Her low emotional quotient is also designed by the queen, but she was cleaned silently in the embarrassing atmosphere of Song Dandan and Li Xueqin ...

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Her low emotional quotient is also designed by the queen, but she was cleaned silently in the embarrassing atmosphere of Song Dandan and Li Xueqin ...

2022-06-23 18:13:20 10 ℃

So, people who feel that "Sister Lang 3" eats the tasteless and unfortunate people can go to the second season of "Taohuawu".

It makes people dream back to "Hua Shao" and the RV overnight.

On the second day of the broadcast, there was a hot search. Among them, "Taohuawu embarrassing nine minutes-text recounting" is the second hot search list.

Today I scolded Song Dandan as a senior to lean on the old selling old:

You have to open a party to dance collective dances. The front foot just said that it is not forced. The rear foot has been arranged for this performance and the performance.

It looks like the leader forced employees to build

The descendants of "represented by Li Xueqin" tomorrow are yin and yang people:

The language is unknown and elusive, and the various kinds of mud are rounded, accompanied by the smile in front of the leader, and then complained in private to the leadership.

Or the "employee" who maintains the "ruling class" like Morima Yoshiko, even if they are dissatisfied, they have fallen to the elder camp.

It is better to propose a rejection like Wang Chuanjun and push the problem with a sincere attitude.

Song Dandan also liked Wang Chuanjun's Weibo that "had something straight to say and directly rejected the leadership proposal". This operation really means long.

Uncle found that everyone was particularly able to get a topic of social occasions and social groups, and it was integrated and rejoiced fiercely.

I have also talked about many social aesthetics before.

For example, in the first season of "Taohuawu", the "baby" Society Niu Su Mang.

For example, it is impossible to distinguish whether it is a savvy or a silly sister Mencius.

By the way, the first season like the queen like to walk in front of everyone, Sister Meng, who is sitting in the C position, in the second season, especially in the background of Song Dandan, it looks a little cute. Many netizens said that "Taohuawu" cannot be without Mencius, and since then, he turned black.

For example, Zhang Huiwen was squeezed away, and he came to take pictures with Li Bingbing's neck.

And this time, "Taohuawu 2", which has been deep in the first 9 minutes, lets us see how much difference is the social aesthetic ecology of middle -aged and elderly people and young people.

Na Ying, tranquility, and Yu Wenwen have also appeared in "Sister Lang 3".

Let me talk to you today.


Social aesthetic differences in young and elderly people vs of young people

1. Social aesthetic ecology of middle -aged and elderly people -collective

That's right, the social keywords of middle -aged and elderly people are collective.

Even though some middle -aged and elderly people have adapted to the current society, they travel and eat alone, but most middle -aged and elderly people still like collective life led by someone.

On the one hand, it is a collective social model.

Middle -aged and elderly people like to hold a group and pile.

From small to large, you should also see the middle -aged and elderly people in the park, square, community fitness equipment, etc., and see that middle -aged and elderly people have tag, chess, take children, dance in the square ... even when they go to the elderly, they also like to register together, together study.

On the New Year's Eve, middle -aged and elderly people like to engage in lively activities, dinners, associations, and literary performances.

Uncle Oxygen still remembers that when he was a child, he was taken to the elderly activity center by his grandmother to perform praising the recitation of the motherland's poems.

They also like to travel in groups of three or five in groups, using neatly unified posture, gestures, and formation group photos;

Picture source Xiaofei 718

I like to travel with children, dance in the square dance, sing with children ...

Leading to the supermarket to grab the discount, the group went to the United States to copy gold, and to group to go to Japan and South Korea to copy the house.

Climb the branches and squeeze the face into the flowers and branches to take pictures.

On the other hand, it is a collective aesthetic orientation:

Sunglasses, umbrellas, hats, silk scarves ... The aesthetic aesthetics of middle -aged and elderly people are highly unified, and they are unified to the popular aesthetic standards they think.

The silk scarf is used as a pairing prop, and the posture is also uniform, most of the wings fly.

Middle -aged and elderly people's catwalks are also different from ordinary shows. The cheongsam/dresses wearing the models are also highly unified in terms of style and color.

Materials, workmanship, trend, design, and fashion backwards. The main thing is that it is neat and one -like, which looks like an iron plate.

Middle -aged and elderly people show: unified, unified, unified

General show field: design, design, design

The opposite of young people's social aesthetics, their social keywords are individualized, providing more paradigms for the interpretation of beauty.

2. The social aesthetic ecology of young people -individualization

Of course, young people will also be attracted by the trend, such as some Taobao explosive models, eyebrows, net red faces, and pure desire.

However, after the tide fades, more and more young people will find and practice their own aesthetic standards. It may not be popular and unique, but it is unique.

