How many pounds of "thin" this is "thin"!Wearing a skirt like a special effect, it is conservative but very eye -catching

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How many pounds of "thin" this is "thin"!Wearing a skirt like a special effect, it is conservative but very eye -catching

2022-06-24 00:08:53 7 ℃

Hello everyone

Women are too plump, and dressing is also a kind of trouble! Wearing less, we must bear the secular vision, wearing more and more wrong, wasting body.

Recently, Liu Yan, who has recently increased the topic of Menghua, has been tagged after the "sexy" label, many people once said that it is a pity. Now look at it again, change the style, although the shape of the convergence is not as good as "wearing low -cut V V V V "It is eye -catching, but the texture of the texture has been greatly improved, which not only pulls the temperament, but also shows the perfect figure with bones and meat.

Sisters who have troubles in this area can look down on her current dressing characteristics, which is very useful to modify her figure and shape.

Delo skin is not necessarily thin!

Sisters with no skinny upper body, especially the upper circumference, should not be too low. This kind of clothes that show the career line, 8 points depend on temperament, do not have the ability to grasp sexy style at a high level.

Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to be more restrained in the style. The first step is to reduce the neckline. It is very conventional. Similar to Liu Yan's small lapels and low round necks. No delay. Moreover, this "ordinary" neckline design can reduce the attention of others, and the attack power has no feminine neckline to be strong, which is suitable for disguising as "gentle and virtuous".

Highlight the waistline, shift the focus

After the "covering people's eyes" skills, it has been thinner. The daily sense of Liu Yan's daily sense is basically this kind of tightly wrapped clothes, which will be worn with waist design.

In this way, when others look at it from top to bottom, the contrast of the upper circumference and waist circumference will give people a feeling of "the meat is right", it looks thin and curvy.

The Mossy dress above was very dressed in her sloppy posture, so that people's first glance focused on the beautiful waistline.

There is also this kind of wrap skirt to show your posture and not look tacky.

Straight line decoration

Of course, the body of more women is not so perfect in reality, and most of them will be a bit apple. Therefore, the addition of straight lines is necessary. It can fade the femininity brought by the plump figure on the basis of thinning, making the shape less Yingying Yanyan, more concise and advanced.

For example, this set of black and white matches, using the hanging feeling of the shirt and the half skirt to the vertical feeling, set off tall and neat. Turn into a feminine characteristics.

The hard -working items also have this effect. After the tailoring, it will have a strong sense of silhouette, which can cover the body that is not satisfactory. This irregular skirt is to use the three -dimensional sense of the large leaf edge of the chest to increase the shape and stylish feeling.

Dark tone

There is also a well -known dark -colored method, and she often appears in her wear. All black matching is the most straightforward and can create a sense of contraction in a large area.

If you feel monotonous, you can use the depth comparison. The color is rich and the part can be thinner.

Like this bubble sleeve top, it is very cleverly combined with thinness and fashion, which not only blurred the upper circumference, but also looked fresh and clean.

After these operations, the whole person is not thin.

In the end, the editor wanted to say that "sexy" is not only in the appearance, but even if it is not deliberately exposed by the tight and low collar, it can exudes the charm and interpret the unique sexy. In the bone is not skin, that is the real sexy.

Alright, the above is today's sharing, more fashion information and inspiration, we see you next time