Yang Mi wore a "pajamas" to record variety shows. Da Mei's green suit is too beautiful. Romeo and model girlfriend date!【Poster Street Shooting】

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Yang Mi wore a "pajamas" to record variety shows. Da Mei's green suit is too beautiful. Romeo and model girlfriend date!【Poster Street Shooting】

2022-05-15 00:02:11 28 ℃

Reporters, happy weekends!

At the call of everyone, we still look at the European and American parts this week: Da Mei is very diligent in the streets, and three sets of look; there are also dating and Reuters photos of Beijia Dasheng and Er Shao. Half of them are eye -catching; in the end, the street shooting of Sydney Fashion Week ~

On May 4th local time, Dakota Johnson appeared in New York

Suit & package: Gucci

Shoes: by Far

Dada is properly dressed and prepares to have dinner with friends. The jadeite double -breasted silk noodle jacket looks pretty solemn, but Da Mei uses pure black suit pants and high -heeled sandals slightly, and the hairstyle is so warm ~

On May 5th local time, Dakota Johnson appeared in New York

Jacket & bag & shoes: Gucci

Jeans: Reformation

The second set of "random" is her favorite suede material, brown trench coat with T -shirts and jeans, and her favorite loafers on her feet. I carried it several times.

On May 5th local time, Dakota Johnson appeared in New York

Suit: Alessandra Rich

Pack: Gucci

Shoes: by Far

Red suede bags with white suit look more eye -catching. Although they are all difficult items, Stega uses its own temperament to neutralize sharpness and looks comfortable.

On May 10, local time, Bella Hadid and her boyfriend Marc Kalman appeared in New York

Beibei has been busy giving others the rhythm of birthday recently. This time the protagonist was replaced with a boyfriend ~ The two first went to the gallery to watch the exhibition together. Everyone found that this was a low -key boyfriend before, and she was quite willing to dress up recently.

On May 10, local time, Bella Hadid and her boyfriend Marc Kalman appeared in New York

Then the two dated them to eat ice cream on the street, oops!

Beibei also went to the old place to buy a birthday party decoration, and was deliberately equipped with a slightly college look, but you know her. High socks and skirts are too good. You need to show your belly to show the original Y2K hot girl.

On May 7, local time, Rihanna and her boyfriend Asap Rocky appeared in New York


Pack: Balenciaga

Romantic dinner with my boyfriend and boyfriend ~ On Mother's Day, the expectant mother, the day, is prepared. The bright diamond set of BlingBling is worn, and the night is set with a positioning system; , Rocky has to escort well, but now you can't fall!

On April 24, local time, Nicky Hilton and daughter Lily Grave appeared in New York

Dress: Doen

Pack: Caroline Constasx Marina Raphael

Looking at a expectant mother, Miss Er took her 5 -year -old daughter and dog (and three babies in the stomach) and appeared in Manhattan. The floral dress is too summer, right? With sandals and refreshing. Little Lily's dressing like a mint flavor, fresh and sweet mother and daughter file ~

On May 9th local time, Kristen Stewart and fiancee Dylan Meyer appeared in New York

K Shuai and fiancee held hands in New York. They wore couples: light -colored base+jeans+jackets, and then stepped on a pair of shoes, finished.

On May 9, local time, Jesscia Biel appeared in New York

Top: Alexandre Vauthier

The boss hasn't seen it for a long time! The figure has not changed. The bow of the bow and classic wide -leg suit pants, capable of being boring, this blue is good ~ Unfortunately, Boss Jia did not have a peer (want to eat a handful of dog food).

On May 5th local time, Maya Hawke appeared in New York

Wow! Is this a movie stills? Maya's small black skirt chose her temperament too much, wearing a pink headset on her head, the retro girl was full, please go out on the street.

On May 722, local time, Kim Kardashian appeared in Los Angeles

Bag & sweater & sports pants: Balenciaga

Shoes: VANS

Sanhao mother Jin appeared in Los Angeles to watch her daughter's Northwest Girl's basketball game. Sister Jin's blond hair is worth ten hours, which is too beautiful! Intersection Intersection

She wore a set of black suits, and the game was comfortable to watch the game.

