Wide -leg pants are laid off!Wearing this year is popular, legs are straight and long!Playing and comfortable, slim meat is thin, suitable for all kinds of leg types!

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Wide -leg pants are laid off!Wearing this year is popular, legs are straight and long!Playing and comfortable, slim meat is thin, suitable for all kinds of leg types!

2022-05-16 12:08:22 28 ℃

To say the most popular pants this year,

Sports pants must be famous on the list!

Because it can not only put the shortcomings of our legs

All are hidden

Still this spring major fashion magazine,

The first choice of street shots

No exaggeration to say from Asia to Europe and the United States,

Most of the fashion actresses in the entertainment industry this year

All are wearing! Intersection Intersection

But it is not any sports pants to modify the figure.

Don't watch the version, be careful to transform into the "car accident scene"!

And as the weather is getting hotter,

Ordinary sports pants are not only stuffy and breathable,

If you sweat, you will stick to your body, which is particularly uncomfortable ~

For this reason, our colleagues who chose products also broke their hearts,

So I ran all the major manufacturers,

The mall finally found a model for everyone

Blind buying will not be wrong

Noxeles Speed ​​dry yoga sports pants

Comfortable breathability and coolness, wear a direct 5 ℃ experience,

The version is super good, easy to hide meat for 10 pounds!

Buy it now

Recommended reason:

1. Black technology is fast and cool fabric, breathable and comfortable, enjoyless rumor experience, and wear resistance and wear, super good quality

2. The super -genuine model of 10 pounds, the invisible leg defect, how to wear it is good!

3. Big names in the same factory, the details design is ingenious, sports and leisure can be converted at will, and the cost performance is super high


Black Technology Speed ​​and cool fabric

Breathable and comfortable enjoyment without feeling naked

Wearing pants this season, the first choice is breathable and comfortable!

Like thick and stiff pants like tight pants or fabrics,

Smilly and close -fitting very uncomfortable

So Noxeles Speed ​​dry yoga sports pants

Become a strong recommendation of Xiaobian!

It feels soft and waxy, cool and comfortable

If you have to describe it: comparable to the mobile air conditioner,

When wearing it instantly, there is almost no sense of presence

Especially when we first worn,

It may make you wonder if you are running naked!

Obviously all trousers,

Why can this pants be so cool?

The answer is that it uses it

Black Technology Speed ​​and cool fabric

The natural heat dissipation and heat conduction ability,

Let it wear it like blowing the air conditioner.

So cool, Xiaobian made an experiment immediately

We can see through the thermal imaging instrument experiment

Compared with ordinary pants, the quick -dried pants have been reduced by 5 °

Don't be so good for the heat dissipation effect!

And the hollow structure of this fabric fiber

It also allows it to have a powerful function of wetting and quick -drying

Even if you sweat even after you exercise, you can dry it instantly

Sweeping is not sticky, super suitable for summer wear

Like wearing fitness or going out on weekdays,

Come back is easy to clean, it is convenient,

It ’s very fast, it’ s very nice!

Noxeles Speed ​​dry yoga sports pants

Put on a 5 ° black technology quickly dry and cool fabric

Enjoy the experienceless sebtery experience

The secret of 10 pounds of pounds in one second

Export -level quality, full of ingenuity

The original price of the counter is 159 yuan/piece

Limited time special offer, only 49 yuan/piece

2,000 inventory, restore the original price after selling!

Buy it now

The breathability is also very good

3-5 times higher than ordinary fiber fabrics

It's like you can breathe,

Steam can easily spread through the fabric

Not only cool and smooth, but also lighter and softer

The editor said it was only 223.1g

It is really much more restrained than ordinary pants! Naked feeling!

The quality of this fabric is also quite resistant

As a sports -based pants

It is very resistant to wear and wear

Don't worry about buying it for a few days after you buy it ~

And strong tolerance, full of comfort,

The key is not the ball, it is not easy to hook,

You see, no matter how I brush back and forth, it is intact

There are also corresponding test reports,

Xiaobian is a lot of peace of mind

Buy clothes in the office and only recognize the brand

After the female colleagues tried it on, they exclaimed to meet and hated late!

Non -mobilized 4,500 hundred big brands at all


The super -genuine model of 10 pounds

How to wear invisible leg defects is good -looking

Width, elephant legs, grandma hips!

Most people will have these shortcomings

Don't want to expose your body defect

You must choose the right version of the pants

The version of this pants is very good

The shape of Harun pants,

Although loose, it is not divided into hypertrophy,

It can play a role in modifying the thick legs

Create the visual effect of "straight legs" ~

2,000 inventory, restore the original price after selling!