Observation 丨 a few small ideas, let the photo full of high -level atmosphere instantly

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Observation 丨 a few small ideas, let the photo full of high -level atmosphere instantly

2022-06-22 12:28:54 13 ℃

My trip

In the sunny days, it is time to go out. Go to the countryside to take a deep breath, go to the mountain beach, and shout, get rid of all the tedious daily life, and devote yourself to a natural hug. This weekend, leave the hustle and bustle of the city, take a tent to sleep with the stars. Take some beautiful photos, amazing circle of friends.

Many friends like to take pictures and want to take a sense of atmosphere, but because of POSE twisted and fearful shots. Today, I will share how to take a photo of the face atmosphere. Let ’s take a picture next time.


You can use props to block your face

For example, hats, glasses, etc., expose their mouths, do not need to be expression or worry about the collapse of the expression, which can overcome certain lens phobia.


Don't look at the camera, the side face, head, bowing, back, etc., the body should be as natural as possible, naturally walking or running, you can choose beautiful scenery when shooting.


The characters are integrated into the environment, not showing the action to the photographer

Do your own thing: When shooting, you can focus on doing your own things such as chopping firewood, ignition, tents, reading, etc., so that your friends will capture your own action.


Capture the details

The texture makes your picture more advanced. For example, the leaves of the plants, the mottled and rough of the trunk, such as the melting ice cubes in the beverage, or the glass with light under the dark light.

Click the atmosphere light, light is the soul of photography. Try to start with a small atmosphere light to create a sense of atmosphere.

Shoot more:

That's right, just press the shutter more. Although the rate of waste will increase, the probability of good films will increase, calm the mentality, and try more to take more photos.

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