The clothes in the mall are so expensive, and who they all sold to the end

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The clothes in the mall are so expensive, and who they all sold to the end

2022-06-24 00:09:26 4 ℃

The cousin sells clothes in the mall counter, and she quietly told me: the brand clothing of the mall counter is one thousand yuan a few thousand yuan, and there are very few people who buy it. Who is it? Some shopping malls can't sell a few clothes a day. Why not go down after a long time? I sort out an article that my cousin tells me as an article for everyone to learn.

Shopping brand clothing counter can't sell a few clothes a day. Why don't it go down after a long time?

There are high -end shopping malls in prosperous areas, such as Wanda Plaza across the country. Here you can buy everything you can contact in daily life.

But there is a phenomenon. Have you found that there are many high -end brand clothing stores, and the clothes sold are thousands of pieces, and some are as high as tens of thousands of yuan. Those who patronize these stores are high -income people. Sometimes, few customers have entered these shops all morning. After a long time, these shops still stand still. Where does their income come from? Why not go down?

In fact, after the completion of high -end shopping malls, in order to improve the level of shopping malls, some well -known brand clothing and luxury brands will be invited to settle in. Essence

Developers of brand clothing and shopping malls will sign a sales contract and allocate according to sales profits. For example, a brand of clothing should sell 20,000 yuan today, with a profit of 9,000. The profit of these 9,000 yuan must be allocated in proportion to the development of the contract and the developer of the shopping center. If there is no sales today, there is no need to bear the rent of a penny.

The clothes in high -end malls are so expensive, who did they sell to it in the end?

1: Sell to the poor who installed large models

Really rich people are very casual for their own wear, just like Ma Yun, always wearing a pair of cloth shoes on their feet. High -end clothing is called luxury goods because the average person can't afford it. In fact, rich people are expensive for expensive costumes. They also think that brand clothes are beautiful. Many rich people do not buy luxury goods. They feel that it is best for them. It feels good to wear themselves.

It is good to say that luxury goods are sold to the poor. Now people have a bad habit, that is, they especially like to compare. They obviously have limited income, but they have to buy various famous brands for their children and pretend to be rich. I have a monthly salary of only 6,000 yuan, but I spent more than 20,000 yuan to buy a Langqin watch. Usually they drew Huazi. Such people were dead and suffered.

A large number of clothes in the mall have a large part of the low -income people bought. They spend a month or even two months to buy a piece of clothes, in order to make the so -called face. I feel that such clothes are wearing a good person everywhere, in fact, this idea is very naive.

It is a low -income social group. Even if you spend tens of thousands of yuan to buy brand -name clothing, others will think that your clothes are fake because clothes and identities are not matched. Even if wealthy people spend tens of yuan and buy clothes on their bodies, ordinary people will think that it is a brand, because the identity is there.

2. Sell to white -collar workers with higher income

If you have a monthly income of more than 10,000 yuan, you can do brainpower and work, congratulations, you can call it a white -collar class. White -collar workers generally belong to those who have high culture and have profound knowledge. They stay in the office. Everyone has an office computer and has been engaged in brainpower for a long time.

They are open -minded, have tastes, and never buy clothes on the ground. They will go to the mall on weekends or evenings to choose their favorite clothes. Of course, the price is not a problem. Once they look at a certain dress, they will not hesitate to get it. Most of the more expensive clothes in the mall are sold to the white -collar class.

3. Ordinary people will also buy clothes from time to time

For example, clothes with a price of 5,000 yuan in a mall actually actually purchase up to 30 % or even lower. The more expensive brand clothing is indeed better than the niche brand in terms of workmanship, but because of its brand premium, the price they sell belong to huge profits.

Malls are more expensive brand clothing. The clothes will be discounted when they are sold for more than half of them or encounters seasonal exchange. At this time, the price is only the original price, two discounts or even one fold. For example, the clothes with a normal price of 2,000 yuan before are now only 200 yuan, which has a huge temptation for ordinary people.

Whenever the shopping mall changes to the season, there are a lot of people who come to buy clothes. It only takes a few days, and most of them will be bought away in the future.

