The big S's wedding photos are hot!And I just want her skirt link

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The big S's wedding photos are hot!And I just want her skirt link

2022-06-24 12:24:55 5 ℃

Good evening ~

When I woke up this morning, I found that the wedding photos of Da S and Ge Junjun appeared on Weibo hot search. Netizens were saying "this state is too spring".

Big S's wedding choice this time has a very high degree of discussion, and many people praise "taste". She chose not a grand traditional wedding dress, but a "light wedding dress" like a small dress.

The pink dress comes from the Australian brand Rachel Gilbert. Many of his tube top dresses are very beautiful, and the design of the chest is a highlight. The pine stone green high heels with dual Sergio Rossi have a little more lively feeling ~ ▼ ▼

Another set of black and white tube tops is more capable, from PORTS 1961, with a crystal necklace, earrings, and veil, which makes it different from workplace. ▼

Marriage is a big event in life, and the choice of wedding dresses is also important.

Speaking of which, there are quite a few stars who choose this unusual "light wedding dress" when they get married.

Some do not like the wedding too much, so the wedding dress is also low -key. ▼

Supermodel Ines de La Fressange

Some will choose a "light wedding dress" when taking wedding photos or registering, and wear more grand and gorgeous when doing weddings.

In addition to marriage, "light wedding dresses" can be worn. Many of them can be worn and accessories. They can also be worn as small services in daily life. The utilization rate is higher.

There are often friends who often let me write a wedding dress. Today, I might as well talk about the topic of "light wedding dress" through big S. There can also be some different new ideas in the wedding dress. Let's take a look:

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These can also be used as a wedding dress


Have you ever thought about wearing a suit and getting married?

Speaking of this, I must put a few beautiful pictures of my goddess, Eina. When she received a certificate in 1990, she was wearing a combination of a suit+small white skirt+hat, super classic. The suit comes from YSL. ▼

It is also a non -traditional veil that Ina wears. There is a small tail dragged behind the flat top hat, which is cool and light ~ Some people say that people wearing non -traditional wedding dresses have a little "rock" spirit. ▼

Another more rock is the supermodel Bianca Jagger. She and her husband Mick Jagger went to the marriage registration. This set was too classic. ▼

Where is the classic? It can be said that the inspiration of wearing a suit as a wedding dress began with Bianca.

You know, most people are still wearing tightly wrapped wedding dresses in the 1970s, but she is a full set of YSL dresses and vacuum. This was related to the improvement of women's status at that time, smoking premium, and the popularity of neutral style. The configuration of her hat+veil later also affected many people. ▼

It was funny to say. They notified the guests to register to get married the next day the day before the day before. Such temporary, they could still be present on the same day. ▼

In addition to wearing a suit, you can also match trousers.

Another "rock" person is Hungarian model Vanessa Axenete. ▼

What is the cool girl wedding shoes? If you don't want to make "Cinderella" in crystal shoes, black rivet shoes think about it? ▼

Her wedding was originally planned to be held in a historical building in the center of Budapest, and 250 guests were invited, but because the blockade period was canceled, it became a small wedding of 10 people. After confirming the wedding date, the first set of clothes she tried on was this set, very satisfied. I have heard a statement before, and the choice of major events must be believed in the power of intuition.

Her hat is very similar to Inna, is there any ~ ▼ ▼


The choice of another famous model is a suspender skirt.

Cindy Crawford's John Galliano skirt looks as easy as casual as a nightdress. ▼

Why choose such a skirt? She said a very moving reason in the autobiography BECOMING published in 2015:

"I hope I look like Rande (her husband's name) I want to see people every morning."

She is not like the traditional bride, holding her father's hand through the long trail, and was solemnly "delivered" to the other half. ▼

Italian supermodel VitToria Ceretti got married the year before (when she was only 22 years old, it was also a "early marriage"). Although she was not wearing a "night skirt style" wedding dress, it was also very easy and natural.

