Where did the mall "can't sell" clothes?

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Where did the mall "can't sell" clothes?

2022-05-14 18:03:06 6 ℃

Season every time

The clothes in the shopping mall will be removed all the clothes to change the cabinet

Have you ever thought about

Where did those clothes that could not be sold?

Recently, my cousin working in the mall

I pulled me into their big name inside purchase group

I only knew that the clothes that the counter was not sold out

They are all on special channels-Internal purchase groups are sold!

Mall tag price hundreds of thousands of clothes and shoes

The internal purchase group can be bought as long as 0.1-5 % off!

Too shocking me!

This is the internal purchase group below

Friends in need, you can click in first and see

friends! See you to my order diagram

As soon as I entered the group, I watched this T -shirt!

The whole audience T -shirt is only 69 yuan for 3 pieces

Actually one piece only costs 23 yuan! Intersection

It is 1128 yuan cheaper than the original price of 3 pieces of the mall!

You can buy 5 skirts when you save money ~

Buy first, it is not suitable to be returned for free anyway!

There are also freight insurance.

I put the entrance of the inside group here here

If you often buy clothes, be sure to enter this group!

Just scan the QR code directly!

My friend also saw this!

The latest lotus leaf round neck dress

The original price of the mall is 799 yuan

Only 99 yuan in the group!

Chiffon fabric, will not have folds in summer

There are 7 colors in this skirt

You can choose ~

Sisters who want to be thin can choose black

Shopping and commuting are super suitable

It's all the goods from the mall counter to the counter

The visible texture of the naked eye

For the sisters who love beauty

This group is the paradise of shopping! Intersection

Save the trouble of shopping, you can buy a shopping mall brand at home!

the most important is

Cheap! Good quality!

(Feedback from some group friends)

(Daily recommended by Nana Qunzhu)

The clothes shared in the group are the clothes that Wanda and other shopping malls are withdrawn.

Now changing the season to clear the position, many big names are doing activities!

The style is super beautiful, and the price is one tenth of the mall

Just scan the QR code directly!

There are various big -name shoes

Red Dragonfly, Daphne, Yierkang, etc.

The quality is super good, all styles and colors are available!

Sisters who want to buy shoes are fast!

These styles are really versatile

In the group, I really bought it!

These shopping malls need hundreds of shoes

You can buy it here as long as 2 digits!

Get it to you at the entrance

Are you surprised? I am almost shocked!

Let me have to ask my cousin

Why do these brands be sold in the discount group?

Cousin answered that I am all the decisions of brand leaders

1. The low price of the mall will reduce the brand level.

2. Inventory backlog warehouse, the storage cost is too high.

3. Destruction of clothes, the materials used are too wasteful.

Actually, pedestrians in clothing know

These shopping mall inventory has special channels for sale!

For example, I added this internal purchase group!

It is not a trash brand that sells inside!

All are mall brands!

In fact, they just integrate domestic and foreign resources

There are more than 3,000 brand merchants who cooperate in 2022

There are big -name authorization!

Not only is the price cheap, but also only sells genuine counters!

No reason to return and exchange for 7 days of dissatisfaction!

Free shipping insurance insurance!

After entering the group, there are special customer service docking!

You can ask everything!

Since contacting the counter to withdraw the cabinet women's clothing

I never went to the counter to buy clothes

Because I know the price of the counter tag, thousands of dollars of clothes

In fact, the factory price is 0.1 to 30 % off!

The original price of this red dragonfly venue mall is 699 yuan

Now the price is 45 yuan!


And these small incense breeze jackets and skirts

I really love it

The original price of the mall is five or six hundred yuan

The purchase price in the group is only tens of yuan!

I like the one -time price of Nana recommended by Nana the most

Chanrs Keatn's bag in the mall 500+ yuan

Now my house is full of various express delivery

I bought it in the brand group!

I used to buy one internal buying group to buy 5 or 6 pieces!

Friends who want to get on the car just have Nana himself

After Tang Tang passed, you will pull you into the group.

Recently, there are brand daily events, which is super cost -effective!

If you have any questions, friends can ask directly in Gana!

There is no loss anyway!

The important thing is that there is more channels!