8 years after leaving Li Chen, Zhang Xinyu's 40 million back garden was on fire: Finally, it became the envy of others.

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8 years after leaving Li Chen, Zhang Xinyu's 40 million back garden was on fire: Finally, it became the envy of others.

2022-05-19 18:11:36 13 ℃

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How beautiful is the "back garden" envied by millions of people on May 5th, and all things are ready to welcome summer. Flowers are like poetry, grass is painted, blue sea, watermelon ice is wide, ice cream frozen milk tea, the cosmic mountains and rivers are romantic, life is warm ... summer, people look forward to it.

On this romantic day, Zhang Xinyu also showed a beautiful picture on the social platform. In the photo, the dog stands in front of the colorful flower stand and matches the blue sky, which is extremely cured.

As soon as the photo was exposed, where the background in the "picking" photo was. What is unexpected is that this place like oil painting turned out to be Zhang Xinyu's back garden! Intersection Intersection

In fact, a long time ago, Zhang Xinyu showed the blockbuster of her back garden. Also named "Kaixin Farm" here.

That day, when Mother's Day, Zhang Xinyu took her mother to take pictures in the backyard.

The mother and daughter drank afternoon tea together, held a pet dog, and tasted the cake ...

The background is lined with flowers, smelling the aroma of flowers in the air, and feels happy to think about it.

Zhang Xinyu occasionally wore a robe to shuttle in the garden, as if in a fairyland. She also gave all these blooming flowers to her mother, saying that this was her longing life.

Such a pleasant life, more than she yearn for? No one should not like it!

Although the "Li Ziyi in the entertainment industry" garden is beautiful, it does spend a lot of effort to build this garden.

For these flowers, she took a long time to prepare.

First plan the location of the planting flowers and install the shelf, which can spread the vines along the direction of the shelf.

On the path of the backyard, on the fence of the backyard, Zhang Xinyu set up the location of the planting flowers ...

Although this has increased a lot of work, Zhang Xinyu felt worthwhile in order to bloom in the garden. Because she has no experience in flowers, she checked the information while reading.

In the end, he could even answer questions for netizens.

The first thing to wake up every day is to see her back garden.

Having medicine carrying the medicine tube, trimming the flower branches ... Looking at these flowers and plants have become her daily life.

She has studied the weight of fertilization and the temperature of fertilization of fertilization. She also prepared various pesticides, and she was very clear about the proportion of pesticides and sterilization.

It is precisely because of her own person, so she was so excited when the flowers bloom.

In the comparison chart of Zhang Xinyu, we can clearly see that the yard was overgrown before, and a wolf borrowed. After her year of hard work, the rose flowers bloomed, the shelf was full of flowers, and the wall was covered with flowers, like a oil painting.

Although the waiting process is long, the day of the flowers bloom, I feel that all my efforts are worth it! It is said that people who love flowers understand life better, and this is true. Flowers are fences, poetry is a wall, and the fragrance of a yard. In addition to their colors, what I prefer is the attitude of pursuing a quiet and indifferent life.

The backyard of Li Ziyi is like Zhang Xinyu's farm, not only flowers, but also vegetable gardens.

In summer, the pepper in the yard grows out, and she goes to pick the pepper and taste the pure natural green food.

She eats the agricultural products of the season. The lettuce season eats lettuce. When she grows up, she picks some garlic seedlings as side dishes.

Long bean horns, long eggplant, yellow okra ...

Her yard is like Doraemon's pocket, everything. She also enjoyed the gift of nature very much, and she was a basket.

In addition to vegetables, fruits should not be less. In spring, you can see the peach blossoms of the branches, and you can receive a basket of peach in autumn.

In summer, eat your own watermelon to eliminate summer heat!

The life of Chai Mi oil and salt sauce vinegar tea has been used to be poetic and envious by her.

