Li Yuchun is an "youth sister", the college style uniform is equipped with calf socks, and the vitality sensation cannot be blocked.

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Li Yuchun is an "youth sister", the college style uniform is equipped with calf socks, and the vitality sensation cannot be blocked.

2022-06-24 06:07:41 15 ℃

The young girls are no stranger to "college style"? Xiaofa has always been able to see girls in JK uniforms recently, classic white shirts+bow tie, and a grid skirt, beautiful and lively ~ JK uniform belongs to a type of college style clothing, but the college style style is not Only skirts, for some girls with neutralized personality, are still more suitable for college -style uniforms with clothes and pants. demonstration.

Li Yuchun wears uniforms to show youthful vitality, beautiful legs and long strength to grab mirrors

When a beautiful girl is trying this kind of uniform, most of them will choose pleated skirts or plaid skirts, but women like Li Yuchun's BF attributes obviously cannot try skirts that are incompatible with her own temperament. , Internal with a white shirt, a complete set of beauty is sufficient, and for Li Yuchun himself, choosing this college style shorts is also very helpful for showing the advantage of the figure. Coupled with a pair of calf socks to modify the leg shape, not only makes the leg lines more refined, but the college has more atmospheric atmosphere.

Li Yuchun's college style uniform is relatively classic and representative. In addition to the classic campus atmosphere, it also makes people feel a sense of honor and high level. It is inevitable that the shape of the species will appear too gorgeous in daily life. If you prefer this style, let's take a look at the following points and skills to try it.

Daily college style style dressing points

Different styles need different elements to match in order to present the final characteristic effect, and there are many types of college style elements, such as tie, collar, white shirt, pleated skirt, calf socks, striped elements, etc. We You can't put all in one shape, choose two to three reasonable matching, otherwise if there is a sense of accumulation, your image will be greatly reduced.

2. Reject gorgeous color

The classic campus uniforms are basically black, gray and white. Although the style of the college is not subject to these too basic colors, it is not too exaggerated and too gorgeous. After all, the college style pays attention to the reflection of youthful vitality, not " "The colorful color will bring a sense of cheapness.

Practical dressing skills

Since it is a college style in daily life, it is only necessary to be close to daily. It is recommended that you choose one or two colleges to style elements. With a casual lantern sleeve knit sweater, it is very suitable for young girls with gentle temperament.

2. JK suit

Many young girls are addicted to JK uniforms. This kind of set can be worn more at a strong sense of youth, and the youthful vitality that can be displayed is more suitable. It is more suitable for girls around the age of 20. Fold skirt is the most classic match. You can choose the collar and skirt color according to your personal preference. (Be sure to support it!)

Fashion interpretation

There are many types of college style elements. If we usually want to wear the most popular college style, we must have the classic college style elements, but it cannot be matched with too many types. It makes people feel very contrary. Pay attention to the choice of color. Do not choose those too gorgeous colors. After all, no school will set the uniform to colorful styles. ", You must understand the rules of this style. Whether you choose a uniform skirt, or choose a neutral clothes and pants set like Li Yuchun, you must pay attention to the above points!