Don't just wear a T -shirt!These 6 tops are popular now, and it is thin and frying!

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Don't just wear a T -shirt!These 6 tops are popular now, and it is thin and frying!

2022-06-24 12:25:08 4 ℃

Hi, the younger sisters are good in the morning, this is your love of beautiful hoarding ~

Recently, the weather is really hot.

The weather is hot, everyone must remember to do a good job of sunscreen ~

Recently, some people have always asked about the summer T -shirts that are too single, and it is not beautiful to wear a bit of fat. How to wear it can look thin and beautiful.

We mean that as long as you have to hoard me, I will respond! This is not a good -looking and thin top, he is here ~

Don't just wear a wide and large T -shirt. Others wear tide like fashion streets. I wear dull and bloated. Try simple and beautiful short tops, it is really tall and thin!

Why do you not look good when you wear the same clothes in the same clothes in the soil, and it turns out that our body shape is different.

Let's take a look at what kind of figure we belong to ~

We have to judge that we are looking for our dressing style so that we can avoid the good -looking and stylish wearing it ~

The sisters of the pear -shaped figure are suitable for wearing bubble sleeves, large lapel clothes, shoulders, and flying sleeves. These tops will increase the shoulders wide and protruding waist.

Sisters with pear -shaped figures, ride pants, knitted skirts, cake skirts are all mine areas ~

Sisters in the inverted triangle can wear lower body disappearance, wide -leg pants, lantern pants, puff skirts. These clothes will highlight our lower body.

The sisters of the diluted triangle bubble sleeves, cake collars, and shoulder T are all dumb, and accidentally put themselves into a strong man series.

Sisters with hourglass -shaped figures can wear short tops, tube top dew, waist dresses, and neckline clothes to highlight our advantage.

The small neckline and loose dress are as good as possible, we must highlight our good figure!

The H -type sisters can wear, bubble sleeves, fishtail skirts, pleated skirts, and wide -leg pants. These can be worn.

Loose clothes, straight skirts, and hip skirts should not be selected as much as possible, and they will look dry.

The sisters of Apple -shaped figures recommend suit skirts, low -cut V -necks, flared pants, shorts, and these clothes can highlight the sexy show of the chest to make thin legs ~

The lace collars, short tops, long skirts, wide -leg pants, these clothes will look wider upper.

Who can refuse the little sweet girl who has the bubble sleeves, fresh and thin and very temperamental, I am the sweet girl who wears it ~

It is really sweet and spicy with bubble sleeves with wide -leg pants. This style is really suitable for pear -shaped sisters. The bubble sleeves increase the shoulders wide and highlight the waist. Disadvantages ~

The exquisite large lapel -style French style is really small, and the age is small and cute. No girl can escape the critical strike of large lapels!

The big lapel design is really sweet and the age is very sweet. This design is better than the head and shoulders. It is very small with high -waisted pants and small skirts that will not make mistakes ~

I am in love with the be careful sisters of the word collar. I wear it really pure, immortal, and a lost careful machine.

In the summer wearing, there must be a word collar that is indispensable. With small skirts, high waist length, shorts, shorts are really fairy. Prepare clothes!

The hot summer suspender is really a proper summer must -have item, enthusiastic and sexy, the turn on the road is really 100 % ~

Sling + wide -leg pants yyds! Transformed into a summer hot girl, and babies with flesh on their arms can wear this small camisole with cardigan shawls. They can also cover the small flesh on your arm while wearing a suspender ~

I really love the clothes of V -neck. The simple but careful machine is the most important thing. The most important thing is that V -neck really shows the neck and it is really hard to love!

The V -neck top with a pair of jeans and shorts is simply the matching of American hot girls. V -neck can modify the neck lines from visually to the neck to more slender and long -sleeved. V -neck is always right.

The wearing of the short top will really not make mistakes, so that we can become a hot girl without revealing meat. Of course, in summer, we must be a hot girl!

The formula of the upper and lower short and shorter is really easy to use. The short shirt is really beautiful. It is very beautiful and spicy. It is a pair of pants. It is really casual and thin. Please try to try this. It's really high!

Well, the content of the dry goods today is shared here, and it has reached our grass time. Let's take a look at what good things have been brought to everyone today ~

The shirt is really a single product all year round. The versatile is still out of date. It is easy to loosen the laziness, and the collar of the lapel is very tolerant of various faces.

The design of the small flying sleeve is really difficult to make people unwilling. The design of the lace of the flying sleeves can cover our thick arm and wide shoulders. It is a bit playful. The fresh tender yellow is very cool in summer.

This beautiful waist shirt is really friendly to the fat sisters, the rubber band design of the neckline can prevent lighting. The loose cuffs can cover the flesh on the arm, and the collar also modifies the neckline.

This small vest is really daily and very versatile. The fashionable half -neck design. The oblique shoulder design can well modify the lines of the shoulders. It can also be a little bit of the right -angle shoulder. Division exposure ~

The doll lapel design is really super -age and cute. The most important thing is that it does not pick the face shape. The bubble sleeves can well modify the lines of the arm. The slightly loose short models have more girly! This bubble sleeve shirt is slightly loose, short, and the small man can easily control. The waist drawing rope with the foam sleeve highlights the slenderness of the waist, super thin!

A very BM -style short sleeve, showing a girl with a full figure, the small colors of the neckline make it inject the soul, and the vertical stripes have a thin effect.

This is a fashionable French top. The stitching of the body has the right sense of layering. It is rich in the level of thin waist. It is really nice ~

Summer is very affectionate about clean things. The lace embellishment looks delicate and sexy. The big V -neck lapel can really modify our neck lines, get the swan neck in minutes ~

This shirt as a whole is the feeling of being very young, and it will not be exaggerated. The design of the naval collar is easy to grasp the temperament of the girl. The female high school student feels right!

The end of today's Amway, do you get these sweet small tops? I hope that all girls can like to appreciate themselves and be tolerant and gentle for themselves ~