Cake Mom: Save the most money -to -summer dress sharing!I don't want to wear these clothes, just blame it too easy to wear

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Cake Mom: Save the most money -to -summer dress sharing!I don't want to wear these clothes, just blame it too easy to wear

2022-06-24 06:07:30 9 ℃

The first two days of the stylist talked with me, "I completely sorted out the summer clothes and found that I actually had more than 30 pants, not a skirt! But there are so many people who often wear it!"

Is it too real -the wardrobe is always so full, and the often wearing is always those few ~

As a blogger with a lot of shooting and business, everyone has seen many times in my cloakroom, and the number is a bit considerable.

But these clothes, buy a lot for specific shooting for specific occasions, and buy their teeth under the "suggestion" of the stylist. But as soon as I left, I usually "I am me, or a familiar firework."

Especially representative is these three old three:

This year, because the epidemic was on business, there were less travel, and the clothes I bought were less. My middle -aged mother is so comfortable to the comfortable dressing area ... As long as there is no special requirements, I will take care of my comfort.

The big T -shirt is comfortable and not picking up, and it can be fashionable with a little match;

The suit pants are my recent "real incense", which can be formally casual. There is no "exposed" trouble without hot pants skirts;

The long skirt is also comfortable, and you can also have a sense of ritual.

So this year's summer dress, I will share with you these three "true incense" items. How to wear it can be practical and beautiful! Both foundation and advanced.

If you want to be lazy, you can copy your homework.

First of all, let me talk about my 5 minutes out to wear! The highest probability of the doll rollover on the weekend is the same.

The white logo T -shirt is the most powerful matching formula, and it is difficult to think of errors. The mother who is super suitable for a bunch of things hurried out to take the baby out (why the man will never learn to prepare before going out, why!)

Roll up the cuffs a little to increase the street feeling:

Turn a belt and emphasize the waistline:

The choice of shorts, now the pants that are more popular on the knee! Don't go away, more comfortable and more casual.

Such a set, casually equipped with sneakers, canvas shoes, sandals, go away. If you add a baseball hat or an empty hat, the overall feeling will be reduced (no need to wash your hair).

The following set is also very common in my weekend. It seems that I have encountered it with readers!

The same is that the T -shirt and the denim are not wrong, but through some out of some out of color details, you can look more delicate and you can wear:

BV green, which has been popular since last year, is difficult to control ordinary people. But green stockings+green shawls are used as accessories, and the effects are different in the usual dress.

Green itself is a blue neighbor color, and it will not be abrupt together.

My two small things, just dozens of dollars, can make the overall shape brighter.

The shawl not only has a decorative effect, but also very practical.

The summer in Hangzhou is super heat, the air -conditioning in the shopping mall and office building is particularly sufficient, and a shawl can resist the temperature difference.

It is recommended that everyone try it.

The front slit skirt will be a little more exposed, but the legs are not pressed. It is a very popular style, and the little mother is very suitable.

If you still want to challenge more tide to wear a big T, then this "lower body disappearance" attempt is very suitable for you!

Although everyone wants to be born with long legs, the latest data shows that the average height of Chinese women is only 159, so ... with the help of wearing a proportion, it is the sisters.

The stylist told me that "the lower body disappearance" is a cheats that many female stars will use. Big T -shirt with hot pants, very simple.

Pour big head boots, with a dragging temperament.

Our ordinary mother is not as good as female stars and aura, and we can use a long vest to add a sense of layering and fashion of the overall dressing. The shoulders and buttocks can be covered. They are super suitable for the mother who wants to be cool and wants to cool.

The only lack of beauty is that in the summer, I still have a little uncomfortable wearing short boots. After a long time, I also covered my feet.

But to be honest, our company's young girls have been wearing so recently. Can't help but be lamented, it's nice to be young!

When I bought this suit pants, I thought I could only wear more formal occasions. After all, it feels a bit of man & stereotype.

But sisters, people really have some cognitive limitations in middle age. I soon found that I was wrong under the point of the stylist!

Just say my favorite set, floral shirt+suit pants+loaf shoes. The clothes and pants are all old, lying on the hanger for a long time.

