Damn, I found that these skirts can be worn by 20 pounds of meat!

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Damn, I found that these skirts can be worn by 20 pounds of meat!

2022-06-24 12:25:17 6 ℃

Good evening ~

There are often people who ask in the background to ask if they can share some pregnant women. In this regard, I really have no say. But as a good pregnant studio, we have another expectant mother this year ~ Sister Joey, who is familiar with! She has now entered the countdown of "unloading". Throughout pregnancy, she took a selfie of the mirror almost every day to record her dress. ▼

She said that after pregnancy, she finally realized the dressing of Apple -type figure, and accumulated a lot of practical experience in dressing during pregnancy/Apple -shaped figure. There are many styles of wear during pregnancy. Sister Joey is practical and grounded, and often wear more clothes, which is very suitable for ordinary pregnant mothers. I will ask her to share it today: (Example card statement: This article does not contain any soft business promotion) Hello everyone, I am JOY. I have been pregnant for 35 weeks now. There is still a month from unloading. This mood is like the countdown of the college entrance examination. I am nervous and look forward to it ~ In the past two or three months, I really feel that my belly is growing as fast as a blowout ball. A few days ago, I was called weight, and I found that I was almost 20 pounds compared to before pregnancy. The body changes brought about by pregnancy, in addition to the larger belly and the waist gradually disappear, never expected that the chest would become about two size, which has become a proper apple figure. ▼

In the early and in the early pregnancy, the stomach is not so big. Many pants with loose bandes you bought before are available. I wore several times below. 5th month of pregnancy ▼

Sixth month of pregnancy ▼

The belly really started to get bigger after 5 or 6 months, and the seventh and 8 months was even more obvious. After giving birth, the real big belly is only about 4 months. ▼

(There are a lot of such camera tutorials on Xiaohongshu) Because this time is not very long, I personally think that there is no need to buy too many specialized maternal clothes (I bought three pieces of clothes). If you do n’t have a second child, After this stage, it was basically idle and wasted. So I will make full use of the clothes that can be worn in the wardrobe, which can be worn after unloading. Try not to waste and look good. During pregnancy, the style of dressing is almost the same as that of me. It is comfortable. The overall leisure style is rich in color. I also went to the pregnancy of many foreign bloggers during pregnancy. I wanted to refer to it, but I found that many of them like to expose their stomachs outside, which is not practical for us. Before the snowy day exposed her belly, the comment area was concerned about whether she would have diarrhea.

Ha ha. ▼

Aside from this point, many people have stretch marks during pregnancy. Although I am lucky, there is no long texture, but there is a black pregnancy line on the stomach after pregnancy, which is not beautiful. I have read a lot of articles about how pregnant women wear it before, but I still have some different experiences after I am really pregnant. I found that a few items are too suitable for pregnant women. Come and share it ~ By the way, because my pregnancy is mainly spring and summer, so the items are also spring and summer. Many clothes have been bought in this article for several years, and they should not be available now. Everyone mainly refers to the style. My clothes are very high. Hey. 1. Shirt skirt (lace, skirt itself is not waist)

Unexpectedly, there were several skirts I bought a few years ago that I can always accompany me to wear. They are in common: the buckle design, there is a strap to adjust the waist tight, the skirt itself is not waist. In the early and in the early pregnancy, wearing this style of skirts could hardly see the stomach. I have to wear these two skirts every few days. Before, I was worn by the lace, but now it can be ignored haha. ▼

The dress with printed patterns is more visually "hiding the belly". However, this printed skirt is a bit thick. Now the weather is hot, I don't wear so much. ▼

French blogger Sabina Socol should be a loose long shirt that is directly worn, and she also tied a belt. ▼

Note, if you want to buy such shirts and skirts, remember to choose loose and not waist (left). If the waist design of the skirt itself is obvious, like the right side, the month will not be able to wear it. ▼

The following green skirt was bought in the early pregnancy. I thought I could wear it. I can wear it at six or seven months ▼ ▼

However, this kind of skirt is very flexible. In addition to being a skirt, you can also wear it as a coat. Unpuckle the buttons if you can't wear it alone ~ ▼ ▼

This flower skirt has a little waist design, but the waist is not as tight as above, and it is barely worn now. ▼

Is it very different from the effect of wearing before and the current effect

It doesn't matter, a few months later is a good man! ▼

My mother said that these skirts were designed with buttons, which was too troublesome to wear. She told me that I tied the buttons to wear it, okay haha, remind me, don't drill if you make makeup, don't put the foundation on the foundation.

2. A -line loose dress

There is also an A -line dress that is very loose and has no waistline. Many stars and bloggers like to wear. ▼

I often wear a hidden blue sleeveless style, which is more commute. It is quite suitable for apple -shaped figures, which can cover all the flesh of the belly and expose the relatively slender limbs. It itself is equipped with a belt. After the belly is big, it feels that the belt is not very comfortable, so I generally don't tie. But I would wear it like this before I was not pregnant. ▼

There is also a Chinese style skirt that Sister S, who is so good -looking [email protected]还 还. The effect of covering the stomach is first -class, but because the chest becomes strong, the chest is very tight and not so comfortable to wear. ▼ When the weather is cold, I also wear T -shirts and sweaters. This skirt without a waistline, I just regretted it before, and felt that it was not easy to set up. Now it is still very high. If you are too monotonous, you can add more accessories. ▼

