Let Blackpink’s Jisoo take you into Dior2022 Autumn Seoul Show

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Let Blackpink’s Jisoo take you into Dior2022 Autumn Seoul Show

2022-05-14 18:03:22 15 ℃

Let Blackpink’s Jisoo take you into Dior 2022 Autumn Seoul Show

"The first time I saw Dior Seoul in my city Seoul really made me really meaning to me." ---- Jisoo

Last week, Dior held the first fashion show at the Korean Pear Women's University in Seoul. Dior director and K-Pop idol Jisoo stood in the front row. Jisoo recorded her experience and participating in the performance, and shared her excitement in her city for the first time in her city.

"Seeing Dior in Seoul, I feel very excited and happy," Jisoo said. "I heard that this was the first time Dior held a performance in South Korea, and the performance will be held on the campus. I am very excited. I can't wait to experience it Creative Director Maria Grazia's works! "

Jisoo completed her makeup with Dior Beauty and attended the event in the French fashion house. "I chose this black dress for today's fashion show," she explained. "Lace top and cute black tube top dress are matched with it. I think I can show the other side of JISOO on the show. What do you think of? Is it good to wear on me? With this cute and elegant Micro Lady Dior package, it will look more chic and unique. "

Once in the show, Jisoo talked about the fashion show, and she said, "I was impressed when I saw Dior skateboarding park. I was surprised that the school built such a huge skating rink between the school buildings."

Jisoo revealed her favorite shape in the show. "It's hard to choose one, but I have to say that my favorite style has always been elegant and classic dress," she said, "Leopard and rose prints are very modern. Marvel. "