I was used to the style of Jiang Shuying's jumpsuit. This time the floral skirt is beautiful, and the temperament is excellent.

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I was used to the style of Jiang Shuying's jumpsuit. This time the floral skirt is beautiful, and the temperament is excellent.

2022-06-22 12:29:04 19 ℃

Remember the stunning Jiang Shuying conjoined trousers look? She has never lost her white legs on the gas field. Jeans can always set off her figure perfectly and outstanding temperament.

Watching Jiang Shuying's jumpsuit dress, let's look at the floral skirts endorsed by the goddess for light luxury clothing brand Edition, and I have to be really amazing. The original goddess can also have a girl. No loser elegance.

What makes the goddess naturally show a full girly atmosphere? Today we will know the Editation brand and its latest season style positioning.

The latest season of fashion clothing EDITION, please Jiang Shuying to perfectly interpret a fashionable single floral dress that is done in the summer. Essence

The dress displayed by Jiang Shuying this season is used with lightweight natural fabrics and advanced color variations to paint a healing skirt, which is in line with the youthful atmosphere in the summer. As if you can fully feel the warm sunlight through this dress.

Simple tailoring lines outlined the irregular design, which is slightly mysterious. Persian chrysanthemums, poppies, and large -painted flowers are splashed on tops and skirts, symbolizing the vitality of all things.

In terms of color, it is more focused on the color of sunlight, acidic green, ice mist and blue with summer taste. It is based on the color module of nature.

From the perspective of the tailoring design of the skirt, the relaxed and simple fashion silhouette and the flexible tailoring structure are adopted, making daily dress more stylish and richer in performance. With both practicality and design, it highlights the rules of dressing and life of Gentlewoman.

Edition has always respected the Gentlewoman -style life attitude. In its design, it is inspired by the integration of oriental culture and contemporary art, and aims to create a high -quality practical wardrobe for global elite women.

The floral skirt has always been synonymous with small freshness. Because of its elegant style, the flowers can still appear quiet, both girl's shyness and noble lady.

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Put on a dwarf shoes, lightly elegant. The heels do not need to be too high. Too high heels will have a strong sense of aura, which will destroy the freshness of floral floral. With Mary Zhen shoes, it can easily show a gentle and well -behaved side. Roman sandals are the simplest vacation wind. Martin boots, also very classic, is the "sweet coolness" that many girls like. Sports shoes/canvas shoes, combinations commonly used in Korean dramas, fresh age reduction, satisfying daily comfort and very affinity.

Like Jiang Shuying, it is matched with the college's windy Oxford small leather shoes, which is retro and very literary. Black loaf shoes+black mid -stockings, as well as the effect of socks and boots, slender ankles, and more color system.

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