45 -year -old big S reproduces famous faces!The wedding photo is stunning, wearing a veil and laughing well

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45 -year -old big S reproduces famous faces!The wedding photo is stunning, wearing a veil and laughing well

2022-06-23 12:24:22 13 ℃

After Great S was married, the whole person was super low -key, and basically rarely publicly showed affection. Although the two are separated from the two places today, Ge Junyi, who is newly married, is high -profile and frequently confess on social platforms. It can be seen that the two are also super loving. Recently, during the recording of the show, Ge Junye exposed the wedding photos taken with the big S for the first time. Compared with the high -profile marriage, the big S of the second marriage was simple to dress, but she still couldn't hide her "famous face". Especially when laughing is almost beautiful, I have to say that Da S really married the right person this time.

01 Dabo -second wedding dress is simple to dress up

Since the divorce to the second marriage, the big S has gradually become low -key. Even the wedding photos have been exposed for so long in the past. From the exposed wedding photos, it can be seen that today's big S is simpler. According to such a grand and formal thing, the big S dress is also super simple. I chose a tube top skirt with a veil. The overall look is simple, but it is still unable to hide her famous face. Under the outline of the big red lips, she reflects her. More charming and amazing, the face value is proper!

02 tube top skirt with outline the beauty of lines

The face value of the big S also changed as the figure was thin and thin, especially after marriage, the whole person was too thin and thin, and the face value soared. It is to outline her superior shoulder and neck lines and small incense shoulders, creating a dew -skin area, which makes the overall look more advanced and stylish, better reflect the collarbone and swan neck, showing a sense of beauty and atmosphere.

In fact, if you look at the big S after remarriage, you can understand why you are so important to choose a wedding dress. After all, she appeared after the marriage. There are more simplicity and simplicity, so in the matching shape, it is mainly minimalist style.

03 Simplied style matching guidelines

Minimalism is also increasing now, mainly because during the process, there is no need to use too many tedious or complicated items to outline it, but it can more reflect the temperament and beauty. At this time, be sure to pay attention to styles and wear elements:

① Pay attention to color minimalism, match the solid color system to create a sense of integration and advancement, and better shape a beautiful atmosphere.

② The focus is on the matching of the waistline, which makes the shape have a layered and progressive relationship, which is still the effect of the fashion atmosphere.

③ Pay attention to the embellishment of fashion elements or single items to promote the rich effect of the shape and break the single and dull model.

04 Big S debut after marriage, choose a T -shirt to match

At the beginning, after Big S and Ge Junye announced their marriage, Big S was delayed. The key is that T -shirts, as the basic versatile items, can not only maintain simple and integrated, but also promote simplification and comfort, so that the overall look is biased towards the home style and better interpretation of beauty.

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