Youth and fearless dreams and fashion

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Youth and fearless dreams and fashion

2022-05-15 18:10:05 21 ℃

The day before yesterday, Zhejiang Textile and Fashion Vocational and Technical College held a special performance of the school's theme of "fearlessness", showing 89 sets of fashion for clothing design and technology, clothing and clothing design, knitting technology and knitted clothing.Create an atmosphere for the 7th "Rong+Textiles Fashion Week".

It is reported that the Fashion Week will be carried out online and offline from May 23 to 27.During the 5 -day fashion week, more than 6,000 outstanding works of 24 majors will be displayed in a centralized display. Nearly 2,000 students will participate in this grand performance.It is understood that this year's fashion week introduced the concept of clouds, brought live broadcasts into the exhibition, and brought the show to the clouds, and realized online and offline, campus and outside the campus.

(Photo by Yan Long King Guohai)