48 -year -old Yan Ni is getting younger and more youthful. Wearing a cave denim outside with sports pants appears, the face is good

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48 -year -old Yan Ni is getting younger and more youthful. Wearing a cave denim outside with sports pants appears, the face is good

2022-06-24 00:09:13 5 ℃

On September 22, Beijing time, 48 -year -old middle -aged actress Yan Ni appeared at Beijing Airport. Once, she was spit and criticized by netizens because of fat and rustic. Li returned to the public's vision again, a pair of slender and long beautiful legs was stunning, and his slim figure was enviable. After having a perfect figure curve, even the clothing matching has greater tolerance and control. The clothing is also the occasion that the airport is the most fashionable occasion. Let's take a look at it together. Look at Yan Ni's dressing!

The denim jacket is very eye -catching. In order to highlight the other costumes, try to choose simple styles as much as possible, otherwise it will be too heavy. The black round neck printing T -shirt inside is very young and girly. A pair of black casual pants, white stripes with letters on both sides of the legs are very fashionable. Type, the color of the overall shape is more street trend.

With your feet on the same color, the same color system is more comfortable with casualness. The baseball cap wearing is also black and white. The overall color is simple foundation and the versatile will not make the lords, and it is more prominent in the status of a denim jacket. Carrying a backpack is very age -reducing, and the combination of youthful vitality and leisure style is very suitable for catching the airport.

Red skirts are also the protagonists in many popular elements. They can become the focus of the audience without too much fashionable elements. It is also the first choice for many female stars to attend the event. Yan Ni wore a red evening dress and appeared in a ceremony in Shanghai. She was particularly charming at all. A oblique shoulder dress is very feminine. On one side, the ruffled element is freely drooping with sequins, which makes Yan Ni shine on the stage. It is vividly displayed, and the noble knowledge is charming, and it is not lost in the same frame as her daughter.

Who said that half -old Xu Niang couldn't control the suspender skirt, Yan Ni proved the maturity and unique charm and charm of middle -aged women with her own strength. The short -tight upper body design not only can eliminate the leg lines well, but also highlight the slender and soft swan neck curve.

The slim design also talks about her graceful and tight figure. It is very simple and simple to show her perfect figure. The simple ponytail and the oblique bangs in front of the forehead make her face look more compact and younger, and the decent makeup is more square. Sure enough, women still have to dress up. No matter how old, she will be renewed.