Double eyelid repairs: The three doctors of the three doctors reveal the truth of the "5 points", most people will not say

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Double eyelid repairs: The three doctors of the three doctors reveal the truth of the "5 points", most people will not say

2022-05-16 12:08:32 24 ℃

The advancement of the times, the improvement of people's living standards, more and more beauty lovers perform plastic beauty through medical technology, such as common double eyelid surgery. However, due to blind selection or other factors, postoperative complications or sequelae are on the road to eye repair. Regarding the problem of double eyelid repair surgery, I mainly sorted out 6 points. I hope to help you who are about to repair!

1. What are the failed double eyelids?

According to my many years of clinical diagnosis, there are several main points of failed double eyelids: for example, the double eyelids are too wide and narrow, the double eyelids are asymmetric, the scars on both sides are obvious, the double eyelid lines are not smooth, and the double eyelid strips are felt. For this situation, it is recommended that you communicate with the active doctor as soon as possible to seek improvement methods.

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2. How many double eyelids can be repaired several times?

Clinically, there is no upper limit to fixing the number of double eyelids. If you are not satisfied with the double eyelid surgery or after the second repair, you can repair it according to the stable shape of the double eyelids (more than half a year), and repair it according to your own situation. But what you need to pay attention to is that the more the double eyelid repair, the more difficult it is. This is because each surgery will destroy the eye tissue. If it is repaired multiple times, it will be larger, and it will appear adhesive. Depression and other situations, so it is recommended that everyone "take shape and avoid multiple restorations."

3. Why does "meat strip" appear after double eyelids?

The "meat strips" mentioned here can be divided into two types, one is the real meat strip; the other is a fake meat strip. If the double eyelids are 6 months after the double eyelids, the meat stripes continue to swell, it is the real meat strip. There are many reasons for the formation of fake meat strips. Most of the cases are caused by poor blood circulation in the early stages of double eyelid surgery, blocked lymphatic flow, edema, etc. at this time. At this time, you don't have to worry about it. Patient waiting after surgery will slowly disappear.

The picture comes from the Internet, for reference explanation only

4. Is scar hyperplasia that failed after the double eyelids?

Scar hyperplasia is also called scar tumor, which is caused by over -hyperplasia of fibrous connective tissue. Generally, after double eyelid surgery, it takes a period of recovery, about half a year. At this time, you don't have to panic, wait patiently to wait for recovery.

5. What are the reasons for the failure of double eyelids?

First: Preoperative design is unreasonable

Before performing double eyelid surgery, you must communicate with the doctor to fully communicate, let the doctor understand what kind of double eyelids they want, and then formulate a plan based on communication. Due to the different situations of each person, such as thin skin and the size of the eyes.

Second: Doctors' skills are not in place

As an experienced doctor, you must be proficient in eye anatomy, such as the depth of the layered separation, the thickness of the muscle pavemes, and so on. Only after a detailed understanding can we be more accurate and finely designed for the beauty seekers.

Third: postoperative care is not done well

Even if the surgery is done well, there will be some problems if the care is not proper. So after you do both eyelids, you must keep a clean and dry in this area of ​​this operation. Do not stay up late or drink.

In summary, I hope that the above content can help you. If you want to learn more about the repair of double eyelid repair, you can directly leave a comment or private message!