When it comes to Zhang Xinyu, the impression of many people still stays in the relationship between her and Li Chen. It was also fierce. That year, Li Chen sprinkled a few lines of words and revealed this relationship:

"You work hard in this city alone, rent a small house, and you often can't get a car when you go out; you like the life and work here, and persist for it ... In the future, the horizon is accompanied by me." The affectionate confession confesses , Make Zhang Xinyu extremely moved.

Since then, she has begun frequent "show affection" on the Internet.

However, I did not expect that this relationship did not get the blessings of the public. She was picked up with black material, framed, and the situation became worse ... Even Li Chen was ridiculed by everyone's "bad vision" and "deceived".

So she came out to respond:

"I am a bad woman, he is a good man. I can't match him, everything is not good. So I scold me, and don't involve people who have nothing to do with this matter."

As soon as the statement came out, everyone said that she loved Li Chen.

But feelings are like this, who lost seriously. She didn't retain that man, and for a while, she became the stupidest person.

In those years, she was like a street clown. It was wrong to do anything, and nothing to say. Fortunately, he came.

When filming "The Dog Strange Soldiers", the appearance of He Jie made a bouquet of light in Zhang Xinyu's life.

When he is sick, he cares carefully;

When he was sad, he was warm and comforted;

When he was lost, he accompanied him intimately ... Zhang Xinyu also understood in the relationship with He Jie that the sense of security is the warmth that a woman wants.

"I once thought that if you marry people, it must not be because of age, nor is it suitable for each other. There is only one reason: marry him and love love." In 2018, she married He Jie and officially became a military sister. At first, many people were not optimistic about this marriage. After all, the lives and work circles of the two were too far away. After Zhang Xinyu, this small garden burst into fire online, some people said that this was a luxury house she bought in Kunshan's 40 million yuan, separated from her husband, and her feelings faded ... But Zhang Xinyu blocked those people with "happiness". Q.

They will be naive to wear couples and socks, step on the festival, and record short videos over and over again. Will cook together and take a "ugly photo" together ...

Participating in "Sister who broke the wind and waves", when she was eliminated, she called He Jie's phone, and He Jie said it was a comfort:

"The child fails, the child is okay, it is already very powerful, 99 points are 1 point, and there is no lucky halo to bless you, so it is 1 point." When he heard her husband, Zhang Xinyu made a tears.

When I first participated in the competition, a capable short hair was impressive.

Everyone said that she had changed, became more indifferent and stable. But in front of her husband, it is still a "child", as she said: those who really love you will make you a child.

After marriage, Zhang Xinyu became a lot of "low -key". Except for the necessary jobs, she was in the "salted fish" model most of the time. Open a garden with a cluster of vegetables. Carry pesticides carrying pesticide barrels and make Chinese food with apron. It's okay to paint at home, drink tea, and live as "Li Ziyi in the entertainment industry".

Although there were occasional scolding on the Internet, she seemed to be relieved.

No longer as impulsive, so impatient.

Yes, life is your own.

It's better to do something you like with your heart and make yourself less regrettable.

I thought about it that day, why everyone likes her life now. Perhaps it is because we hope to have such a small yard deep inside.

In the torrent of the city, we are more longing for a quiet place to live, but this desire seems to be farther and farther away from us. For us who are lost in high -rise buildings all day, who does not want to have one side of their own small courtyards, bid farewell to external disturbances, and take care of it. When he was alone, he sat in the garden in a daze.

When friends come, they can also entertain them in the garden. After a cup of tea, a book, a plate of fruits ... After the troubled and troubled, each of them is silent, although silent, but you will feel that life is warm because you are accompanied.

Just like watching "Living for Life" every time, the favorite part is that everyone eats and chats around the table in the small yard. The night talk of the furnace, saying everything, at that moment, I felt that this was not a variety show, but a real friend arrived at home.

There are three seasons and four seasons in one house. Regardless of whether the outside world is blowing grass or the wind rises, our hearts are unchanged. This may be our desire to live in the old life.

For the rest of your life, if you can have such a small garden, you will be satisfied.

The world is so hustle and bustle, and there is still a place to place physically and mentally. Bleak