The photovoltaic plate is heavy, 10 times the burning limit, a message impact?

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The photovoltaic plate is heavy, 10 times the burning limit, a message impact?

2021-11-25 00:40:26 49 ℃

Author: Yang Lei Editor: Small City Girl

Today, the photovoltaic plate is collectively built, and the investors turn off the lights.

The disk is displayed, 10 times the new bull stock German shares, nearly 19 concept stocks have fallen more than 5%. The leading company is 4.13%, 2.95%, and 2.95%, respectively.

As for why big fell, it is related to the "Multi-Sochang Roof PV Power Project".

On November 22, the Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued a notice and requested smooth and orderly promotion of roof photovoltaic power generation. On November 3, the Changde Municipal Development and Reform Commission issued a notice on suspending the record of new photovoltaic power generation projects. In July of this year, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province, also announced the suspension of some roofed photovoltaic projects.

Some regions press "Temporary Keys" is not deliberately suppressing the development of the photovoltaic industry, but is implemented according to the actual situation, because some places have been declared, far over the grid. For today's photovoltaic sectors, just message faces an impact of market emotions.

At present, carbon emission reduction has become a multi-country consensus, China has established double-carbon objectives, and future photovoltaic industries are still high. According to the forecast of the outside world, in 2025, my country's new optical voltway machine will exceed 300GW, and the annual complex growth rate reached around 20%.

After combing, the A-share photovoltaic industry has three subdivided fields:

Faucet One is the sun power supply, the company is a photovoltaic inverter leader, in 2015, the shipments reached the world. The last year, the global market share of the Sunshine Power PV inverter is 19%, only 23% of Huawei.

In addition, the energy storage business is also a mechanism key focusing object. As of the first half of the year, the energy storage capacity of the sunlight supply has increased to 11.2%.

The storage capacity is mainly divided into mechanical energy storage (mainly in pumping energy) and electrochemical energy storage (mainly based on lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries and full vanadium flow cells). Sunshine power is involved in electrochemical energy storage, and the company has become a top five lithium battery storage manufacturers in the country.

The leader of the leader is Rhubaki shares: In the previous round of technical transformation, the company pushes the photovoltaic industry to flip to single crystal silicon in the photovoltaic industry, and occupies more than 40% of the global single crystal silicon wafer market.

With the technical advantage, Rhubaki Shares have achieved in the field of battery packs, such as the company breaks the HJT battery efficiency world record, and drives the HJT conversion efficiency to stand 25.82%, 26.30%.

In addition, in order to extends more than the screen of the photovoltaic, Rongkie shares also focus on BIPV (photovoltaic building integration) business. BIPV refers to a technique integrated into a building, common forms such as photovoltaic array and architecture.

On the one hand, Rhubai Shares have owned the Senite shares, which can combine the designs of the latter in the design, maintenance of the building, and promote the development of the BIPV business. On the other hand, the company has signed a cooperation agreement with Yamaron to develop 1.6mm ultra-thin glass for BIPV.

The faucet is Tongwei Shares, which is competitive in the silicon field, with process, scale advantage, makes costs below peers. Data show, 2021H1, Tongwei shares new capacity average production cost is reduced to 36.5 yuan / kg, leading the second line of 10 yuan / kg or more.

In addition, as the company's silicon production capacity is sustained, it is expected to thicken performance. It is predicted that by the end of next year, the company's polysilicon production capacity will reach 330,000 tons. Wanlian Securities believes that the silicon production will remain tall by 2022, the reason is that the production capacity of the silicon in next year is still tight, and the price is expected to fall slightly but the overall is expected to stabilize at 17-18 million yuan / ton.

As the photovoltaic industry continues, the leading company can open performance growth and pay attention.


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