The 43 -year -old Columbia national treasure singer brought a baby with a baby, and his figure was still.

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The 43 -year -old Columbia national treasure singer brought a baby with a baby, and his figure was still.

2022-05-15 00:02:58 27 ℃

Speaking of Latin, except for the well -known Jennifer Lopez, the female singer born in Colombia is not famous. Recently, she rushed to the beach with her two sons and learned surfing.

It was only 43 -year -old Chakira this year. As soon as she appeared, she was accused of being completely aunts.

1) The figure is still, and the face value collapses?

On the same day, Chakra wore a whole set of diving clothes, and patiently taught her two sons, various surfing skills. Mengwa did not live up to her mother's heart, and they could learn and have a good way.

Good mother Chakra hugs her two sons for a while and kiss intimately:

Play happily with his son in the sea after a while. The mother and son had a very pleasant afternoon.

Although the figure has not become fat, but looking at Chakra's face value, it is a bit beyond the imagination of the people who eat melon. Although it was a plain face that day, the relaxed skin, the cheek muscles, the obvious double chin, was completely unexpected that Chakra was only 43 years old.

Earlier, she was taken by paparazzi when she went out. She had a messy hair, a bad face, and a sportswear that did not repair the border. Think about the female star around 43 years old, but one game is well maintained.

This year, she also appeared on the super bowl stage with Jennifer Lopez. The two Latin queen sings and danced, but the 8 -year -old Lopez, who she is 8 years old, does not look at the junior.

However, Chakra was very simple in private and never stood up for any fashion. The basics appearing in front of the camera are T -shirt jeans, which is simple and comfortable. Presumably on vacation with children, happiness is the most important thing.

2) 157 Height wear a gas field

Although she does not follow the fashion person in private, Chakra basically does not wear wrong in various activities and performances.

Shakra's height is only 157. It is still a typical funnel -shaped figure. The upper body and lower body are thicker, especially the two legs are not very slender. Therefore, she often wore a tight waist long skirt to highlight her slender waist and cover her thick legs strictly.

The good S -shaped figure and the thin waist of Yingying, Chakra's style came from all kinds of style.

Shakira, who has long blond hair and a healthy and beautiful smile, is very beautiful and elegant.

Of course, Chakra cannot show her legs. Because the proportion is not particularly good, wearing some clothes that improve the waistline, the exposed legs will look longer and straight.

For example, she once appeared on the cover of "Fashion Bazaar", which explained the importance of increasing the waistline. The tight funnel -shaped clothes obviously improve the part of the belt, allowing people to visually create a very long and slender feeling.

Instead, it is a tube -style dress that does not emphasize the waistline. For example, this funnel -type snake -leather tight -fitting sleeveless skirt, the design of the fork obviously exposes the short and thick flaws of her legs. Coupled with the sleeveless design highlight her thick shoulders, although she covers her shoulders with her hair, it is still useless.


At the time of the music scene, Chakra, after getting married and having children, gradually chose to reduce the performing arts work and accompany the family. Compared with the change of face value or changes in figure, Chakra's smile is as bright as ever. Presumably it is really happy, so you have such a smile.