The two "familiar strangers" were a bit perfect.

There are both women's softness and formal sense of workplace. It is a mix of rigidity and tenderness! I won't think this pants Man again!

Coupled with a straw hat, it can also recessed the casual sense of camping for vacations.

At present, this set of my favorite is the top three List.

The advanced version of the suit pants is actually not complicated!

It is mainly bolder in the color choice of the upper body T -shirt. Many mothers told me that when they were young, they liked to wear black and white and gray, but they found that they needed to wear a little colorful clothes.

If you also have this need, you can refer to this set of matching methods:

The upper body can choose a little jumping color, but the color should be a little gray in the color, which is close to the Morandi color system, which is better. The basic style and color of suit pants are selected in the lower body, which is generally not easy to make mistakes.

The white medium -length vest is a good thing to get rid of the unpretentious things. I didn't accept the "vest" item before, and I always felt that wearing it would make people burly. However, after trying for a while under the strong "suggestion" of the stylist, he found that it would not be found. Instead, it can make many basic wear more layered and flavorful.

Like this set, rice white vests and German training shoes make the whole body more balanced. Added a sense of leisure.

The windy gray -green wide shoulder suit, when the stylist took it out, I resisted.

how to say? At first glance, I felt that it was not my clothes! The shape and shoulder of the collar challenge my cognition. The half -sleeved design reminds me of the old cadre.

Ren Kuang's suit is popular, how many stars love this PA, and the old mother is unmoved.

But you must not admit that this kind of persistence with the stylist is usually me.

This dress is too filming!

Looking back, this wide -shoulder suit style is suitable for Asians, making my big head smaller and superb.

The big V -neck and cotton and linen are comfortable in summer.

It has the same loose suit pants, and it has a feeling of relaxation inexplicably.

Gray -green is also more implicit in Oriental girls.

Therefore, it is reasonable to say that many old mothers do not understand items. Don't rush to say no, maybe you will be surprised if you try it!

In the summer, the long skirt is very friendly to the old mother, comfortable and cool, and has a strong figure.

The most common is the upper body with a T -shirt shirt.

It is recommended that you choose a half -skirt with a little printed and design, with a more plain top, you can go out. Simple matching, but very ritual, dating and slightly important occasions can hold it.

I have chosen a purple T -shirt with a half -skirt printed. It is the most basic formula for my old aunt.

It is still the white vest above, which can be used to resist the low temperature of the air -conditioned room.

If you are a mother with a big belly and big butt, you can transfer the visual focus and play a thin role.

If you take a baby out to play, or go to the sea for a vacation, the land of the long skirt will come.

I went to western Sichuan before, and I wore this skirt. Very photo, satisfying the faint princess heart after being a mother!

If you go to a place with a high temperature, it is recommended that you have a little dew -skinned upfit, which will have a sense of vacation.

The summer vacation came immediately, and a lot of mothers around me told me to take the baby out to travel. The matching of my off -shoulder top and long skirt is very suitable for the carbox to take a beautiful parent -child photo with the baby.

Simple combination, with small white shoes is OK.

Tie your hair with a silk scarf or hair band, and the effect of vacation is in place! Easily create the shape of 5 minutes outside.

This double -colored denim shirt was bought this spring, and it felt a cool style at the time.

Recently, I opened the mind of mixing and matching. I used a dress with a dress with a dress to make a cool shirt and a gentle printed skirt. It also looked good.

The key point is to use the belt to pick up the waistline, otherwise it will look light head.

If you want to be more formal, you can tighten the shirt buttons and tighten the belt a little. Shoes can also choose high -heeled elegant styles.

If you go out to meet with the younger sisters and want to create a relaxed laziness, you can unlock the buttons a little, reveal a little collarbone and shoulders, and it will feel completely different.

Like me, just take a pair of slippers.

Because I tried different wearing ideas, I didn't buy a few new clothes wardrobes, and I was full of new ideas.

It must be said that whether it is knowledge, work ability, and wearing, we all live in some inherent thinking. "Coming out" from these inherent territories is usually a lot of determination, which is considered a lot of time.

But it is really worth it.

Just like the popular stalk, "Coming out, the most important thing is to come out!"