46 -year -old Angelina Julie is thin and thin, but has never had wrinkles. Is it pure natural?

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46 -year -old Angelina Julie is thin and thin, but has never had wrinkles. Is it pure natural?

2022-06-24 06:07:29 7 ℃

Because of participating in the premiere of the movie "Eternal clan", Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie appeared on the red carpet for a long time, accompanied by 5 of her six children. Julie chose a gray -brown no simple night dress, with a brown hair scattered, and the goddess was full. Of course, people also noticed that Julie is really thin enough. Although her posture is upright, her body bones are very prominent. Even if she takes a long photo, she can still see her clear figure.

Although Julie's body fat rate is not public, but from the skinny figure, it is estimated that she will not have too much fat in her body. Although fat makes many people "talk about tiger color", it is also good to some extent. If the body's fat content is appropriate, the face will look full and wrinkles will be relatively less. However, this general cognition has not been verified in Julie. Although she is thin, she still has no wrinkles on her face, and her forehead chin is very smooth. In fact, from her name to the present, Julie's face seems to never have never been on her face. I have wrinkles.

On June 19, local time, the Sun summarized the moment when Julie was very representative from an early age. You can see that her face has changed a certain change. Of course, this has a great relationship with age. After all, no matter how much How to maintain the 40 -year -old and more than 20 years old is far away. So Julie's face has no wrinkles, is it pure naturally? A plastic surgery expert named Alice Heng Xiao gave the answer, "If there is no preventive treatment, it is impossible for her to maintain no wrinkled skin."

Heng Xiao believes that Julie's lips are pure natural, but "must be injected with Botox to make the skin firmer, and it does not rule out that her face is also filled." It is easy to depression, and so is the tear groove, which requires filling to help. "In short, Julie" has a very beautiful facial structure and a more fashionable appearance, which is what she cannot maintain naturally. " But Heng Xiao also emphasized that ordinary people want to achieve Julie's post -shaping effect, but it is not easy. "She was carried out in a very delicate and flawless way, just like Jennifer Lopez "Heng Xiao hinted that this requires strong financial resources to support.

In fact, Julie was not considered plastic surgery for the first time. As early as she appeared in Laura, it was reported that she had a figure. For this reason, Julie was also very angry, and in an interview, I said, "Please, I was uneven. At that time, I wore a tight T -shirt, and there were support in it." However, in Heng Xiao's opinion, Julie Ke just leaned against "support" simply, "I have seen the tomb Liying, and she does look like she has made a figure."

In the near future, there are really a lot of old stars who have been found to have cosmetic surgery. Even Tom Cruise, who has always won with face value, can't be spared. His full and transparent apple muscle is considered to be a "filling agent "After the effect, of course, some people think that A Tange is just blessed.