This long skirt comes from Jacquemus. ▼

The wedding site is on Iviza, Spain, and it is also a sacred place for vacation and wedding dresses. ▼

She didn't even make complex hairstyles, and the veil and accessories were minimalist. Simple earrings bracelet embellishment. ▼

Gauze skirt

Although Olivia Palermo has been released many times, she is classic. She is wearing a cashmere sweater+tulle skirt+shorts, which is very unique. The dress comes from Carolina Herrera. ▼

In Western customs, when the bride is married, wearing a something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, Olivia's shoes are blue, from Manolo Blahnik, and "Desire Metropolis" movie. It's the same paragraph. ▼ Crooked building, she and her husband Johannes Huebl have been married for 8 years. It seems that she has not been "itching", and her relationship has always been good. Her husband has a sense of ritual to send a "Sunday photo" on INS every week. After so many years, I continue to post. ▼

Shirt skirt

The stylist Lolita Jacobs is also "gorgeous". She chose Alaïa's shirt skirt. ▼

As for the formal and solemnity of the wedding, it is handed over to the long veil. ▼

Her shirt skirt is really very daily, and she feels that she can go to work after taking off the veil. ▼

Don't ask for the most expensive, only to the best player: Li Xiaoli. How "not expensive" her wedding dress? About 600 yuan. ▼

This "100 yuan wedding dress" is very simple. It is a white skirt bought when she was in Thailand when she was in Thailand in her 20s. Is it because of the Chinese clothes wearing too much, only to understand that the simple order is the most true haha ​​~ Except for the wedding dress cheaper, she was also very sensational in the "family wedding" of the Jobs of Li Weishun. Do not go to the church or not to the hotel, just run at the home of Jeju Island, and there are not many luxurious arrangements at the scene. ▼

What is touching is that their annual wedding anniversary will put on this skirt again and take another photo in the same place in the yard. Hundreds of wedding dresses can wear hundreds of thousands of rituals. ▼

Shu Qi's wedding photos are also this random natural tone. Her wedding dress is even more saved, and it can be said that basically no money. The wedding dress was delivered by a fast fashion brand, and the veil was casually picked in a wedding shop. ▼

She was interviewed and said that because she wore too many wedding dresses in film and television dramas, she had no feeling for the wedding dress. This is probably why her wedding dress is so "casual". After all, the most important thing is not that ritual, but the person who is with her. ▼

Also "diligent and frugal" is also Kara Natley. She did not buy a new dress, and directly participated in the Chanel dress that had been worn by the event before. ▼

She should really like this skirt. She was wore once (left) at the 2008 British Film Academy Award (BAFTAS). right). ▼

The wedding dress does not necessarily choose white to mention Western wedding dresses. Is it the first reaction of many people? In fact, before the 19th century, the West had any colors of the girls who got married. Later, white gradually became the designated color of wedding dresses agreed by everyone because Queen Victoria Victoria wore a white wedding dress when she got married in 1840. ▼

However, there are also some girls who don't want to wear pure white wedding dresses. The American actor Mandy Moore held a wedding of the Bohemian style theme in her backyard, wearing a pale pink cake dress. ▼

There are also some places because of customs -remarried people wear pink wedding dresses to separate from the first marriage area. Agyness Deyn wore a pink gradient skirt when he was married. ▼

But the times are changing, and more and more people don't care so much about these requirements. How do you like how to come ~ 喏, singer Gwen Stefani is reversed with tradition. White yarn haha. ▼

Some cool girls even choose black wedding dresses. Korean supermodel Cui Sura's wedding dress is very unexpected. ▼

She usually loves to wear black and take the dark Gothic route. I did not expect to choose a small black skirt during the wedding in Bali. In the eyes of many people, this is a relatively "uncommon" behavior. The guest Dress Code who came to the wedding was set as white by them ~ ▼

This Prada's tulip dress is not too stubborn with many people's impressions in both styles and colors. She also paired with the most favorite Chocker and lace stockings on weekdays, the Gothic atmosphere was full. The veil was changed with black lace on the skirt. I did not expect that loose cake shoes could also be regarded as wedding shoes haha. ▼

Canadian actress Shenae Grimes also chose a black wedding dress from Vera Wang. It is not the same as Cui Sura's style. She is a gray -black gauze skirt, which is more beautiful and fantastic. ▼

Ribeca's words: Okay, this is here today, who do you like the wedding dress you best? If you still want to watch Chinese wedding dresses and gorgeous wedding dresses, [click to see] tell me, you can come again. I also want to know what style of wedding dress you chose when you get married, or have you ever imagined that you are wearing a wedding dress? Welcome to leave a message to discuss! Finally, I wish you all your own happiness ~