Wide -leg pants are laid off!These 5 "scum women's pants" this summer are popular!

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Wide -leg pants are laid off!These 5 "scum women's pants" this summer are popular!

2022-05-15 00:03:18 22 ℃

Although the temperature is still hovering around 26 degrees

But faintly feel the summer breath

It is very stuffy as soon as it is afternoon!

As soon as the weather is hot, people become lazy

Even clothes are too lazy to match

Although the summer weather is hot

But I still wear trousers more than wearing shorts

There are two reasons

First, trousers can have a sun protection effect

I will not feel cold legs when I wait for the air -conditioned room

Hahahaha can be said to be too practical these two points

But this year's Nana

Compared to cute and more preferred, light cooked Royal Sister Feng

I have to say it is really too ah!

Although Nana is sharing the trend with you every day

There will still be sisters ask in the background:

Why do so many items have few pants?

In Nana's impression, the popularity seems to only be wide -leg pants

But everyone can't satisfy the simple style of wide -leg pants

Many sisters leave a message in the background to recommend pants

Wide -leg pants that are not picky are already tired!

Want to show long legs to modify "scum female pants"

(Oh a woman, really flower heart

Say so much

What exactly is slag women's pants? Intersection

"Scum female pants" is actually extended by the scum female style

After putting it on, bring your own "not easy to provoke" filter

Wearing a unique charm, it looks like A again

There is both a big woman and sexy femininity

If you don’t know how to choose, don’t worry

Next, the sisters will take a look with me

These summer heart scum women's pants ~

Nana found that every time Amway "wide -leg pants"

There must be sisters who say:

The buttocks are not good -looking.

This pants are thin -legged -dragged the ground pants!

Both stars and bloggers are particularly favored by it

The essence is naturally the length of the pants, the length of the mop floor

It is equivalent to extending leg length in disguise, plus high waist

Really, how long the legs can be!

Dropded pants are friendly for pear -shaped legs and thick legs

Super thin, 120 catties of live life was worn 90 pounds!

The width -wide pear -shaped figure is simply savior

It can modify the width and it is 10 pounds visually!

Dumber girl dress pants are exclusive to cool girls

What happened to the girl?

It will look straight when wearing it instantly

Compared to the fluttering fairy skirt

The big and unfachened in the boyfriend's wardrobe

The handsome work pants have received unprecedented attention

Song Yanhuan always has her own matching carefully

One is just right, it is just a waist essence

Nana also likes work pants privately

Workers with Martin boots

Enhanced the shape of style, Miss Cool Chao Miss Benku

Cut along the trousers

This is the "split pants" this year's super hot fire

Not only can hide thick calf

Also allowed the overall styling to go on a level

Who wears and fashionable!

Little girls choose pants

Many choose to "cut a knife" on the foot of the trousers

Capton a little shorter, the meaning of a little tear ~

In fact, this is also "careful"

As soon as the ankle is exposed, it is easy to show 5cm high!

Sisters who don't want to cut can roll up their pants!

The effect of thin legs and long legs is the same

Anyway, our focus is to show the finest ankle!

The Ming people don't say secretly, this year's flared pants will be hot!

The upper body super super superb leg is long and long

"Internet celebrity flared pants" can not grab that kind of stealing goods

With a shirt casual without losing fashion

The length of the legs is definitely its masterpiece!

Exquisite with shirts, super temperament

Freate pants can perfectly modify the leg shape

Especially the descendant is slightly exaggerated design

Walking with the wind, the goddess is definitely proper!

By the way, the pants suddenly became hot

Now it seems that everyone has a hand hahaha hahaha

Sweate+beam of guard pants

It is the hottest king in 2022! Intersection

Sure enough people will change

I used to think that the items such as sports pants were a bit "earth"

As a result, I can't get my face this year

Guardous pants are considered a must -have in the wardrobe

It is also suitable

Leisure laziness is full!

And the most important thing is to wear it comfortably!

Sisters who are afraid of cold can also secretly stuffed autumn pants

No one found the loose version, stick!

And the pants are quite suitable for "lazy people"

It is easy to wear and take off, and it is very versatile

Sweater, T -shirt, cardigan ... it's quite suitable

Unlike the brain, it will be worn directly