57 -year -old Maggie Cheung finally appeared!Wearing a dew -umbilical disk and not convinced the old, Nicholas Tse rarely well -behaved and fascinated

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57 -year -old Maggie Cheung finally appeared!Wearing a dew -umbilical disk and not convinced the old, Nicholas Tse rarely well -behaved and fascinated

2022-06-24 12:25:22 5 ℃

On June 23rd, Zhang Manyu, who has been low -key for a long time, finally appeared high -profile and participated in the GUCCI brand event. As the world's top actress, although Maggie Cheung retired, his status is still there. The focus is obviously 57 years old, but the state of the whole person is still full of vitality and very enviable. 57 -year -old Lang Manyu turned the Gucci event into a party! Putting on the umbilical umbilical dishes, over the audience, the performance is wild

Zhang Manyu's activity is wild and sexy

Deep V neck repair ultra -short vest+high -waisted casual pants+slim suit+silver necklace

Keywords: stack, sexy, layered, avant -garde

Highlights 01: Golden Qi bangs short hair style, modifying the face shape, modern

This time, Maggie Cheung's shape can be said to be very bold, especially in the choice of hairstyle. It can be said that it perfectly shows his trend of personality and temperament. Short hair of the yellow bangs.

In addition, short hair also deliberately adds fluffy and messy treatment, especially with some small arcs on the end of the hair, which can weaken the stereotype of the short hair and combine it with the bangs, which shorten the hairline of the forehead. The distance shows a better face -to -face role.

Highlights of the shape 02: The inside uses the navel installation, the generous show is sexy

Although Maggie Cheung is almost 60 years old, she still maintains very well. Even if an actor is not an actor, I have not relaxed their requirements. At the same time, it can also inject the full sexy style into the shape.

Moreover, the inside of the exposed umbilical outfit also combines the trendy elements of Gucci in the style. The upper and lower installations are printed with the brand logo as decoration, which not only ensures the unity of the style, but also further enhances the sense of richness.

In addition to the highly consistent design style of pattern patterns and highlighting the sense of harmony, the tailoring can also maximize refreshing and sexy.

The narrow V -neck design and ultra -short hem combination is specially adopted, which effectively increases the dew area of ​​the entire shape, and uses the extension of the deep V -neck to create a longer neck line, making the whole person look more attractive.

Highlights of styling 03: The suit is open, highlighting the capacity of the capacity

Because of the avant -garde sexy route in the inside, in order to make the styling look more stable with mature women, Maggie Cheung deliberately overlapped a black slim suit for matching.

From the perspective of the sense of design, it can effectively highlight the sense of layering. From the perspective of fashion and aesthetic view, the formal sense of the suit comes with the suit can be well weakened. , Form a good mix and match fashion sense.

Although Maggie Cheung is a very outstanding actor in the public impression, she hides a restless rock heart. Although the previous record failed, she still couldn't let go of her love for music. The venue that originally took the high -level style turned into a dynamic nightclub.

Zhang Manyu went into the dine in person, became DJ, and raised his hands from time to time to detonate the lively atmosphere of the audience. Nicholas Tse, who has always been wild and unruly, and Guo Fucheng. When facing Maggie Cheung, he was rare. Both of them appeared in a handsome formal dress. When Zhang Manyu was playing discs, it became a fascinating brother in seconds. It was really cute.

57 -year -old Maggie Cheung finally appeared! Wearing a dew -umbilical disk and not convinced the old, Nicholas Tse rarely well -behaved becomes a fan of my brother

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