It is too versatile to wear T -shirts in summer!The key to self -cultivation and classic is to show beautiful and atmospheric style

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It is too versatile to wear T -shirts in summer!The key to self -cultivation and classic is to show beautiful and atmospheric style

2022-05-13 12:05:49 26 ℃

When it comes to the absolute T -shirt with the best match with summer, not only is simple and high in the upper body. The key is that the versatile can also create a refreshing effect. The key is that under the combination of T -shirts, not picking people or picking age, it can give more beauty and beautiful atmosphere.

In this article, I will discuss with you how to get rid of the basic model with T -shirts, which can also make the shape shape a beauty and fashionable atmosphere.

01T shirt pays attention to minimalist style or solid color system

T -shirts are used as a basic style. Generally, when matching styles, it is necessary to integrate minimalism style. Under the mute matching, it emphasizes the clean and sharp effect of the shape, and then shows the atmosphere. Modern and playful models are still beautiful.

02 The use of plug -in horns to cover the effect of covering the flesh and thinness

Secondly, when matching the shape, it is integrated to outline the waistline to match. Generally, the waistline is combined from the jacket corner method, the belt method, the short -to -vehicle, etc. The effect of thin meat can also set out the urban beauty fan, and then show the sense of atmosphere and high level, showing the aura of beauty and goddess in minutes.

03 Colors Try to match the contrasting color system

Color combination needs to be outlined by different colors. Generally, color matching requires three combinations, which can create a gorgeous effect.

① Basic color+basic color: ensure classic and versatile shapes, shape simplicity and atmosphere

② Basic colors+dazzling colors: make the shape shape a sense of layering, and then outline the progressive effect, showing a modern fan.

③ Bright colors+dazzling colors: Shape gorgeous and colorful effects, create a beauty and age -reducing temperament, and still interpret a beautiful atmosphere.

04T -shirts are used to refuse singleization as much as possible

Secondly, when selecting T -shirts, we must refuse to be single, so in color selection, not only is it limited to pure white T -shirts to match, but it needs to be combined with dazzling colors to make the T -shirt with richness and age reduction. Aesthetic, still reflects the colorful effects, interprets the beautiful breath and beauty.

Generally, the color selection should be matched as much as possible in terms of the saturation and brightness, and the temperament of beauty and age reduction visually, so that the shape is refined according to showing a refined sense.

05 combined with loose version to cover the meat and thinner effect

Secondly, when matching a T -shirt, we need to consider the style and version of the style. The design of the style pays attention to the sense of contour and oversized, which can outline the superior figure but also show the urban beauty fan.

Especially when choosing a lower jacket to play with disappearances, choosing the Oversized version is to create a loose version, which can also show the simple atmosphere, which makes the shape interpret the temperament of age.

06 Pay attention to stacking style

Secondly, when matching a T -shirt, it is necessary to match the style to match. From the visually, it can have a progressive effect and set out a sense of layering. In color selection, it shows a bright atmosphere.

In addition, when matching the shape, it is necessary to combine the exposed skin area to match, and the exposed skin area shows refreshing and aesthetics. The exposed skin area can shift their attention and create a sense of eye -catching and aesthetics.

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