How long can a pound of bird's nest be eaten?You must read this account!Unexpectedly, it is more cost -effective than cosmetics!

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How long can a pound of bird's nest be eaten?You must read this account!Unexpectedly, it is more cost -effective than cosmetics!

2022-06-22 06:03:31 12 ℃

Focus on the spread of bird's nest culture ...

When many people heard the bird's nest, the first reaction was: "It's too expensive, I can't afford it." It is the misunderstanding of "the price of bird's nest is high", which hinders the fate of many people meeting with bird's nest. "This piece, analyze for everyone: How good is the bird's nest!

Women buying skin care products+cosmetics for one month expenses:

Women's daily essential skin care includes skin care and makeup. Skin care includes facial cleanser, toner, moisturizing cream, essence, eye cream, mask, etc. The price of a set of skin care products is about 3800 yuan; makeup includes foundation liquid, concealer, powder, mascara, eyeliner, eyeliner, and eyeliner. Taste, etc., the price of a set of makeup products is about 3,000 yuan.

Women are more troublesome, and the seasonal changing skin care products must be replaced, and the capacity of skin care products is relatively small, and it will be used up soon. However, what is such a large expense in exchange for? Permanent beauty? Nonono! It is dependent!

When using skin care products, many female friends found that once they left this product, the skin problems became more serious, and even caused hormone faces. Xiaobian wants to say that women's beauty depends on internal care. Skin problems can not be solved by hormone skin care or makeup products. Excessive dependence on skin care products will only get worse!

Men's smoking for one month of expenses:

Men with heavy smoking addiction need a pack of cigarettes every day, a pack of cigarettes is about 30 yuan, and the expenses of smoking a month are about 900 yuan. However, what is a pack of cigarettes per day?

According to scientific research, an average of a pack of cigarettes per day will cause 150 mutations per year in each lung cell. This also explains why smokers have higher risk of lung cancer. Of course, in addition to lungs, other organs have also been affected.

Let's take a look at the expenses of eating bird's nest a month, how long can you eat a pound:

If you eat 3-4 grams each time, the next day, it is about 9-12 grams a week, 36-48 grams a month, and the monthly expenses are about 900 to 1200 yuan.

A pound of bird's nest has 500 grams, eat three times a week, 500 grams of bird's nest can eat 42-55 weeks! It is only 52 weeks a year, which means that a pound of bird's nest is enough for an adult to eat for a year!

So, what is the change brought by insisting on eating bird's nest?

What kind of changes will insist on eating bird's nest?

Persist in eating bird's nest for 1 month, and you will find that your throat is moisturized and breathing is smooth. Moisture and cough are one of the most well -known effects of bird's nest. Salmonic acid in bird's nest can repair lung damage cells, promote cell metabolism, accelerate the speed of new cells replacing old cells in the lungs, thereby removing the toxins accumulated in the lungs, expectorant and cough, and achieved the function of clearing the lungs.

Instead of eating bird's nest for 3 months, you will find that the skin is moist. The epidermal growth factors in bird's nest can effectively improve the microcirculation of the skin, provide a good nutritional environment for the skin, and at the same time enhance the skin's hydrophilicity and water storage, and keep the skin moist at all times.

Persist in eating bird's nest for 6 months, and you will find that the skin becomes shiny. The epidermal growth factors in bird's nest can stimulate the division and proliferation of a variety of cells, promote the division of cells, and quickly repair damaged skin, so that damaged skin due to acne marks and scars can be repaired, and it is restored to smooth and smooth.

Persist in eating bird's nest for 9 months, and the old smoke guns will find that the lungs are moisturized a lot, no longer cough, and breathing is smoother. Resting the lungs and nourishing yin is the top priority of smoking people's daily nourishment. Bird's nest is not irritating. It can nourish the lungs and nourish yin, relieve cough and reduce phlegm.

Persist in eating bird's nest for 1 year, and you will find that the fine lines on your face have become less and the stains gradually fade. The epidermal growth factor in bird's nest can speed up the regeneration of skin cells, so that neonatal cells can quickly replace aging cells, repair aging collagen fibers and elastic fibers, restore the elasticity of the skin, and make the skin firmer. It can also reduce the content of melanin and color cells in the skin, so that the skin is fair and translucent.

In the end, the bird's nest is not expensive, it is not cost -effective, it is not worth eating, it is determined by you!