After the best to cheat 80: the scam is more than 500 billion, Zhou Xingchi movie, thousands of buying hot search "Wang Song

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After the best to cheat 80: the scam is more than 500 billion, Zhou Xingchi movie, thousands of buying hot search "Wang Song

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Wen | Huashang 韬 略 李 二 昀

Zhang Luo has a 570 billion project, but it is a fluffy hair.

After the largest private P2P project in China, it is a lot of volts that have not yoried their destiny. This can stand and make money, but it is addicted to the fantasy of the rich, and even spend thousands of buying hot search to build themselves. The second "Wang Si Cong".

This person is the founder of Weijie, Jincheng Group, and the most deceived 80.

When became famous, Weijie not only lasted hundreds of billions of wealth, but also had private, hand-made half entertainment, or Zhou Xingchi's investors, and participated in the "Mermaid" "Journey to the West". Zhang Guili should also participate in his annual meeting, Li Yuchun, Lin Zhi Xuan, Fan Qiqi for him.

Since it is a day, there is a day, this day is fast than imagination.

At that year, Wei Jie became a self-study, and he won the Law Diploma of Zhejiang University and entered the law firm.

As everyone knows, the lawyer is very high, the time cost is extremely high, and the assistant soy sauce is made for more than ten years.

Wei Jie played a while, touched the change in the pocket, and it was.

It turns out that it is not buried, you can make money.

In 2008, Weijie left the Law Center, established Jincheng Group, and the main private wealth management.

In the starting stage, Wei Jie was steadily working, and the funds were treated to government bonds, and the income is stable, but the money is too slow.

I have seen more astronomical numbers, see more than the rich, and Wei Jie's desire begins to expand.

He tried to diverse investment, after entering the film and television failure, staring at the PPP project.

PPP (Public-Private Partnership), government and social capital cooperation, simply, the government and private enterprises jointly build a cooperative model of public infrastructure.

The PPP project is long, the return rate is low, and the advantage is safe.

The road is still the old road, Wei Jie has changed, and it becomes exaggerated .

For investors, Jincheng Group claims to have 59 specialty small towns, and government project subscriptions exceed 570 billion yuan.

In fact, Jincheng Group 570 billion orders has no actual compass, most PPP projects stay in the framework agreement or oral agreement, has not officially established, and there is no future process.

Weijie floated, in order to let the employee floated with himself, he hired him to call him, saying: "Wei, you make big money, 11 digits!"

11 digits, 10 billion!

Wei Jie was meeting at that time, deliberately opened hands, astronomical numbers shocked a employee not to go up.

Employees were successfully brainned, and the investors saved money, and the capital arrived, and Wei Jie reached the peak of life.

"It seems that fate can be changed." The height of sighs , and the intestine is ignorant.

In December 2015, Wei Jie returned 735 million yuan, acquired Yajun Holdings listed in Hong Kong, listed on the market, the stock price has risen 18 times, and there is no two scenery.

The money is an investor, but also Weijie, holding a big banknote, and Wei Jie began to toss.

He put on the road, and the mold was sampled.

In 2017, he renting the venue since the Pacific University of South Korea, the University of Tokyo, the United States, the United States, the United States, and the University of Oxford University, promote his successful experience and monk.

The money will not be white flowers, which makes him too successful people's addiction, and let Jincheng Wealth have propaganda, more investment funds come to Jin Cheng.

On December 3, Hangzhou Guangsha Gymnasium, Wei Jiehua, please come to 3,100 spectators, hold a single performance in Hangzhou's history without the sales ticket.

Take people, Zhong Personnel, the nursers screamefully, Wei Jie is full of red, the speech is not addictive, and the 愣 sings three songs.

On January 6, 2018, Beijing Water Cube, Wei Jie, please come to Li Yugang, Zhou Shen and other star big wrists, do a lively show, spend money to buy ourselves.

Wei Jie waved the soil, but the company did not make any money, the money is a investor, there is a small couple buying a house, there is an elderly's coffin, all hard-earned money.

In April 2018, Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Bureau conducted private equity special inspections, Jincheng Wealth was ordered to rectify and mandate the fund.

Without new investors to send money, the former investors' principal, the income did not fall.

The funds of Jincheng Fortune were forced to pay for overdue, and the investors found that the situation was not wonderful, and they were redeemed. In an instant, Wei Jie's wealth building collapsed.

In the early morning of April 28, 2019, Weijie was arrested in the board of chairman on the 14th floor of Jincheng Building. 89 motor vehicles, 54 properties, 2 boats, 11 land filings, two sea areas, no money to earn money for investors, Wei Jie's assets are not necessarily unpleasant.

After Jincheng Fortuna, a white-haired old man crying in front of the company, the coffin made Weijie, what should I do in the future?


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