How to set up in summer?As long as the short, skirts and trousers are well matched, it is difficult to think if it looks good

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How to set up in summer?As long as the short, skirts and trousers are well matched, it is difficult to think if it looks good

2022-06-23 12:25:23 10 ℃

The more concise the dressing plan, the more you can be sought after by ordinary people. No matter which season you are, you can use some simple ways to dress to show a clear sense of advanced. After the summer, the following three are not missing. Their style structure is not old and very versatile.

Short pants are casual and comfortable

In the summer, no single item can compete with the cool attributes created by shorts. This is a clothing full of street style. Women of different ages can be controlled, and they can reveal a part of the leg lines.

When choosing shorts, you don't have to care too much about your legs. Even if your legs are a bit bloated, you can still control black shorts and show a sense of sexy and unruly style. Here is the most classic form of matching. The combination of white T -shirts and black shorts is fashionable and stylish. With sunglasses, the gas field is doubled.

The popularity of shorts has always been very high, and everyone is used to using various colors of a generous T -shirt with it, which can show the most natural dressing plan, which will not cost too much time.

In the use of shorts, don't always be obsessed with black, and can also be replaced with more concise milk tea colors or khaki. They can be paired with white sleeveless T -shirts to expand the exposure to the skin and form a more refreshing dress.

Short pants are not a single product that is matched with hands. On the contrary, it has many combined modes that allow women to switch the top items at any time and create a conflict shape. In terms of the choice of trouser legs, the large design is mainly tight.

In addition to the cotton T -shirts that everyone is most familiar with, they can create a fairly neat daily shape with shorts, and they can also be replaced with shirts, especially those mature women over 40 years old. They can use different colors of shirts and versatile. , Large shorts to cooperate, with a sexy and chic atmosphere.

Khaki color trousers are full and not dull

Of course, everyone's favorite dressing scheme is inconsistent. They will also have more favorite items. In addition to the sharp and simple shorts that can bring coolness, they can also choose trousers in summer to bring the skin to the skin The coverage effect. For those women who pay attention to wearing, tolerance of long trousers is a good product in their minds.

The first nomination of khaki trousers is because this color is not like a rigidity like black, and it will be more milder than white. For example, this pants can be paired with striped T -shirts, which is a very age -reducing dress. Don't underestimate this type of pants, which can fully meet the dress needs of women of all ages.

Based on the advantages of color, khaki trousers can easily combine various color tops. However, the width choice of pants is also important as color. It cannot trust tight pants too much. trust.

Like this khaki pants, you may use the rolling legs to make its lines more neat and expose the ankle, which does not look procrastinating. This item can combine all white tops. Whether it is a shirt or a T -shirt, it will not cause big mistakes. Instead, it is very harmonious and very simple and decent.

Khaki trousers have high inclusive features similar to black. In the combination of clothing, you can also use black tops to bring the coverage effect and coloring effect of the upper body curve to beautify the body.

The combination of black tops and khaki pants can create generous dressing. It can be found that such color matching will not have high driving difficulty, and basically all women can control it. When the black top can reveal the obvious arms curve, the rate of sexual atmosphere it creates is particularly obvious.

Cross -knee skirt tolerance tolerance

Whether it is shorts or trousers, it is still difficult to shape the elegant dress. They do not have the advantage of the skirt. Here is a knee -knee skirt, which can focus on good temperament and tolerant legs.

The color selection of the skirt is not fixed. You can like fancy colors, or you can use simple solid color skirts. Like this pink over -the -knee skirt, its matching difficulty is that it must form consistency and harmony in color matching. It cannot be matched as the clothing that is too bright as it. You can adopt a white T -shirt that everyone is familiar with.

The selection of the skirt is not particularly fixed. You can use different materials, the texture of chiffon, or the material of the heavenly silk. The characteristics of age reduction.

For example, this blue denim skirt can still be controlled even after thirty or forty years old. This kind of clothing does not bring a sense of disguise in pretending, but it highlights a natural vitality atmosphere. In the matching of clothing, it can also be combined with the simplest white printed T -shirt to reveal the waistline and outline the waist curve, which is very high.