5A -level bacteriostatic underwear, 59 yuan/3!"0 pressure sensing" is thinner than sets and sweating in seconds.

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5A -level bacteriostatic underwear, 59 yuan/3!"0 pressure sensing" is thinner than sets and sweating in seconds.

2022-06-24 12:25:45 9 ℃

As the saying goes, "The good -looking pants are the same, and the suitable underwear is picked one by one." The choice of underwear needs to go in both ways!

For the majority of male friends, wearing a bird with both birds and rolling in the summer, the panties that are both fart and sweltering are undoubtedly equal to suicide from the original land.

Three steps and one pinch, five steps and one hand, the embarrassment of uppercase, is this ...

Men choose underwear to buy clothes like women.

Not only the fabrics, good work, and design, even the colors must be beautiful! The pursuit of high quality of underwear is a guarantee of healthy and happy life!

But, the underwear that can meet so many requirements must be a big name? The price is definitely not cheap ...

No, no, how can I recommend Chinese and false things to everyone? Good quality and good price, but the bottom line of our buying!

After thousands of choices, I finally had a panties that entered my eyes -Maneven Modal's skin -friendly men's underwear.

In terms of quality, it is not as required by the hard quality of the hard quality of the hard quality such as CK, US -thick, crocodile and other big -name factories.

The no trace upgrade process is the quality layer. At the same time as the quality of the front line, it also has the price of three -tier people!

In terms of details, the delicate cloth of Maneven's cold light stained makes the trousers head and pants without sensory experience, wearing unrestrained!

The most important thing is the large space design of the pocket, independent and safe, and also protects the "little brother" in 5A antibacterial.

I experienced 2 months for my brothers, and there was no embarrassment of no card PP or hairy!

Recommended reason:

1. The first -line well -known big -name CK, US J -thick, crocodile factory, high -end manufacturing, upgrading without trace technology, the quality is visible and guaranteed!

2. The fiber of beylum and cold, make the comfort of the Modal fabric on the next level.

3. The hip -type tailoring + seamless design, get rid of the troubles of clip PP and Lemao!

4. Three -dimensional cutting of the triangle area, large space independent U sac, 5A -level antibacterial certification, farewell to the sweltering and humidity after putting it on, making the birds more comfortable!

CK U.S. J -thick Crocodile and other big -names and other factories and quality

Upgrade without trace technology + high -quality recycled fiber fabric

Some people are bright on the surface, in fact, the underwear has been pinched into the PP ~ Don't ask me how to know! Because men know men best!

In the hot summer, without the money to buy high -quality big names, he had to grieve PP and birds.

But in fact, the big -name underwear is really not so expensive. This underwear of Maneven is the top line of the price of the stall price!

Let's talk about the process of Maneven underwear.

Maneven and CK, American J -thick, Crocodile and other major brands (know all) are the underwear produced by the global 200+ first -line brand underwear strategic cooperation manufacturers. The quality is naturally not said.

Starting from the elastic band of the waist, we have paid attention to no traces. The personal ergonomic 3D edge of the ergonomic ergonomics has no traceless waist, which makes the panties embarrassing the embarrassment of rolling, curls, and waist.

There is no trace craft, wearing no sense, showing big -name quality. I was retired by me.

In addition, the boys are most concerned about pants. The trousers are really uncomfortable!

But Maneven's underwear will not have such troubles.

A piece of design is reasonable to disperse the pressure of the human body, whether it is strenuous and sweating for a long time. The fit with the thigh is just right, that is, there is no fear of rolling edges!

The secret of not rolling is actually Maneven's fabric -Modal of the beef fiber.

Fine fabrics, skin sticking ▼

As a kind of recycled fiber, beef fiber overcomes the problem of thickness and poor moisturization in the existence of natural fiber fabrics.

Make Modal fabric advantages even more star!

Silk shiny emitted under the light ▼

Maneven allows the fiber to blended with MODAL fibers to make the fabric softer and comfortable on the basis of Modal fabric.

Every fold of the fabric seems to be breathing. No wonder it is called "breathing fabric".

In addition, this fabric has ultra -high breathability and water washing properties on the basis of thinness. Even if you rub it with a wire brush, you will not hook up the ball!

That's right, Maneven uses cold stains. The biggest advantage of cold dyeing is that the fabric is not easy to fade and color!

We made a large, time -consuming water -soaked handwashing of underwear. But in the end, the water is still clear and transparent!

Dark panties have no color fades ▼

Comfortable and indifferent, stretching stretching and stretching

U sac 5A 5A antibacterial inner gear has large space and strong support

How to describe Maneven's comfort and feelings, I summarized the favorite points of men's panties.

The first is that the elasticity is great! Put on no threes!

At the same time as seamless in the panties, there must be enough elasticity, not waist or squeeze the birds ~

In this regard, my colleagues and I have a elastic test on the underwear. One left and one right, pulled down, the underwear did not deform! Completely satisfy the definition of comfort.

Elastic line ▼

Because of the use of DuPont Leica, Maneven underwear has been tested by 20,000 elastic stretching tests. Looking on the body, elasticity will be more obvious.

The so -called tall and thin, thin and thin, one hand!

This is just gently pulled ▼

The second is breathability!

The underwear is not breathable, and the butt is like sitting in the flames. Unexpected but breathable, this Maneven is in place! We did a test, wearing the underwear soft skin, and the violence was pulled and illuminated with light.

PP no longer looks like a steamer ▼

Is it better to wear breathability?

In order to further test the breathability of Maneven underwear, we use the mist sprayed by the humidifier to prove it again!

Mistless barrier -free passing ▼

Three is also the most important point, water absorption!

What is the same as wearing a plastic bag? I don’t want the underwear to be wet on my body like a wet plastic bag ...

In order to prove the charm of Maneven's quality, we conducted water absorption test on underwear.

The magical water droplet disappearance ▼

Grade 5A antibacterial internal gear makes 3A antibacterial into the past!

While satisfying the above three points, Maneven also upgraded the bag!

The test report shows that its inhibitory rate of E. coli has reached 82%, and the bacteriostatic rate of gerbary bacteria is as high as 92%!

I have to say that AAAAA -level bacteriostatic is cattle! Health and unhealthy may be in the "difference of one pants".

In addition, 3D three -dimensional cutting makes the U sac space greater! Strong support!

The high strength of the fabric is like a kangaroo mother's parenting bag ~ safe and comfortable, making the birds shake the bumps brought by the strenuous exercise.

No problem to support the size of the fist ▼

6 colors and multiple combinations

Low price and excellent change every day for health and good mood

Who says boys can't be exquisite? Maneven feels comfort from quality, showing male charm!

Exquisite from "inside" to the outside. Regardless of men and women, underwear can not only ensure the health of our body a day, but also comfortable underwear can improve our comfort and happiness.

Maneven's Modal skin panties have 6 colors and 3 combinations to make the charm do not focus every day!

After a round of testing and testing, everyone has a consider of the quality of Maneven.

It has finally reached the big price exposure!

Compared to those big -name underwear, the price of 3 digits, Maneven is really very close to the people!

Today we will give you the internal fan price:

59 yuan 3!

Let the charm fulfill from "inside"!

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