4. In the end, the clothes that can’t be sold, the mall will try to handle it

Do you often meet people who are driving vans or small trucks to sell clothes in the farmers' market? These clothes are broken code, with different sizes and colors. There is only one piece of clothes. The product label card and brand suspender are cut off. In fact, these clothes are well -made, clothing fabrics are very good, and the key selling price is very cheap, only tens of yuan.

Maybe you don't know that these clothes are expensive brand clothes in the mall. The mall will cut off the brand clothing that cannot be sold, cut off the product label, and sell it to those who purchase brand clothing at a very cheap price, and let them sell them. Although buying this kind of clothes can not see the brand label, because of its low price, the purchase price is very high.

How to buy clothes that suits you

Friends who like online shopping are always inappropriate to buy clothes. They often return and exchange. Learn the following steps of online shopping. You can also buy suitable clothes. One: Find a leather ruler, no amount of data is required, only three sizes are required.

1. Measted the bust, just hold the leather ruler and walk around the tallest place of the chest. The weight data is your bust.

2. The pants are mainly looking at the waistline. Just take the leather ruler around the waist of the pants. The data you get is your waistline. Remember not to wear your pants.

The second is to look at the trousers long. Find a pair of suitable pants to pave the place. The size of the waist to the pants and feet. The size of the weight is the length of the pants. Back to save these amounts of data into your mobile memorandum.

Two: Find the size table

Those who do n’t have a size watch to find a customer service. After finding the data recorded in the mobile phone, buy clothes on your bust and keep the warm underwear 1 ~ 4 cm, and the T -shirt with 5 ~ 10 cm. A sweater, jacket or thin down jacket plus 14 to 20 cm, jackets, trench coats, thick coats and thick down jackets with 22-26 cm, and a thick down jacket with 26 ~ 30 cm.

If you like to slim or loose models, you can add or subtract 1 ~ 10 cm appropriately. Buying pants usually add 2 cm on your waistline, and it is the most comfortable to wear. Don't add the pants waist tightly, and the trousers are bought by good data. The normal body type is used to buy according to the three data, which is generally no problem. If you are a regular fitness friend, we measure the width of the shoulders and hips.

Three: Some friends buy a computer or mobile phone to get it in minutes, but it is really difficult to ask him to buy clothes online. What should I do?

In fact, in order to increase the number of goods in the online store, the merchants who sell clothes will set a bunch of key search words for each piece of clothing items. If you want to buy handsome and beautiful clothes, search for a keyword.

Like the simple and fresh model search keywords "Japanese", search for "East Gate" if you like Korean randomness, search for classic retro, search for "Amea Kaka", like leisure retro, search for "Hong Kong Wind", and search for dark work. "Functional style", like elegant gentlemen, search for "British style", search for tactical outdoor "dragon teeth", and search for "high street" and original design if you don't like hitting a shirt.

Four: How can women choose clothes that are suitable for their body shape?

As long as you follow the principle, you can avoid the strengths and avoid weaknesses. For example, if your shoulders look good, choose off -shoulder clothing. If your belly has a lot of flesh, choose your abdomen with pleated clothes. Girls with good -looking faces try to choose the style as simple as possible, high texture requirements, and highlight the clothing on the face.

Girls with good -looking backs can choose to show back. Girls with beautiful collarbone can choose thin camislars. Girls with beautiful legs should show their legs. Girls with large skeletons can try loose jackets, and clothes should pay attention to texture.

Now the clothes in the mall are very ordinary, it will cost thousands of yuan. This is not prepared for ordinary people, so it can only be purchased online. At present, the business of physical clothing stores is very difficult to do. It is difficult to maintain the passenger flow. Boss should look at the pricing, the price target is high, and the general population of consumer power is rejected.

In fact, it is not easy for ordinary people to make money. Only when the price is reasonable, the service is in place, and the profit is sold for a long time, can the store be carried out for a long time, and the business can be better and better. The price target is virtual, holding no open for half a year, and the mentality of eating for half a year, and can only be eliminated by relentlessly.