Queen's "Heng Heng" life: In 1996, wearing a museum hanging clothes

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Queen's "Heng Heng" life: In 1996, wearing a museum hanging clothes

2022-06-24 12:25:31 5 ℃

In early June, the 96 -year -old Queen Elizabeth II celebrated the 70th anniversary in London and ushered in the "Platinum Jubilee".

The long -standing queen is also the longest king in Britain's history.

During her reign, she experienced a second world war; witnessed the establishment of the United Nations, Index Independence, Hong Kong's return, and saw humans from the earth to the moon to Mars ...

During this period, the Britain replaced 14 Prime Minister, so many people called her "the Prime Minister of the Water, the Queen of Iron".

But looking back at her in the past 96 years, in addition to the emotional deeds, what is even more amazing is that she only worn more than 10,000 clothing and more than 5,000 hats that she only worn in public ...

To this end, on the 90th birthday, 150 of them were carefully selected from the 90th birthday, and the 150 sets of them were carefully exhibited. This is also the Queen Clothing Show in history.

Even if it has passed the year, but every time the Queen appeared in public, her clothes would be talked about.

Then let's take a look at the "Queen Fashion" in different periods.

On April 21, 1926, Elizabeth II was born at No. 17, West West West, West District, London. Her original name was Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, the eldest daughter of King George VI.

Princess Elizabeth, who was born shortly in 1926. ▲

Photos of Princess Elizabeth in 1928. ▲

At that time, she was still in the arms of her parents, and she began to show her fashion taste.

For example, this most classic "princess skirt" all over the body passed through Elizabeth as early as a century ago, and it is still the favorite of many little girls. ▼

Or this cake lotus leaf skirt is not only loved by little girls, but even many older people are wearing. ▼

Or this is a very popular handbag in the last century. At the beginning, it was popular in Europe and even Greater Shanghai. Many people used it to match cheongsam. The queen began when she was 7 years old. ▼

In addition to childhood, Princess Elizabeth was wearing in a girl, even if she looked at it today, it was still very fashionable.

For example, this style of floral dress, micro -curly hairstyle, with a pearl necklace, elegant and charming. ▼

Fang appreciates the long skirt with a slightly waist, the cuffs and the small bow of the neckline show the girl's green side. The same is paired with a pearl necklace, and the gas field is different. ▼

A coat with a silhouette waist, a floral skirt inside, a handbag, a grass compilation hat, pearl necklace, brooch, gloves, and many nobles at that time, which is also a symbol of women's elegance and taste. ▼

When she was young, Princess Elizabeth experienced the war. At that time, she also participated in the army and faced the fire of World War III and chose to support the front line. A military green uniform skirt, no eyebrows! ▼

In 1947, 21 -year -old Elizabeth wore a wedding dress and Prince Philip with different mission into the palace of marriage.

On the same day, Elizabeth was inlaid with a large amount of crystals, up to 10,000 pearls, and a large amount of flower embroidery technology. It is said that this wedding dress represents the spring of all things, and the royal family hopes that Britain will be like it after World War II. ▼

Shortly after marriage, Elizabeth began to attend major public places instead of a bad father.

When I visited Canada, this pink dress wearing a masonry masonry inlaid with ruby ​​was wore, and the romance of the girl was noble. ▼

However, with the death of the British King George VI, Elizabeth, who was only 26 years old, began to bear the heavy responsibility of the king.

Compared with the immatureness of the princess, Elizabeth's dresses were always dazzling each time Elizabeth's attendance at the beginning of the throne. At this point, she began to compose the elegant legend under her crown. ▼

In the early days of the Queen, Elizabeth's favorite was gorgeous and eye -catching long dresses, paired with a hairy shawl, and some brilliant jewelry decorations, showing a powerful aura and graceful and luxurious temperament.

Long skirts with flower design are also the queen's favorite.

In 1954, the Queen was wearing this dress when I visited Australia. ▼

In the 1960s and 1970s, the queen who entered the mature period showed her love for color. At that time, she loved the quiet and elegant and textured Morandi color.

For example, the queen wearing this green dress long dress when she visited France in 1957. ▼

Or when he visited Austria in Austria in 1969, he was wearing this emerald green A -line dress.

In the shot of that era, the queen always looked quiet and beautiful. Even if she was not as graceful and gorgeous as the initial throne, she had a taste. ▼

Until now, Morandi is synonymous with high -level, noble and elegant.

Like difficulty driving pink, after adding gray or white tones, it is exquisite and elegant. Even if it is used in large areas, it will not feel "pretending to be tender".

The Queen's two pink wearing, even with the pink hat, will not show the earth, but there is a consistent visual aesthetics. ▼

Even the bright and bright yellow, when the color saturation is reduced, it will not look very exaggerated at all. Wearing a yellow clothing, it is not gorgeous, not monotonous, and more elegant! ▼

This body is also very classic, yellow and white printed skirt, with yellow and white stitching hat, and beige gloves and bags. The overall color is consistent, not only looks very comfortable, but also very temperament and delicate. ▼ Morandi's dress is delicate and soft, and it is also a classic match in many mature women's hearts. ▼

The love of colored in the middle age was vividly expressed in the old age.

The Queen did not restrict the richness of her dress because of her age. What "do not or not to wear bright colors when they are old". The restrictions on the dresses of these rules and frames do not exist in the eyes of the queen.

She did not hesitate to pursue beauty at all. The more bright the color she dressed, the more the queen's heart, and her politeness must be the same color. ▼

Some netizens even collected the colors she wore into a rainbow. ▼

According to statistics from a magazine, the color of the queen's most dressed is blue, followed by printed skirts. After watching this picture, you can know the queen's attachment to color. ▼

In fact, there is another reason she wears gorgeous colors because her height is only 163cm. If she wants to be eye -catching, she has to be eye -catching with bright colors. At the same time, she will also match some bold hats.

Moreover, every hat she wore was carefully selected to ensure that her face could be exposed and could show different styles. ▼

However, no matter what matches and wearing, the queen's body is indispensable for silk scarves, hats, pearls, brooches, and gloves. It is not only a fashionable manifestation of wearing, but also a symbol of identity.

This is a legendary old lady, one of the most influential old ladies in the world, and also a fashionable old lady who stands in the fashion circle ...

Well, the above is the story of the Queen Elizabeth, do you like this "queen fashion"?