Don't distribute it on the hair!This summer, "grandma hair accessories" is popular, and its face is small!

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Don't distribute it on the hair!This summer, "grandma hair accessories" is popular, and its face is small!

2022-06-24 12:25:07 8 ℃

Hi, the younger sisters are good in the morning, this is your love of beautiful hoarding ~

It is well known that hoarding is a big hairpiece. Recently, I can't control myself that I have chopped my hands with a lot of good -looking hair accessories. Hey.

And I think hair accessories are an indispensable item for girls. Who can I refuse to get cute and delicate hair accessories?

Isn't it that you have given you a lot of beautiful clothes, but as a delicate urban beauty must be beautiful from head to toe!

Therefore, sisters, these kung fu on our heads cannot fall, and proper bonus points must be arranged ~

Don't look at the jewelry just a small one, but it has a great impact on the overall shape.

A hair accessory that suits your style not only can improve the overall texture of the shape, but also the carefulness of girls secretly becoming beautiful.

If a social animal like me is too late to go out, the hair accessories must be arranged. A small hair accessory can instantly make you delicate, and you will not lose those who are carefully dressed ~

And I am a bald girl, so I like to increase the headband of the skull, the effect is really immediate! Create the effect of the head and face in a second, and try to try it strongly for the sisters!

In the past two years, the bow hair accessories can be said to capture the hearts of many people. I have to say that the bow hair decoration is really sweet and age -reducing. ~

The shark hair clip is really hot. Don't look at the shark hair clip look ordinary. After wearing it, the whole person's temperament is upup.

Well, not much to say, the next step is the crazy grass time, please eat my Amway!

This grabbing is really easy to use. If it is a sisters with a lot of broken hair, it must be right, and it can also be used as a high ponytail artifact.

This hair accessory is a must -have for beautiful girls. There are several types of them. Sisters can choose according to their preferences. Let's say that we can compose hair, and then use this embellishment to be beautiful!

Is the butterfly hair clip really beautiful? The material of the cat's eye stone is full of high -level material. It is really exciting as a side clip, super delicate ~

The sisters must be entered. This price is really cost -effective. It can be used as a face -washing hoop or daily wear. Properly increase the artifact of the cranial top!

This grabbing is really full of immortality, especially the grabbing of this butterfly. Sisters can be fixed with two butterflies (if the amount is sufficient) as in the picture (if the amount is enough) is really beautiful!

This is the hair accessory owned by the little fairy. If the sisters who are gentle and gentle must enter, after half a ponytail, use this camellia hair to clamp the back, and the fairy and gentle ~

This butterfly clip really has an atmosphere. The sisters imagine that wearing white skirts, the flowing bowls swell with the wind, Momy's artistic conception is really absolutely absolutely, and I buy it for me!

I really love the shape of this clip, which is a little metal texture, which is sweet and salt, sisters, really versatile ~

This is a set of clips. You can use it when you compile your hair. There is a sense of vision of a millennium hot girl, and you are vitality and age!

Recently, I really fell in love with the scarf. I really have a lot of usage. It can be tied into a bow and can be used as a jewelry. It is really worth it!

The rear head of this pearl must have one. The simple design is full of high -level design. If you just catch it, there is an indescribable beauty ~

In summer, you should buy more such cute and loving hair accessories. It has two choices: hair hoop and hair circle. They are very fresh and vibrant.

This grabbing is a relatively small one. If it is a sister with a large amount of hair, you can get a ponytail for half a ponytail.

This Baroque -style headband I press for you, especially when wearing a small skirt, the most suitable sense of vision of the rich rich family ~

Girls have no resistance to such glittering things. It is either exaggerated, or very simple and high -level, just right ~

That's it for today's hair accessories. Sister, sometimes we add a little modification to be beautiful!