Big S wedding scene!She wore a "main wedding dress" than a wedding shape.

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Big S wedding scene!She wore a "main wedding dress" than a wedding shape.

2022-06-23 18:13:22 5 ℃

Since Ge Junye has posted a wedding photo with Big S and some kisses in South Korea, it has also made everyone very concerned about how the wedding of the two people was held. The photos of the wedding scene were finally exposed. Compared with the various horses in the wedding, this wedding can be regarded as the most ideal state of Big S.

I only invited some friends to participate, and I did not see their family and Xiao S. The form is simple but exquisite. Although the shape of the big S and Ge Junye is slightly casual, it can also be seen. The shape of the body really wears the most beautiful state of the bride, which can be much more beautiful than wearing a wedding dress.

Style 1: Black and White Stitching Jungle Pants+Varid Fair Card

The shape of the big S should be the shape of her wedding dress in the whole wedding. The black and white color pants are matched with the card on the head. The skirt on the back also showed big S tattoo embroidery, which also symbolized her sweet love with Junjun.

For this dress, a lot of knowledge of wearing small knowledge requires everyone to learn:

Small knowledge 1: black and white stitching, the main relationship of color matching must be obvious

Black and white color matching is a matching method that everyone usually chooses, but the shape of the big S can put out the feeling of the highest color, mainly because of the color matching, which is obviously distributed in the main color of the color matching. As a place to embellish the collar, because it emphasizes the sight of the sight, it has better play the effect of modifying the proportion of the figure. At the same time, the white is closer to the skin, and it also plays a role in brightening the skin color.

Small knowledge 2: Specific wearing skills of jumpsuit

Due to the unique sense of style, this dress itself has a strong fashion effect, but because of the waistless design, it makes it difficult for this kind of pants to wear a significant feeling. For the body proportions, you need to pay attention to these details:

01 Pay attention to the sharpness of the silhouette: especially the version of the pants, it is best to choose the shape of straight pants or cone pants.

02 Pay attention to the simplification of color schemes: Choosing the basic color, especially the color matching color, will better to modify the sense .

03 Select color matching with shades: For example, the combination of black and white can emphasize the visual modification effect of clothes through a clear sense of color change.

04 Highlighting the position of the waistline: You can choose to match a belt to increase the visual effect of the waistline.

Style 2: Pink tube top skirt+white veil

The shape of the big S can visually highlight the femininity and cuteness of the whole person. At the same time, the color of the rubber powder with the white neckline also emphasizes the color modification of the color of the clothes.

And this shape requires everyone to pay attention to the little knowledge, that is: these are:

Small knowledge 1: pink white dressing skills

For a pink color that is brighter, if you want to highlight the good dressing, you must improve the effect of color modification. For most bright colors, low saturation and low brightness will be better. It has the effect of brightening the skin color, so we can look at the pink on the big S, and the color of the gray tone. Compared with the normal pink, it will better modify the effect of skin tone.

Small knowledge 2: pink high -level sense wear skills

So for bright colors, you want to highlight the high -level sense of color matching, how to match the color is very important. The shape of the big S has made a good demonstration in terms of color matching:

Large -area powder is matched with white embellishment, and the embellishment color placed on the position of the upper body neckline. It is very good to modify the proportion of the figure through the sight. The color matching also emphasizes the unity of the color matching of the whole body.

TIPS: Bright color+basic color is a very versatile color combination, but it should be noted that the basic color must be used as embellishment color on the clothes.

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