On the one hand, it is an individualized social model:

The young people now refuse to build and meet;

I don't like to engage in relationships, get connections, and resist wine table culture through the group;

I don't like to go to relatives, don't like the New Year, and don't like to participate in the classmates.

Instead, I like a person to eat hot pot, watch a concert alone, see a doctor, travel alone ...

Like single, fear of marriage and childbirth.

Two or three friends can, maintaining interpersonal relationships will feel tired.

Like to live alone, do not allow others to disrupt their own life rhythm, disrupt their daily habits, and live with people.

All signs are showing that young people seem to have done a good consciousness of loneliness.

On the other hand, it is an individual aesthetic orientation:

The current young people are new and desire to be unique.

In principle, different circles do not have to merge, which also derives various circles contempt chains.

For example, the roller chain of the sub -contempt of the tattoo lips, the rolling circle of the tattoo lip nails, and the low -match sub -forced of the pants fisherman hat crossing necklace. E-Boy, which is fire on Tiktok

Pure desire to despise the chain, hot girls are pure desire, despise good marriage and pure desire.

In terms of aesthetic taste, contempt for commercialized works, and is keen to refine the art classification of music, painting, dance.

The pursuit of niche and sub -cultural labels, all kinds of aesthetic preferences are self -adorable.

From this point of view, it is normal to have a contradiction between personalized social aesthetics and collective social aesthetics.

From small to large, you must have experienced the aesthetics of the aesthetics of your parents and grandparents.

For example, the girl likes to leave a few rays of broken hair in front of the forehead, and the mother likes you to comb in big light ...

For example, the red flower sheets at home, curtains of national style ...

The animals hanging on the Internet that they are weaving, behind each other, is a fierce collision between the personalized era and the collective era.


Time traces behind social aesthetics

Middle -aged and elderly people are born in the 1950s and 1960s in the 1950s and 1980s.

The times have created their habits to participate in a collective life. From small families, they are all siblings in their small families. They live in family members who come and go. They all work in the state -owned units. There is no distance between everyone.

Therefore, they need to contact the collective depth, to participate in collective activities, and to find a sense of value, presence and security in the collective.

For example, the collective activities that middle -aged and elderly people are keen on, such as square dance, the root cause is the loyal dance of the special historical period. This is a dance that expresses loyalty and love for leaders.

The predecessor of various literary and art performances is also the literary and art groups and model dramas of the 1950s and 1960s.

Everyone knows the aesthetic enlightenment of middle -aged and elderly people. The beautiful girls on the painting decorate fashion elements such as silk scarves and bat shirts.

"When I was fifteen years old, I chased the popularity like you, but at the age of 50, I started to love everything. Do you think I am old? No, I just love things that I like when I am fifteen."

Why do middle -aged and elderly people like to group group climbing trees? Because the beauty at the time liked to use flowers to set off the face, to assist composition with branches.

For them, the tree is the "Internet celebrity punching attraction" in their hearts

The cover of the movie magazine "Popular Film", which was popular in the country last century

A while ago, flowers and plants are popular again.

The reason why the aesthetic is unified to the same is the age of low productivity. There are several factories that produce fabrics. The room for people to choose is almost zero. The nationwide is full of color sheets, quilts, clothes, pants.

This wave of young people born in 90 and 00 years is a completely opposite experience of experience.

The process of urbanization has made a close neighborhood dating into a more independent family.

The former "Ken and neighbors drank relatively drink, and the fences were exhaled all the rest of the cup", which turned into the same floor and between the upstairs and the upstairs.

The interior of the family is gradually diluted. More and more young people would rather build a family in the game, and do not like toasting some rustic elders.

With the development of productive forces, the social method has changed from the media era.

A small mobile phone presents a wider social space for us. We prefer to find similar people in the virtual world to make up for social limitations in real life.

After learning about this level, review the beings in "Taohuawu", at least in a variety show, not so abominable, everything is original.

Netizens are angry, and they are not exactly the performance of Song Dandan, but to suppress their authority in life, such as your boss, such as your party.

Netizens do not look at it, and it is not that Susimi Yangzi does not help Li Xueqin to solve the siege. Instead, he actively cooperates with the Song Dandan organization party, but remembers his colleagues who are the leaders of the leader.

The differences between the middle and old generations really exist, and there is no need to be so deep in the water. The two sides are folded. Instead of picking up with each other, it is better to learn from each other.

In contemporary young people, like the elderly, they are contaminated with some lively human fireworks, and they are separated from the sense of funeral.

Learn the spirit of their young people admired by the young people of their generation, with a sense of spirit and a torch.

Conversely, middle -aged and elderly people learn new culture, new thinking, and new products from young people.

Even if it is unable to do it, try to be tolerant as much as possible. Each era has its own living law, each group has its own social aesthetics, and each individual also has its own judgment system.

After all, every middle -aged and elderly people have been young, and every young man will eventually grow old.