Ma Yizhen puts the vulgar flower pants high -level, and she can't see the age when she stepped on the cloth shoes, which is very fashionable!

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Ma Yizhen puts the vulgar flower pants high -level, and she can't see the age when she stepped on the cloth shoes, which is very fashionable!

2022-06-24 00:09:05 4 ℃

In fact, Ma Yizhen is still quite old. She has entered the age of an aunt, but she still understands, so she will not deliberately pursue pinkness in the aspect of dressing. In the aspect of dressing, it is both atmospheric and fashionable. And it will not be too much. When she walked the airport some time ago, she was photographed by others to wear a pair of fancy pants, but she felt particularly advanced on her. It may be because of her good temperament. In addition, she stepped on her feet and stepped on her feet. A pair of canvas shoes, I can't see my age at all, the whole person's temperament is particularly fashionable.

Perform analysis: white top+color pants = casual wild style.

Ma Yizhen in the photo is wearing a white shirt with a pair of colorful pants. She can only wear style and style. I really did not expect that this pair of pants in her lower body was so earthy, but although she was so so like this advanced. This is indeed a person who depends on his clothes and horses. It is completely different to wear on her.

Looking at the whole body photo is completely because her style of dress is particularly natural, especially the style of clothes is relatively simple, so it will not look particularly fat on her body. In addition, she wore this hat, and she is also it. More girlish. Although she is old, she does not reflect her young state.

Perform analysis: white top+dark wide -leg pants = fashionable versatile style.

In the photo, this white clothes wearing Ma Yizhen's upper body, with this loose wide -leg pants, is actually more fashionable in general, the style of the pants is also particularly loose, so it is also refreshing to wear on the body. But with the pair of white flat shoes under the feet, it looks more casual. In this way, it will not look loose.

Perform analysis: black pants+white clothes = age reduction girl style.

In the photo, Ma Yizhen appeared in short hair, and the whole person's temperament was really very dry. The white clothes worn in the upper half are also more fashionable with black pants. Especially the style of clothes is relatively simple. It is also particularly concise with this pair of pants.

Perform analysis: Black top+blue jeans = casual fashion style.

In the photo, Ma Yizhen wore this black clothes upper body and a pair of blue jeans. It can be said to be more fashionable in style. The clothes are a large letter, as a decoration. Therefore, this pair of jeans in the lower body is relatively simple, and the temperament of the whole person is also very natural and comfortable.

Perform analysis: white clothes+blue denim skirt = gentle ladylike style.

Ladies are also very important for a woman. The important criterion for ladies is that the white clothes that happened in the aspect of clothes are only as decorative. This denim skirt is also extremely comfortable, with a particularly long leg. So wear such a set of clothes. The gas field is also particularly powerful.

Perform analysis: gray dress casual lady style.

Buy a grain in the photo and put on such a dress. The entire weather can be said to be more famous. And there is a pair of flat shoes on your feet, which looks more fashionable. At the same time, her skin is smooth and firmer, and it feels that it does not grow old at all. In fact, the main reason for her to become young is because she is more temperamental, so it will be young no matter how they look. Coupled with her dressing shapes, she is not too tender, and she is pursuing that kind of natural and generous sense of high -level sense. I believe that many peers can learn the advantages in her.