Some of my nightdressing skirts are also this style, comfortable and convenient. ▼

3. Doll skirt

In the past few years, the baby skirts are also very suitable for pregnant mothers. Its style is more cute. Generally, the length of the skirt is above the knee, and it will look lighter. Danish blogger Annabel Rosendahl ▼

Emma Roberts likes to wear printed doll skirts, which is sweeter. ▼

I wrote a doll skirt before, and some girls with big breasts would say that wearing a pregnant woman, letting pregnant women show you. This is bought during pregnancy. The waistline is relatively high. Below the chest is the waistline. It is completely stress -free when wearing it for more than 8 months. ▼

The following skirt is slightly similar to the model above, and the waistline is also open to the chest, but its waist is tightly closed, and it is not a loose band design. So it only worn for five or six months, and it belongs to the kind of barely stuffing

Essence And it is relatively short, and it will be a bit insecure when wearing it. In spring, I will have a long jacket outside. ▼

4. tight skirt

If you want to show your belly, you can wear tight skirts with elasticity. This is also one of the most favorite skirts during pregnancy. Simple black vest skirts are very simple and advanced. ▼

Knitting material is more inclusive and more friendly to pregnant women. I saw other pregnant mothers in the hospital, which was pretty good. It is recommended to choose the style of the knee, the nude color and light color system are very gentle. ▼

Some prints and waves can also wear some French style. ▼

There are not many tight skirts in my wardrobe, there is only one, it is still the Kaka fragments. I took it in March this year, 20 weeks pregnant ~ ▼

5. Although maternity costumes are mostly wearing skirts I bought before pregnancy, I still have to buy one or two for pregnant women. I bought all of them, two pants, a half skirt, all versatile, and I often go out for a t -shirt. ▼

The reason for buying them is very simple, and some occasions are not convenient to wear dresses. Like a fitness class during pregnancy. ▼

And go to the hospital for a checkup. Regardless of whether it is a B -ultrasound or a fetal supervisor, it needs to be exposed. Wearing a dress will be exposed to the lower body, after all, it is not so elegant. So I went to the hospital to wear two types. Simple popular science, there is a piece of cloth on pregnant women's pants and pregnant women's skirts for stomach. There is a root strap and buttons inside, which can be adjusted and loose according to the size of the belly, and can be worn until life. ▼

The highest utilization rate is this black leggings during pregnancy, from winter to summer. ▼

The vest+leggings, a slightly longer jacket on the outer kit, I use this formula. ▼

You can change to a shirt after the heat. It is too thin in the inside! Seeing the stomach hardly on the front ~ ▼ ▼

Many bloggers also like to wear like this. Diletta Bonaiuti, Georgia Fowler ▼

I also bought a pair of white pregnant women's pants. When I bought it, I was tangled between denim and white for a while. I felt that it was a bit white and refreshing. However, it is thicker, and the utilization rate is not high in spring now. ▼

The good review of the sweater is quite high. Many people say that the sweater is so hidden. ▼

There are also semi -skirts, which are often worn recently. However, the specialty of the special pregnant woman is that the white cloth is not very good -looking, and the clothes cannot be tied into it. They can only be released. If you don't want to be short, find the top length. ▼

It will also wear loose T -shirts and loose shirts. ▼

When I unloaded the goods later, I was going to leave these specially bought pregnant women's outfits to my mother. She is an Apple -shaped figure. She has a lot of flesh and meat. I can wear it.

Buying accessories also pay attention to clothes. I have a lot of accessories during pregnancy. After all, the clothes that I can wear are limited. I also saw a lot of beautiful clothes. I wanted to buy it after wearing it, but I remembered what Kaka said in the new book. Do n’t buy it immediately, so I raised my hand haha. So put your energy on the accessories, after all, the accessories do not pick your body ~ Simple clothes and accessories can also become delicate and beautiful. ▼

The same dress can also feel different through different styles of accessories. ▼

But pay attention, it is best not to buy a ring. I bought a very good diamond ring. I could n’t wear it after the buying.

The bags can be bought, but the shoes should be cautious because the feet will also swell. Some time ago I wore a double sandals to work in the morning. When I got off work at night, my feet were swollen and couldn't wear it. I walked very much. Slipper, Mueller shoes yyds! ▼

On rainy days, you will also wear sneakers and canvas shoes. Walking is relatively stable and comfortable. ▼

The last words: I posted a lot of Weibo before that I said that my figure was OK.In fact, I did not deliberately control the weight, nor did I have to lose weight at this time, and it was more important to maintain nutrition during pregnancy.Of course, it is necessary to exercise appropriately. Although it is tired, it is best not to lie down.I went to the hospital for a few pregnant women's fitness classes, and I usually practiced some yoga movements suitable for pregnant women at home. It was very good for alleviating lumbar acid. I also learned some breathing methods. It is said that it is conducive to production.In addition, you will go downstairs to take a walk to maintain a certain amount of walking.In fact, pregnancy also has some benefits of physical changes. For example, the acne that has followed me for more than ten years is basically not long (unless it eats fried and spicy things). Before, I used various methods to cure it!The process of pregnancy is not alone.In addition to the special care of family and friends, after the second trimester, you can feel the fetal movement every day and feel the magic of life.▼

I wish you all good luck every day ~