91 -year -old Murdoch divorced for the fourth time!The 65 -year -old supermodel ex -wife wears a suit and is more spicy than Deng Wendi

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91 -year -old Murdoch divorced for the fourth time!The 65 -year -old supermodel ex -wife wears a suit and is more spicy than Deng Wendi

2022-06-24 12:24:55 10 ℃

Recently, foreign media reported that 91 -year -old billionaire Murdoch has divorced the fourth wife Jeli Hall. This is also his fourth divorce. After all, when he was married, he was 85 years old. This time he finally found true love, but this marriage only maintained for 6 years, which made people sigh. Deng Wendi's 91 -year -old ex -husband divorced again! The fourth ex -wife is topped, and the 65 -year -old film is beautiful

For the reason for the divorce of the two people, there are divergent opinions, but most people think that it is because of the huge legacy relationship. You must know that Murdoch has been married 4 times and has 6 children. In addition, the divorce in Europe and the United States is different from the domestic situation. After the divorce of the husband and wife, many professionals need to pay high support. Many professionals have speculated that this time Murdoch and Hall broke up may be one of the most expensive divorce cases in history.

However, I have to say that Murdoch's gorgeous blessings are really not shallow. The four wives have their own style. They are obviously 65 years old. Hall is also loved by the brand's spring and summer advertising blockbuster. Very colorful, compared with Murdoch's third ex -wife, Deng Wendi, is better in both face or figure.

Hall advertising blockbuster looks too charming

As an old -fashioned supermodel, Hall's lens expression naturally does not need to be repeatedly described. Although he is already 65 -year -old, he still keeps his body well. When shooting an advertising blockbuster, he is perfect for his domineering sister. It shows that the shape of clothing is also very eye -catching. For many young people, it has a good reference significance. Let ’s take a look together.

01: suit wearing sexy capable routes

Suit is a very versatile fashion item. No matter what age stage, what kind of gender body, it can be easily controlled, but if you want to put a modern and sexy taste, you need to add additional tips. The suggestion given to us in this regard is: when the suit is set, add the classic pattern decoration.

The suit is the simplest and most practical trick, but because the upper and lower style of the upper and lower dress is consistent, the entire shape will looks a bit monotonous.

So in this case, we can learn Hall, let the original simple foundation suit, add classic pattern pattern decoration, such as checkered design.

On the one hand, it can greatly enhance the richness of the entire shape, and on the other hand, it can also intervene in the retro characteristics of the plaid to increase the fashion sense of styling, especially girls like Hall. Choose a vacuum to play, with a sexy and full -fledged sunglasses and metal handle to increase your own sense of domineering.

02: Solid color dresses must pay more attention to fabrics and tailoring

For many young ladies, in order to further highlight their maturity and stability, when choosing a single product, they will prefer simple solid color clothing. atmosphere.

But the simpler color combination, the more you pay attention to tailoring and fabric when selecting, and take this set of black dress on Hall to give it as an example. Although the overall color is a dark color with a very restrained and mature temperament.

However, in the upper half of the skirt, the black tulle is used for stitching, and it is decorated with many wave dot decorations. Sexy and charming.

91 -year -old Murdoch divorced for the fourth time! The 65 -year -old supermodel ex -wife wears a suit and is more spicy than Deng Wendi

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