The scandal is surrounded by her, her career is low, and her face value has plummeted ... She hasn't seen her for a long time, and she has secretly returned to spring!

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The scandal is surrounded by her, her career is low, and her face value has plummeted ... She hasn't seen her for a long time, and she has secretly returned to spring!

2022-06-22 12:28:09 11 ℃

The entertainment metaphysics of "red qi raising people, declining qi", have you heard of it?

Sheep has a little touching recently.

When I loved the beans in the past two days, I saw Pei Zhuyi's old photos. It is indeed the "Four Generations of God", which is indeed beautiful.

In the impression, because of her previous "workplace bullying" incident, her career was affected. The local station sister ran the way, which caused unshakable students to show up and was ridiculed.

At that time, the status of the raw map was no longer a PS could be covered. The essence of the whole person was gone, and it was decadent.

Now in 2022, Pei Zhuyi's career has picked up, and she returned quietly.

It's not just her, look at Zheng Xiuyan, who has recently been flourishing, is confident and charming, as if returning to her youth.

Who still remembers that she had been hacked by South Korea because of her confusing "930 retirement incident", and she couldn't extricate herself in the trough?

Once also been ridiculed ...

Although Pei Zhuxuan and Zheng Xiuyan's experience are different, the trajectory is somewhat similar, both of which are "red -falling down the bottom -re -red".

And the wonderful thing is that their state follows the reputation, and the fluctuations are very obvious.

This seems to be the law of "red qi raising people"?

Just laugh.

Observed by sheep, "red qi raising people" is not so much metaphysics, it is just like the appearance of the spring breeze and the smooth things.

Because of her career, happy mood, and good health, they show that they are confident and full of vitality.

Conversely, if you are in a low mood, your physical and mental exhaustion, and your requirements for your own, it will look like.

It should be noted that humans are visual animals and will judge only by "seeing".

If a star, the stage performance is attractive enough, and the makeup is not pulled. Even if the audience does not know TA, she will unconsciously think that "this star is just red, but I don't know it."

In other words, "red qi raising people" can be pushed against, and celebrities can also create an "celebrity" atmosphere through external changes.

This "reverse thinking" is not only suitable for celebrities, but ordinary people can also apply it to life.

Today, sheep take you to analyze a wave of "celebrity", which "red qi" in Kangkang can refer to it!

"Just Red" characteristics

Suppose we are the peripheral audience at the red carpet scene. With this surrounding environment very noisy and unclear ...

What kind of star can "at a glance"?

Sheep believes that the first person is "appearance" enough to catch the eye?

The so -called "celebrity" should be domineering, and can intuitively feel "you are today's big girl / male" from makeup.

Not long ago, there was a best demonstration -Blake Lively, who was gorgeous on Met Gala, wearing Versace Gao Ding, two sets of long skirts.

The design of the copper -colored shape is inspired by the Empire Building in New York. The green dresses of the "after dressing" pay tribute to the Statue of Liberty.

This dress is shining on the red carpet. Whoever watched "Queen S's eternal queen!"

As a co -chairman of Met Gala, Blake's makeup is a full answer.

However, sheep think that more importantly, more importantly, more importantly for you.

Look at the makeup of IU below. These two are photos of the Cannes red carpet this year. The shape is elegant and low -key, which is in line with her gentle temperament.

But it is not difficult to see that the clothing on the right is obviously not suitable for her, and the shape is bloated. Looking at a little tiger from a distance from a distance, with a hump with a chest.

A good image determines the first impression you give to others. The decent shape will also increase our self -confidence to a certain extent.

According to the study, dressing is a regulator of human emotions. Good -looking clothes can bring people a pleasant beauty and positive emotions, and at the same time make the wearer more comfortable, pleasant, and confident.

What are you waiting for, dress up!

Hairstyle is also part of makeup.

The hairstyle needs to be adjusted according to the changes of the occasion and clothing, not static.

This requires us to have sufficient hair volume ... (hurts the heart)

The amount of hair shows its own health and vitality, and the player will have more room for play.

At the same time, it can be used to improve the head shape and make up for the shortcomings of the head bones.

When observing a person from a distance, we will also notice TA's posture.

In fact, the body is the "bone phase" of our bodies. Those who do n’t need to look at the facial features, can feel the body curve of the style with the backs and postures, which are also one of the characteristics of the “celebrity”.

A good posture is not inherently, but it is necessary to exercise the day after tomorrow to maintain it. It is also a symbol of showing a healthy and orderly life.

