The 40 -year -old aunt loves fitness and is known as a foreign Kardashian. Married to a 12 -year -old boyfriend is not old at all.

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The 40 -year -old aunt loves fitness and is known as a foreign Kardashian. Married to a 12 -year -old boyfriend is not old at all.

2022-06-22 18:13:51 11 ℃

For women, 30 years old is a turning point. Many women have begun to decline at this age, especially the skin condition. Growing the state of blessing, let alone women who are 40 years old.

But in our lives, we can often see some women. At the age of 40 and 50, the skin condition is still beautiful, and the figure is maintained. This is the so -called frozen age beauty.

It's like this anchor from abroad. She is already 40 years old, but she can't see it whether she looks or looks. You must not think of what method she uses to choose "frozen age". She is a fitness expert Fitness can enhance human constitution and body shape. In the long run, fitness can make the peak period of human body function last longer, slowing the aging of the body, which is the so -called "frozen age".

The 40 -year -old Li Enbi insists on running and fitness every morning. No matter how busy she is, she will run to exercise. She has always insisted on hobbies, so that she can see continuous exercise, which can make him younger. Women's pursuit of beauty for beauty However, no one can do it, Li Enni has always maintained the habit of self -discipline and insisted on exercise.

Just like most people, Li Enbi's swaying at the beginning, I don't know if he can persist. People are inert, and Li Enbi is just an ordinary person. The so -called everything is difficult, and it is always so difficult to persist at the beginning. But God always cares about the efforts. Until now, Li Enbi has persisted for sixteen years.

At the age of 38, she married her boyfriend, but her boyfriend was 12 years younger than her. Although her boyfriend was 12 years younger than herself, Li Enbi was still with her boyfriend. Small and cute. For Li Enni, she stayed with her boyfriend. She seemed to have no sense of disobedience and not old. If she didn't know, she thought that the two were their peers at all.

Not long ago, Li Enbi participated in the foreign championship of the International Super Beauty Contest for the first time and won the championship. In the 20 years of his career, Li Enbi has won many domestic competitions, but in international competitions, this is the first time she won the championship, which is also the realization of her dream for her.

Li Enbi used her success to prove to the world that as long as the mentality is optimistic, her living habits can maintain health, and they have always been exercising, then there is a chance to keep you young, and even achieve reverse growth. For Li Enbi, she is already now she is already now The national treasure -level character of the foreign model circle is still writing.

There are already real examples in front of you, so don't continue to be lazy anymore, exercise, you are the next frozen age male god and goddess. If you don't have time to go to the gym, exercise at home. If you don't exercise Basic people can choose to practice from small weight dumbbells. Burning fat can also enhance strength, so dumbbells have always been loved by fitness people.

Moreover, you can practice anytime and anywhere at home. You can practice when you brush the drama. You can practice when you listen to music. As long as you think, whether you are sitting or standing, you can achieve the effect of exercise.

The dumbbells are usually buying a pair, and the arm can be exercised at the same time. Choose according to their own arm strength. Pet the dumbbells is more difficult but not painful. Inappropriate, the choice of dumbbells will not only affect our exercise effect, but also cause the arms to be harmed, letting us exercise countermeasures.

The second is to have a certain non -slip effect. My dumbbells, the surface is scrub, so that even if there is no gloves during exercise, don't worry about sweating the arms, causing the dumbbells to slide. This dumbbell is small and convenient, and the macaron color is very good -looking to satisfy your girl's heart. My dumbbell is 2kg. I just exercise just right. Whether it is a thin arm or a shoulder -opening exercise, it is very suitable.

Any transformation is to go through a period of persistence in order to keep the clouds and see the moon. Summer has arrived. Are you still daring to wear sleeveless suspenders because of today's long holidays? Then choose a pair of dumbbells to practice, as long as you persist, you can give you a pair of tight and slender arms in half a month.

As long as 39.9, you can take away a pair of dumbbells for exercise. What are you waiting for?


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