The earrings are selected well, and the face is smaller than the slap.

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The earrings are selected well, and the face is smaller than the slap.

2022-05-16 12:08:02 25 ℃

Beauty is the pursuit of women's life, and elegance is a beauty that can run through the years. Women love beauty, they know how to dress themselves. Among women's ornaments, earrings are undoubtedly the most eye -catching.

Earrings are the most intellectual accessories on women. It can set off a different charm of women. Whether you are 18 years old, 38 years old, or 58 years old, different earrings can change your temperament. It can be described as a puppet, you can accompany your life!

Origin of the earrings

The history of the earrings is a long time. In the tombs of the Neolithic era in my country, a large number of earrings with different materials and different shapes have been unearthed, such as Zhejiang Hemu, Jiangsu Changzhou Fangdun, etc. Earrings were unearthed, and Xinle, Shenyang, Liaoning, unearthed earlier.

▲ Ancient earlobes

When these earrings were unearthed, most of them were placed in the ears of human bones. In addition, there are various characters and humanoid vessels in the Neolithic era of ears or earrings. Portrait gourd bottles unearthed at the grave site.

Cao Zhi said in his famous article "Luo Shen Fu", "The brightness of the pagani, the gorgeousness of the Yao Yao Bi". At that time, another poem "Peacock Flying Southeast" also had "waist like a stream of plain, ears with a bright moon" describing the woman wearing earrings.

In the Song and Ming dynasties, due to the rise of ritual and religion thoughts, women's ears were unprecedentedly popular. Not to mention ordinary women, even the queen and concubine are no exception. After a long time, the ears and rings have formed a trend.

Legend about earrings

There is also a beautiful legend about earrings.

According to legend, there was a girl with eye disease in ancient times, and soon became blind. Later, she was fortunate to meet a famous doctor who believed that she could resume. After obtaining the consent of the girl, after picked up the sparkling silver needle, after stabling a silver needle in her earlobe on both sides, the miracle appeared, and the girl saw the light.

The girl was very grateful, so she asked the silver artist to refine a pair of earrings on the ear to show that she would never forget the grace of famous doctors. When the girl put on a silver earrings, she was increasingly eye -catching, and she chanted the reputation of a famous doctor.

After the miracles of the ears of the ears were spreading, many girls and women of rich people have worn their ears, and have passed on to this day, becoming a symbol of noble identity.

How to choose suitable earrings in different faces?

Today, earrings are the most common jewelry of women. This seemingly humble small jewelry plays a key role in the overall shape.

Compared with other jewelry, in addition to the improvement of the overall shape, earrings have effects on the shape of different shapes and styles. Choose the right earrings and have a face -to -face effect. Do you know how to choose compatible earrings based on your face shape?

Round face

The round face actually looks relatively simple, but the lines are not obvious, the cheekbones are wide, the cheeks in the blush position are full, and the chin is short.

Choosing earrings should avoid exaggerated round earrings, which will make the face more rounded.

Use long earrings to balance the face shape, which can make the face ratio look more perfect. For example, long ear -reinforced ear and spiral earrings can effectively change the visual outline of the face shape and increase a bit of dynamic. There is also the effect of extending the lines of the face to weaken the width of the face.

The geometric -shaped earrings are also a good choice. It can enhance the contour of the face, so that the slightly fleshy face has some skinny, and the neck can be more slender and beautiful.

Long face

The choice of long faces and round faces is exactly the opposite. Long face is not suitable for wearing long earrings, and it will look longer and longer.

The long face is thinner and long, and the face is two -thirds of the face.

The fans with long faces should pay attention to the effect of their faces with vertical stretching, and avoid wearing straight long earrings. You can choose a round and triangular earrings to make up for the longitudinal long, horizontal and narrow problems to make the entire face more perfect.

When choosing an oversized earrings, try to choose a medium size SIZE earrings with a diameter of 3cm. The small and exquisite style can also take a little face shape a little.

Square face

The square face is actually the same as the long face. The earrings basically have no sense of presence, unless it is more exaggerated. ↓

The width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw on the square face is basically the same.

The edges and corners, to avoid the same angular geometric earrings, otherwise the whole person will appear more "cold".

When choosing earrings, the sisters of the square face should pay more attention to weakening the sense of contours and bezels of the face, and transferring the visual focus of the face shape.

Round earrings can weaken the cold and hard outline of the square face, and it will not make people feel that it looks too aggressive.

The slender earrings have a line with a vertical feeling, which can weaken the vision of the square face outward and concentrate inward.

The style with exaggerated shape design is also very recommended, which allows the visual center of gravity to focus on the upper half of the face.

Diamond face

The chin of the diamond -shaped face is relatively sharp, but the cheekbones are more prominent and the forehead is narrow, so the three -dimensional sense of the face is relatively strong, and many supermodels are diamond -shaped faces.

It is best to choose a style with a narrow and width to move down the center of gravity to ensure the balance of the entire face.

Be sure to avoid the style of the inverted triangle, which will make the chin more engraved.

Heart -shaped face/inverted triangle

Girls with heart -shaped faces and inverted triangle faces generally feel more exquisite as a whole, and sometimes they look cold because of the tip of the chin. Generally speaking, the beauty of the heart -shaped face and the inverted triangle face is the beauty tip. However, the two generally show the pointed chin, the cheekbones are protruding, and the facial features are relatively three -dimensional.

This face shape can also be matched with many form of earrings. Because the lower jaw is long, there will be a large space with the neck, so you can choose some designs with more tail content. Exaggerated geometric shapes, triangles, rings, or elliptical and tear -shaped earrings can be selected.

The long or linear earrings will look thinner, and the facial features will feel more mean. Be careful. However, if it is some ethnic or exotic earrings, it will be more enthusiastic.

Goose face

Goose egg face is perfect face shape, which can control any type of earrings, chandeliers, geometric earrings, small earrings ... Basically, it can be said to be zero limit!

If you want to show your personality, you can be a designed metal or palace style beaded earrings.

If your ears grow forward, you can also boldly choose small and delicate earrings.

Although earrings only occupy a small part of our daily match, its finishing touch is not to be underestimated. The earrings are well matched, which can instantly improve the sense of atmosphere of wearing, and at the same time improve a lot of fashion!