Li Nian grew up against the age, wearing champagne and pink dresses, and thought she was a post -00s girl

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Li Nian grew up against the age, wearing champagne and pink dresses, and thought she was a post -00s girl

2022-05-14 12:20:32 24 ℃

Female friends are at a certain age. When choosing clothes and matching, we must not only pay attention to good -looking, but also pay attention to the texture of the clothing. Too cheap fabrics are very uncomfortable to wear on their bodies, and it is easy to look like female friends have no temperament and are particularly tacky. This time, Li Nian combined the champagne sequins with pink silk, making this skirt high -level, and also set off the whole person more fairy. The silk fabric is very cool, and the material of the sequins is a highlight of the whole dress. Such a combination helps Li Nian to better shape his personal style.

A very large bow is embellished on the waist. It is very feminine and very designed. It can cover the excess fat of the abdomen. Li Nian's waist is more slender, which is also a highlight of this dress. In our lives, we can also choose a dress with a three -dimensional embellishment shape. It can appear richer in clothing elements and make women have a flat belly.

The lower body of the dress is pink silk, which is particularly high -level. The pink chosen by Li Nian is different from the pink that young women will choose. It is more advanced and will not make people feel tender. The dress melts the silk, and the gloss is full. Because this dress uses the stitching design, she increases Li Nian's waistline and allows her to visually have the proportion of nine -headed body. This seems that her figure will be more graceful, and women will be very confident when they go out.

Li Nian grew up against age, wearing champagne color and pink binding dress, and thought she was a post -00s girl. It looked very young and beautiful. The lipstick, but a shiny lip glaze, can play a brightening role. Li Nian flashed with the sequins and silk elements of dresses, so if the makeup is too dim, the effect will not be very good. We can put high light appropriately so that it will look more harmonious.

Li Nianzha is also paired with a very fluffy air bangs with a ball head. Such hairstyles can allow her to return to Girls' Generation, and the age reduction effect is excellent. And the hair is fluffy, it will look more and free, and there will be no greasy feeling. Air bangs are not exclusive to young women. Mature women can also choose to modify the width of the forehead. But if we feel that we are more feminine, we can try to oblique bangs, and the effect will be better.

The bright diamond necklace fuses the long chain design, and Li Nian, which can be found on the neck, is more gorgeous and noble. And this dress is a transparent fabric on the chest, which can better show the unique beauty of the necklace. If a woman chooses a high neck dress, she can choose the neck chain as a match for themselves. It has a cool and handsome matching effect, and it is not easy to be blocked by clothes.

White and pink are stitched together, especially small and fresh, and very girly. Such a T -shirt blended with a half -sleeve design is more friendly for women who have worshiped meat in the arm, and the T -shirt is also comfortable to wear on the body. The lower body chose a pair of black sports pants, and Li Nian's slender legs controlled the sports pants with a high -level feeling.

Leopard's camisole dress is spliced ​​with leather fabrics on the waist, which can play a good waist effect. And the combination of lace design is very stylish. The element of leopard print is very wild, and it is fused into the cool and bold suspender dress, making Li Nian very charming.