On May 5, local time, Hailey Bieber appeared in California

Vest: Alessandra Rich

Pants: Vintage Military

Sunglasses: Oliver people x fai

Shoes: New Balance

Beaver appeared in Santa Monica, California. The dazzling belly was composed of T -shirt+thick vest+thick low waist wide leg pants. To sum up, it is: hot place is hot, and the cool place is also cold ~

On May 5th local time, Emma Roberts appeared in Los Angeles

Dress: Doen

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Bags: Gucci Emma has come to contribute to everyone to wear inspiration, wearing a doll collar lace edge dress, walking is cute and loved retro style.

On May 7, local time, Emma Roberts appeared in New Orleans

It is rare to see such a "vivid" Emma, ​​wearing a small black leather skirt with snake -like high -heeled shoes to eat, drink, and chat on the street. It is very pleasant.

On May 8th local time, Romeo Beckham and Mia Regan appeared in Miami


Sweater: Fear of God

Romeo and Mia have dinner in Miami. The two people are compared with the head and body, which is unreasonable!

Review of the previous love: During their third anniversary, some foreign media broke the news that Romeo was going to propose to Mia. Anyway, the boss's wedding is worried, it's the second and third! Wait for good news ~

On May 9, local time, Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham appeared in Miami

The newlywed couple also dated Miami and brought Nicola's parents! What is the tension of feeling a little nervous for the inexplicable "ray cloth"?

On May 5, local time, Charlotte Casiragy appeared in Monte Carlo

Total Look: Chanel

Monaco Princess Charlotte went to the big show of Chanel's early spring vacation series last week. I chose a denim with red lips and red nail polish.

On May 10, local time, Kate Middleton and Prince William appeared in Manchester

Jacket: Michael Kors

Pack: Polène

Shoes: Rupert Sanderson

Earrings: vanleles

The royal couple appeared at Manchester together to participate in the memorial service of the victims of the gymnasium bombing.

Kate once again worn the blue -gray oblique umbrella skirt jacket in 2014, paired with classic navy blue bags and custom bee earrings (is a city symbol of Manchester) to pay tribute to the deceased.

On April 25, local time, Kate Middleton appeared in London

Shirt: Cefinn

Pack: Polène

Shoes: Rupert Sanderson

The second set is blue. The deep and shallow "royal blue" comes with a gradual effect. The finishing touch is the pair of pearl earrings.

Because as the main "battlefield", Shanghai and Beijing Airports have entered the seal control status one after another, and the Chinese street shooting will open the sunroof (passive rotten) without an accident next week. Special?

On May 8, Qiao Xin appeared at Beijing Airport

Vest & bag & hat: loewe

The color of the rhombus vest is rich enough. There are two ribbons floating in the fisherman's hat, and the bags and hollow details are blessed. They are all fresh items, but the upper body can be used as a subtraction.

On May 8, Wang Ou appeared at Beijing Airport

Jeans: Chrome Hearts

Sure enough, it was the season of wearing a shirt. Everyone came to unlock the item. The blue striped shirt with white T, a loose jeans in the lower body, can be used for reference daily. Saying that her new drama "New Living" is currently on the air, have you watched it?

On May 9, Wang Yan appeared at Beijing Airport

Set: Michael Kors

Shoes: Louis Vuitton

The olive green suit is quite special, and the small vegetable basket bag on my hand has a little comprehensive handsomeness! She also has a new action. The variety show "The Great Dance Club" is currently on the air ~

On May 9, Yang Mi appeared in Changsha to record "Flower and Juvenile Camping Season"

Jacket: juun.j

Pants: Victoria's Secret

Pack: jw Anderson

Da Mi Mi appeared! This is the Reuters of the variety show "Flower and Juvenile Camp Season". Wearing a white top with a black jacket and a contrasting "pajamas", which item did you grow? It is said that she was sold out after wearing this pajamas.

Add meals! Sydney Fashion Week's most eye -catching street shooting is prepared for you!

This group of Lady Boss is over the audience! The clean suit and the self -confidence atmosphere of my sisters, the aura is full ~

Next is the "Exquisite Cold City Women" group. Green is still the most popular color this year. Let's see how fashionables are exploding the street!

The "contrasting group" is unwilling to show weakness. If you dare to wear you, you boldly hit, anyway, it is a fashion week!