British media: New wave epidemic makes the European economic recovery in danger

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British media: New wave epidemic makes the European economic recovery in danger

2021-11-25 00:41:04 11 ℃

Reference Information Network November 24 reported that the British "Daily Telegraph" website reported on November 22, with the fourth wave of epidemic, the economic recovery is in danger.

Reporting, riots, rubber bullets and repeated implementation measures - this is not the winter of European leaders to envisage the winter, although the vaccine has provided a way to get rid of the epidemic.

According to reports, the fourth wave of epidemics is important: Markon is preparing for presidential elections, and Germany's state leaders will face voters. At the same time, the situation in which the rapid deterioration in Europe may make the recovery, bringing greater pressure to the family that has suffered a cost-dilemma, forcing decision makers to extend emergency finance and monetary stimulus measures.

Germany Belombberg Bank Chief Economist Holg Schmink: "Austria (blockade measures) put forward an obvious question: how big is the risk, so that other countries in the euro zone - Germany next door - May have to follow? "

Schmin said: "Germany's contribution rate of GDP has a total of 29.6%, almost 10 times Austria. One lesson of this epidemic is that it cannot rule out the possibility of strict measures."

Economists are worried, with Germany now lap the alarm, Austria is just the first country that takes the lead in implementing national blockade measures. Last week, Germany's largest economies added a diagnosis case with a new diagnosis case was close to 70,000 cases, and the number of patients who received severe care rose sharply.

These new measures may result in a decline in the production value, although the recovery capacity of each economy faces restriction measures will become stronger.

George Bakley, an economist of Nomura, said: "This is obviously a huge down risk."

He said: "People may have to decide, is there a Christmas this year, is we buying a lot of things for the holiday."

Bakley said: "If you are a company, do you invest in investment, will you invest in the situation where uncertain will develop next year?"

He predicted that the Eurozone will experience a "growth slowdown" winter, and warned that the total production value is likely to decline again.