Liu Wen took a beautiful smile and smiled sweetly, and the small waist was more eye -catching than Yang Mi's baby

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Liu Wen took a beautiful smile and smiled sweetly, and the small waist was more eye -catching than Yang Mi's baby

2022-06-22 18:13:29 11 ℃

Now the weather is already autumn, Liu Wen's thin sweater, a short hair looks clean and neat. This picture of laughing at the camera is too beautiful. The smile is sweet, natural and fresh, and it feels very comfortable. Really, it really feels comfortable. Really, it ’s really comfortable. Really, it’ s really comfortable. It ’s really comfortable. It is worthy of a supermodel!

The big cousin's dress is actually very simple. There is no gorgeous decoration. It is ordinary that we can see a lot of such wearing on the street. The sweater is paired with loose jeans and Martin boots. The beauty of the same person, the length of the legs naturally need not be said. The temperament is very outstanding. Under the green tree, this picture is very beautiful.

Liu Wen's facial features are actually not the kind of very delicate and outstanding, but it feels very comfortable. The big cousin once said humblely that he doesn't think he looks good, it is really beautiful and unknown!

The big cousin with a single eyelid really feels too much, with a quiet temperament, a story hidden in the eyes, and it is a low -key, and she is serious about doing her own job. No wonder so many people like big cousins.

This feeling of ancient style. The big cousin was sitting in front of the big circle, the autumn wind blew, the hair drifted wildly, and a strand of hair covered the cheeks. It was very artistic. It's right.

Liu Wen has a quiet and elegant temperament. Although she is a supermodel, Liu Wen will not give a sense of distance. It feels like a big sister next door, gentle and affinity.

Sure enough, it is a supermodel. The big cousin just put a Pose to take a picture, and the picture coming out is beautiful like a painting. This right -angle shoulder really loves!

This sweet laughed melting people's hearts, but the classic dimples have not been displayed. Every time the big cousin laughed, it was really lethal.

Is this waist real? It's too thin. The small waist is not as good as Yingying. The proportion of the head is smaller. Even netizens can't help but sigh that the waist may be thick as ordinary people's legs.

It is said that the small waist of Yang Mi and baby is amazing. After looking at the waist of the big cousin, I finally felt that there were walls between the supermodel and the star, and it was still a particularly thick wall.