Everyone may wish to observe themselves in private. If the physical posture must be corrected as soon as possible, it will not only lower the temperament, but it will not be good for your health after a long time.

Next, it is necessary to talk about the facial details of the "celebrity".

The facial features of the beauty are different. There is no fixed template to express the excellence and inferiority, and each has its own beauty.

In this party, sheep want to analyze the importance of the facial contours and the skin of the skin than the refinement of the facial features.

In the Dream of the Red Mansion, Xue Baozhen and Lin Daiyu were also called "the head of the twelve gangsters of Jinling". Xue Baodi was metaphorized as a peony flower, symbolizing grace and luxury.

When describing her appearance, Cao Xueqin used a word called "face like silver pot". The word does not mean that Xue Baozhen's face is as big as a basin, but refers to her face lines are round and smooth, and the skin is delicate and flawless.

The facial contour is composed of the skin phase and bone. Our aesthetic requirement is to coordinate the face of the left and right sides. The lines are smooth and will not be uneven.

Facial contours will look rusty and crowded; dry and unevenness will bring a sense of oldness and look mean.

It's too full or dry, not good -looking

If the face is too bloated, you can "remove the excess organization" according to the situation:

If it is a rounded caused by blessing, you can consider facial liposuction to remove fat; if it is a wide cheeks caused by masseter muscle hypertrophy, you can take some botox to "reduce" the masseter muscle; if it is a bone problem, only bone cutting surgery can be performed. Essence (Change the bones is a big operation, the risk is large, the effect is irreversible, you need to be cautious when choosing) ...

If it is a dry face, you can consider filling the fat or hyaluronic acid appropriately to make the skin line full.

But you need to note that you must not be greedy! Bleak

A problem that is easy to occur in contours is the blurry of the mandibular line.

The fat or skin is layered layer by layer, and it is accumulated at the junction of the jaw and the neck. It is particularly obvious when you laugh or bow your head.

Even if the facial features have not changed, it's still embarrassing ...

If the lower jaw line is tight, Nianfang 40 is also a "one flower".

The method of firming the mandibular thread is consistent with the idea of ​​solving the problem of face bloating, which is to remove excess tissue.

Just add one more. If the lower jaw line is not clear due to the aging problem, it can be considered to relieve it by improving the anti -aging instrument or buried line.

The management of skin is also an important homework for "celebrity" cultivation.

Now there is no secret that can hide the high -definition lens and slap the face. If you are not in place for your skin management, fine lines, acne, large pores, dark circles ... No one can hide!

These small flaws are not flawless, but they affect the senses, which will make the face look unclean and increase.

The shiny skin can enhance people's brightness and make smiles bright.

The appearance of the "celebrity" comes to an end.

Next, we have to talk about another very important thing -mental core (confident).

Our spiritual appearance will be displayed from the expression, expression, and body language. A person's psychological state is difficult to cover up and cannot be shaped.

We can indeed make perfect expressions by controlling muscles, but if you don't pay attention, it will make people feel "fake".

For example, Zhang Yuanying is sweet and pleasant, but "a bit heavy business", and the expression is less sincere.

The corner of the mouth is sweet, but the eyes have no smile.

Seeing such a smile, you will not say that she is strong and confident. It can only be said that the sister's expression management is in place and dedicated.

Feeling can be passed on, and the expression of "control" makes it unable to relax yourself and the audience.

Blake, who walked the red carpet for the first time, smiled hard at the camera, and only looked at the picture to feel her green and restrained.

And the current Luo Luo is generous, it is just like two people.

Queen S is not practiced a day ...

Matthew Arnold once said, "Unless a person is confident, he cannot bring confidence to others."

Those who have a strong spiritual core, their posture has real appeal, confident and generous, not humble, soft and firm, not open teeth, dance claws, with hard to ignore aura ...

That is, it is not your own home.

This state of enjoyment is also the "celebrity internal skills" we want to learn.

Let's summarize:

1. People are visual animals, and they will infer the living conditions of others based on "appearance". In turn, we can also change our "dilemma" by transforming the shape.

2. Beautiful dress can regulate mood to a certain extent and increase confidence.

3. Facial facial contour and clean skin can make our state go to the next level.

4. Self -introspection inward, face emotions, and establish self -confidence. But don't worry, the strong heart is not available overnight. It needs to be polished carefully like a diamond to bloom.

If a word is used to summarize the so -called "popular characteristics":

To please ourselves with a beautiful appearance and infect others with a confident attitude. The moment we radiate light is the moment of experience in transformation.