few, very simple and very easy to learn.

Formula One: suit / coat + sweater + pants / suit pants

"Sweater + pants" estimate many Keguan like, warm relaxed comfort. But it also has a fatal shortcoming, which is two single product are very lazy hypertrophy, together easily have both visual sense to go downstairs for his walk, not the spirit.

However, if a single product mix and match official, such as lines neat suit or coat, look and feel will be a lot of decent spirit, strong drape jacket Slim was also thin.

At the same time this mix and match, to wear to the occasion has changed much, whether it is work, shopping, travel can catch a plane, the fashion is to break the curse involved.

But I would like to thin significantly higher efficiency must pay attention to three points. First coat sweater than long, so in order to optimize the ratio will not put your upper body is divided into two parts.

Second, the election sweater fit and not oversized, but also because even fit a certain thickness, jackets avoid a sense of tension than usual number of selected big 1-2.

Third, sweater + pants is the best set of colors, so from a visual point of view, you head to toe as a whole, even if a different coat color, it will not split ratio, and focused.

Cheek meat, not long Keguan neck, round neck sweater can also be replaced hooded sweater. Hooded sweater V-neck neckline can lengthen the appropriate line, and face play a modified role.

In addition, I found that no matter when worn beaver track suit or to do the ride, there will be two ways to weaken too little sense of relaxation. First, she likes sports pants leg rolled up some or socks worn over trousers, a small trendy little cool,

However, please note that when you practice, remember to pack finished trousers trousers pull the pull, or ankle will become a big meat!

Second, she likes with metal earrings, metal necklace, little accessories, will instantly refined fashionable up.

Formula II: suit + vest + jeans / pants suit

I feel that the beaver casual fashion is more powerful than others, she was not entirely blind to create a relaxed, she is able to master the furnace, can be comfortable at the same time, but there are still little sexy. I know these two words are inherently contradictory!

This sexy healthy feeling, she likes to wear sports vest comes in a suit where appropriate Luyao prominent curve.

And vests are basically simple black and white. Especially white, because the brightest color is the most eye-catching, even if loose, casual jacket, it makes your visual focus put up, to stay in her tight upper body.

Bottoms jeans straight election of the most secure. As a coat itself is oversize, if more fat on a wide width, will turn into a trapezoid rather than inverted triangle! Secondly, most people say, straight jeans straight lines, it is the most modified leg type.

(Source: JUST JARED)

Formula III: coat + sweater + wide leg pants

This formula of the beaver is suitable for some more formal and needs a large woman's gas field. Elegant and generous and sad, but also plugs! But pay attention to, coat, sweater and wide-legging pants are more than a piece of single item. It is recommended that one of them can be selected from colorful color matching, such as camel, and both high levels add some breathing.

Everyone knows that thanks to the jeans, there is a feeling of pendant, it is easy to have legs, but if the coat is a styles with the shoulder, it is also not recommended to drain the boat, too easy to be overwhelmed by clothes.

In fact, it can also change the wide legs into a flavin. The flared pants will basically begin to become widens from the knee, and the visual expansion is so strong.

Beaver 171, it is not high in the model, but it is already a high girl for ordinary people. But she is still very intoxicated to show all kinds of high magic let themselves.

It is a high thing, saying that it is to adjust the body ratio, let yourself look short, longer, thus deceiving the eyes of others.

Don't believe you, if a person is 55 points, one is 37 points, even if he is high, it looks a lot?

How can this magic? The most important thing is to do everything to improve the waistline and improve others' sight!

Method 1: Under the width, the shoulder jacket with the waist design, we have to say, the shoulder suit or coat can be small, but if the shoulder, the waist, then even the length of the clothes When others are watching you, it is still in the waist as a split point.

Method 2: The short-term long, short-shirt + high wagon this beaver's favorite method has been mentioned before, it will not be described in detail.

There is guest officer may ask, can you replace other pants without high wag?

A: No! When the trousers are too lower than the navel, when the spacing of the short-jacket is too large, the leg effect will be greatly reduced, but it also pulls the focus to the belly. People look like being divided into 325 points ...

In addition to the same color, this color color principle is actually mentioned above. On the basis of the short-term long, it is recommended that everyone will follow the dark, let others see it in the high waist line you created.

In addition, don't take care of you! Especially those very eye-catching metal necklaces, can strengthen the highlight of the upper body, let everyone visually pay back!

Of course, our beaver will also have some external force - thick shoes, but also to be black.

Do you want to say that people are beautiful? Do you do it? Nor. In the same manner, the short boots that cover the finest place in the ankle will easily divide the legs into two cuts, destroy the whole, but the thick shoe + socks will not.

Recently, she gave the BOSS to BOSS, and the same, and leisure and sexual legs and beautiful feelings!

I also started from the beaver with the sweater. "BOSS" four white letters appear very eye-catching under black.

When I don't want to dress up, I feel that this boss sweater is also in the case, and the employee should see me in 100 meters!

And this "BOSS" on the clothes is different from before, because they launched a new plan this year and replaced the logo with a bold graphical font. It looks younger.

BOSS also has a new Slogan: #beyourownboss (Chinese translation as "self-march"). Just hope that everyone can be bound by the strip frame, free to dominate their lives, do their own BOSS!

In addition to the beaver, they also invite the supermodel Kendall Jenner, Korean singer, actor Li Min Ho and famous singing singer Future, etc., basically, the big BOSS samples in all walks of life.

For BOSS this brand, young children may know that it is the most famous, cropping and fabric, but because the styles are impeded, so I don't know how to start. But now BOSS has been rejg, the painting wind has changed greatly.

On the basis of maintaining a consistent high-standard garment process, the design has become more casual, so that young people can use the BOSS single product with BOSS single.

At the 2022 spring and summer series of their latest online, the sports wind like the sweater is visible everywhere.

But not the same thing, because the superb dressing tailor has always been the best place to be BOSS, now they use this type of cutting skills to casual clothes, so that each piece is guaranteed to be relaxed and comfortable, it can Talry.

The color of the color is four kinds of black and white camels are all colorful colors.

Although it is simple, it is not simple, and there is a lot of small details that increase the sense of modeling, like a wide color block, zipper and seam tape.

In this series, I like this sweater is the following. Although a piece of clothing sets three colors of black and white camels, because the color is arranged in the shape of the stripes, it seems that it does not feel messy.

What is the most essential? It is the top of the color of the color "B". If you get rid of it, although it is also good, it is more warm, but there are more "B", there are both brand identity, let the striped sweaters become cute!

BOSS 2022 Spring and Summer Series is the inspiration in California style.The most representative of which is a novel B-Monogram print, which seems to be a building texture that reproduces the center of Palm Springs in the last century.Many brand prints always have the taste of the trench, but the BOSS is completely won't, the printing is like a plaid pattern, only to carefully observe can discover the above "B" word, design allclever.

There are a few orange items in this series, I also like it.Because the whole person can look very good.

There is also a hidden highlights in this series.BOSS considers that everyone is in spring and summer, so single items basically have a light breathable fabric, like a paper kimon suit, a floating silk skirt and a fine textile technology fabric pilot jacket, so that you will not feel the bureau for a long time.Sultry.

Next week, I have been in the New Year. If you want to buy some new clothes, you can see the latest series of BOSS.The profile is smooth, the lines are smooth, and the color is high-grade, so that you can visit friends and relatives ~