35 -year -old Zhang Jiani, shooting French romantic photos, is full of girlishness, making people enviable

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35 -year -old Zhang Jiani, shooting French romantic photos, is full of girlishness, making people enviable

2022-06-24 06:08:01 8 ℃

This group of photos taken by Zhang Jiani is not only full of French romantic atmosphere, but also shows the face value and state to show the fresh and fresh temperament. When she ran in the sun, facing a beautiful smile, dancing with the corner of the skirt, making people think of this picture, she remembered a kind of sweet and sweet sense of literary girl!

The shooting scene she chose was just right with her dress. She was wearing a strap floral skirt, scattered in a messy hair, lying on the lawn of the water to rest, and under the sun, the hair was placed on the hair on the hair. When the shooting characters and scenes are perfectly integrated, the whole picture will be full of romance and beauty!

The photographer was too attentive when choosing a scene when shooting Zhang Jiani. Choose in a place with water and lawn, next to it, green oil, giving people a feeling of entering a kind of refreshed artistic conception!

Zhang Jiani entered this artistic conception to take photos. Naturally, the whole person was comfortable and full of youthful girl. The picture taken by the photographer can be perfectly integrated, which will make the whole picture full of romance and poetic and paintings!

Now Zhang Jiani, 35, can shoot a sense of girls in their 20s, which really makes people have to admire her face value and state. As a 35 -year -old woman, if you want to shoot youthful and vibrant aesthetics. This is not only a photographer's shooting technology, but also a combination of a strong face value state to take a beautiful photo of French romantic!

Therefore, the charm of a woman comes from mentality and self -confidence. If a woman's mentality is good, she becomes confident. Regardless of what age, self -confident women will always exude charm, and charming women naturally know how to maintain a sense of girlishness!