6 movements, persist for 2 months, you hit me without abdominal muscles!

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6 movements, persist for 2 months, you hit me without abdominal muscles!

2022-06-23 18:14:49 10 ℃

Of course, this is a prerequisite.

First of all, you must be able to do these 6 actions correctly and complete the number of exercises and groups of each action as required.

Secondly, the body fat rate of boys must not exceed 20%, and the body fat rate of girls must not exceed 25%. The comparison of different body fat content of men and women is as follows:

It doesn't matter if the body fat rate exceeds it, after completing the training of these 6 actions. It is necessary to perform aerobic exercise at least 20 minutes, such as jogging and skipping rope.

Finally, I persisted for 2 months and repeated this day after day. If you meet the above requirements, there is no abdominal muscles within 2 months, you hit me!

These six exercises can be said to be one of the most effective methods for exercise for core muscle groups of the waist and abdomen. Keep doing it every day, and the flat abdomen is definitely not a dream!

Action 1: Tablet support point Hip left and right 20-30 times

Action 2: Straight arm push-up alternate to the left and right of the knee 20-30 times

Action 3: 20-30 times before and after the support of the tablet support

Action 4: Straight arm push-ups alternately cross the knees 20-30 times

Action 5: Straight arm push-up knee jump 20-30 times

Action 6: A single-arm support side holds the side of the hip and left and right 15-20 times

Note: This action is more difficult,

There is a certain danger,

Please choose according to your own situation.