* ST Kangmei continues 3 daily limit

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* ST Kangmei continues 3 daily limit

2021-11-25 00:38:56 8 ℃

* ST Kangmei dish has a daily limit, and has been connected to 3 daily limit. As of 09:46, the stock report is 4.89 yuan, the change rate is 0.75%, the transaction volume is 330.8 million shares, the turnover is 1.6 billion yuan, the daily limit is 15.744 million Yuan, during the continuous limit, the shares increased by 15.60%, and the cumulative change rate was 3.39%. The latest A-share total market value reached 2.432 billion yuan, and the A-share circulation market value was 21.559 billion yuan.

On the fund, as of paper, the main funds of the stock will flow from 118.574 million yuan. Among them, the net outflow of extraordinary single funds is 65.138 million yuan, and the net flow of large single funds is 53.436 million. With nearly 3 trading days, the total funds have accumulated net inflows of 2,70.544 million yuan. The extraordinary net inflow is 28.9359 million yuan, and the total number of net efforts is 18.815 million yuan.

Securities Times • Data Bao statistics, north to the funds, Shanghai stocks have the latest 979,100 shares.

The third quarter of the company released on October 30 shows that the company has achieved a total of operating total revenue of $ 386 million, down 22.30% year-on-year, achieving net profit-RMB 1.1025 billion, a year-on-year increase of 56.80%. (Data treasure)

Recently, the stock performance

Date On the same day, the decline (%) Forward rate (%) Main fund net inflow (10,000 yuan) 2021.11.234.951.321569.262021.11.224.961.332321.922021.11.19-0.700.68-772.482021.11.181.671.52-718.472021.11.17-4.771.69-7276.562021.11.160.920.96-228.392021.11.15-2.901.32-2077.452021.11.12- 1.321.14-3754.642021.11.11-0.220.98285.312021.11.102.701.38-1226.00

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