Gu Ailing ski resort to take a selfie!Crooked head tongue and playful, wearing red cotton jackets, big white teeth too grabbing mirror

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Gu Ailing ski resort to take a selfie!Crooked head tongue and playful, wearing red cotton jackets, big white teeth too grabbing mirror

2022-05-19 18:12:19 13 ℃

Recently, Gu Ailing posted a group of photos of his skiing on the social platform. In the picture, Gu Ailing wearing a red ski dress was very eye -catching in the ski resort. She stood on the top of the mountain and smiled at the camera and smiled. It was playful and cute. Gu Ailing crooked her head to take a picture, recording this happy scene.

In this picture, we see that the skiing scene is very beautiful, the sky is blue, the snow is large white, and the whole sky is brighter. There are also rows of trees in the distance, which are lush and happy, adding a little color to the monotonous ski resort. The cable car in the air is particularly conspicuous. Presumably sitting on the other angle, the world will be different.

Earlier, some netizens encountered Gu Ling at the ski field and took a group photo. Gu Ailing in the photo was wearing a protective mirror and looked at the camera very closely. There were many ski tourists around. Netizens Baye recorded at this moment and could see that it was very happy.

As we all know, Gu Ailing, who loves skiing, is the world ski champion. She performed very well on the field. She not only has superb technology, but also has a lot of guts. The video was the process of Gu Ailing during the game. I saw Gu Ailing slipped from a few meters high, flipped several times in the air, and finally landed smoothly. The height of the mountain at the top of the mountain is frightened by watching it, and Gu Ailing can easily slip on such a high top of the mountain, and must have made a lot of effort behind him.

In addition to skiing, Gu Ailing is also keen to try other sports. Gu Ailing in the picture is wearing a sports vest, and the vague visible abdominal muscles are very sexy. She is riding on the racecourse. The back of her waist shows Gu Ailing's coolness. She pulls the reins with both hands to control the horse.

In addition, Gu Ailing will skate. In the picture, she tied her hair randomly. Perhaps it was too slippery for a long time. Gu Ailing's hair was already a bit messy. She leaned slightly, bent her knees with her hands, and controlled her direction. Gu Ailing introduced in the video that she had turned 180 degrees. Although she was a novice, she could see that Gu Ailing was very attentive.

Gu Ailing is very attentive about anything. Since this is the best, maybe it is her personality that she insists on and unconvinced, so that she will glow in the field of her love, hoping that Gu Ailing will update her daily life , Bring us full of positive energy and happiness.