40+ How do women wear a high -level sense of vitality?Three wearing skills, use basic items to create

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40+ How do women wear a high -level sense of vitality?Three wearing skills, use basic items to create

2022-05-15 06:11:23 31 ℃

In the video, 45 -year -old Wang Hui held the Allegro with one hand, and the other hand knocked on the drum, and his mouth sang a small song with his mouth. His expression was very focused. As a child who studied drums from an early age, this kind of performance was already a piece of cake for her. Although she had not performed publicly for a long time, Wang Hui, who had been able to hold her best, raised her hands and was quite stylish.

Of course, in addition to professional performances, Wang Hui's wealthy dress has also attracted the attention of many people. On the same day, she was wearing a black loose dress. In order to avoid the overall shape, she specially paired with exaggerated bracelets and necklaces to decorate. Two bracelets have a glittering golden light, and the other is inlaid with broken diamonds. At first glance, it is valuable, and it also makes the whole shape full of nobleness.

Dressing has always been high -profile

In terms of dressing, Wang Hui has always been very high -profile, and it looks like a rich lady's style line. Even if these have been accused of showing off their wealth, she doesn't care about these, and she is still a typical wealthy style in style.

For example, Wang Hui appeared at Guo Degang's performance at the event scene with a blue and white stitching jacket. Don't look at simple, but the value of this top is more than 30,000 yuan. In addition to the big -name jacket, Wang Hui also wore a variety of jewelry on his body, and took the jewelry necklace on his neck, for example, the single one was close to 70,000 yuan.

How to wear a high -level noble sense

Flexible use of silk scarves

The fluffy silk scarf can make the face look gentle and delicate, and at the same time can also enrich the level of clothes to a certain extent. For some women with insufficient necks, silk scarves can also skillfully modify. In order to highlight their "richness", women in their forties can set up silk scarves at will or fix them with silk scarves.

If you don't like the formal sense of silk scarf, you can also decorate the scarf on the big -name bags at will, which is enough to attract everyone's focus and make the shape novel.

Suites cannot be less

In the past few years, suits have been very popular. From serious workplace to daily shopping, suits have become indispensable items for women. However, when wearing a suit every day, you still need to pay attention to the fabrics. The material of cotton and linen will be stronger than the casual and comfortable sense. Of course, the formal sense will be much weaker.

At this time, if you want to wear your own sense of high -level and "rich", you can choose the suit of the silk fabric, which will be more formal and more textured.

Choose a suitable wide -leg pants matching

The versatile wide -leg pants are suitable for women of all ages. They want to wear high -end temperament. They wear the same color suit and wear the same color suit. The temperament and gas field come out. The 40+ mature women, with a pair of high heels is the first choice for wearing a sense of expensive, can be used as a temperament set or formal occasion.

Of course, some accessories embellishments cannot be lacking, such as earrings, rings, necklaces, etc., which can make the overall shape more refined. And wide -leg pants have the advantage of modifying the leg shape. Even women with poor figure can make up for the lack of their bodies through this item, which will be thin and elegant at the same time.

When 40+ women are taking the expensive route, they must know how to use the high -level sense of wearing, even if they are no longer young, they can still make themselves more delicate and attractive. #Outfit#

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